C420 Nebula Creature

It would be a waste to modify more than 500 times with the current gene state. Lo Ya did not know if it was necessary or not.

To push the planet forward at the same speed, the energy required was shocking. Fortunately, guiding the ship was not to move the planet. Otherwise, even with the current energy reserves of the Insect Girl Clan, they would not be able to push it this way.

As the speed of the ship slowed down, the swarm began to modify part of the guiding organ. The enormous traction devices surrounding Mother Star would reach 100,000, and each of them would expand from the original 3 meters to 10 meters. Not only could they attract planets, but they also had room for expansion inside. Set up It’s done. Nuclear reactor.

The traction equipment of 100,000 fusion devices was definitely a big project. No civilization would pay such a high price for such an operation. Only a group of insects that didn’t need a salary could make a large group of insects work without a salary.

The planet stopped its traction in an unfamiliar galaxy and started moving at a constant speed of more than 200 kilometers.

“There’s a short planet nearby with a diameter of about 1,600 kilometers. It’s mainly made of rocks and a thin atmosphere.”

The Research Exploration Ship near Planet No.2 of Tiss Civilization started sending back information within a few hundred million kilometers, and it suddenly found something strange.

“Found an area with a relatively denser substance.”

Because it was at the boundary of the nebula, the density of interstellar matter here was much higher than the places they had passed before. While searching the void, the distance they could detect was also greatly reduced.

As a result, Research Exploration Ship discovered that there were quite a number of strange things within this nebula.

There were a few extremely dense blood-red spaces that were tens of billions of kilometers wide. The density of matter within them was comparable to the misty Mother Star.

That’s right, although it was a galactic space, there was an environment similar to the density of the atmosphere. Around 10,000 kilometers away from that area, the exploration ship analyzed the matter within. It discovered that they were highly toxic and contained a large amount of complex silicon compounds. There were gaseous and solid substances.

“The temperature in the area ahead is very high. There are stars and a small number of asteroids inside.”

This kind of discovery was enough to be reported to Brain Insect. Brain Insect No.1 originally had the mentality that Lo Ya was unable to solve this problem and conducted research on this phenomenon alone.

There were too many unsolved mysteries in the universe, and there were all kinds of different regions. Such a strange nebula seemed very ordinary.

But… the Research Exploration Ship still quickly discovered its uniqueness.

There was an extremely large object, and its size was comparable to some planets.

In fact, the Brain Insect had indeed treated it as a planet in the beginning. When he saw the structure of the object that was similar to a skull, as well as the combination of silicon and carbon, It realized that such a huge thing could very well be a living creature.

“Proceed with a close range scan to confirm safety”

It was unlikely for life to directly evolve in the universe, because the initial conditions were not met. If there really was such a large creature, then it must have developed from a certain planet in the beginning. This was not nonsense, but a scientific speculation based on the actual situation.

But the Brain Insect later suspected his own thoughts.

Reasonable temperature, complex structure, the integration of silicon and carbon. There were also some strange compounds whose sizes were so large. The material structure was so dense, and there were actually life conditions in all aspects.

“It can be confirmed that it is a biological object. Report it to Lo Ya.”

This matter was too important.

The Insect Girl Clan could travel across the universe with their physical body, but compared to themselves, this creature seemed to be stronger than them.

What was even more terrifying was that when they got closer, the Research Exploration Ship could feel the breath of life.

It was such a huge head, but there were still some parts inside that were still functioning.

It was as if there was life inside. There was actually a liquid that resembled blood vessels flowing inside. However, the substance that flowed along with it was more complicated. It was mainly made of carbon and silicon.

Although he had always been interested in silicon-based life forms, after thinking about it carefully, this thing seemed to be unable to be called a strict silicon-based life form.

It should be called: Carbon-silicon-based life form.

After Lo Ya found out, she immediately let the Research Exploration Ship throw in a few Engineering Beetle to explore.

This thing floated slowly in the sky at a certain speed, together with the nebula, revolving around the nearest star at a constant speed.

The reason for the formation of this nebula was unknown. It seemed to be the result of a planet exploding at some point. The chemical substances within it were more complicated, and the density of the core region was higher. There was a high concentration of reaction, and most of the interstellar matter revolved around that area. It was estimated that within a few hundred million years, it would shrink into a new star.

If nothing unexpected happened, this star would form a double star system with the nearby yellow dwarf.

Just as the Engineering Beetle was sent in, a roar came from the nearby area.

Of course, normally speaking, the roar could not be heard in space, but the gas nearby was very close, and the density was high, so the sound was perfectly transmitted over.

“Living creature?”

Lo Ya was somewhat nervous as she watched over there.

What should she say? There was actually a creature living in space. Could it be that she would encounter a creature that was even more terrifying and powerful than Insect Girl?

When Lo Ya looked so similar, a giant creature that looked like a combination of a dragon and a crocodile, with its tail wagging, flew over.

It opened its mouth that was several kilometers long, and swallowed the scientific exploration ship.

As a result, Brain Insect No.1 had the ship start the engine ahead of time and started the traction, preparing to escape.

Who knew that as soon as the speed increased, the monster also followed without any intervals.

It also pulled!

It was not that he could create an expansion space, but that he had used some unknown Strength and was brought millions of kilometers away by the Research Exploration Ship.

The distance between the two parties didn’t increase because of the fusion engine’s ignition. This monster strangely appeared on the left side of the research ship, opened its mouth, and swallowed it.

“Start self-explosion.”

It would be a pity to lose a research ship and hundreds of insects inside. However, it was better not to be absorbed by the other party at a critical moment. Who knew what would happen if it was eaten?

All fusion fuels detonated at the same time, missiles exploded, and force fields came into contact.

In an instant, countless tons of TNT explosives exploded. The monster let out a miserable scream and started to shake its body in the air. It opened its mouth, and blinding light and energy shot out from its large mouth that was a few kilometers wide.

However, perhaps because it was too big and its internal structure was very strong, the monster didn’t explode, nor did it die immediately. Instead, it roared crazily in space.

After devouring food, the structure of its stomach exploded. It was estimated that this big monster was in a very bad mood.

“I’ve gathered some data. This monster’s combat strength isn’t any weaker than our battleship’s. Its pure physical body is comparable to a low-strength Force Field Shield.” Brain Insect No.1 said.

“Such a terrifying monster?” Lo Ya took a deep breath.

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