C419 1000 Times Light Speed

No need to change the environment, any creature itself is removing the ‘inferior’ path.

According to the Brain Insect, once the evolution reached a certain level, the chemical changes brought by the genes would be very safe and controllable. Then, the possibility of their mutation would gradually decrease.

However, evolution was a continual process. It was nothing more than how naive one was to fully utilize the potential of the material changes and go back and forth in a certain area. Although the composition of matter was endless, they were all achieved under the limitations of common laws.

“[The microscopic world is actually very simple, just a few dozen basic particles.] However, their different constitutions form all sorts of strange worlds. If it was expanded to the universe level, it would probably become more and more complicated. Maybe the universe was a huge life form, after all, it was complicated. It can give birth to more possibilities.”

Lo Ya said her thoughts with emotion.

The fibrous structure of the universe had always made her very suspicious, not to mention that light and gravitational waves were all transmitted at a limited speed. This kind of transmission behavior caused the information to interact back and forth between the huge galaxies. It was also able to form an internal connection.

From a macroscopic point of view, every part of the universe was an interconnected entity. A single gamma ray explosion could spread for tens of millions of light years, affecting the planets along the way. Different objects revolved around the center, like electrons in the microscopic world.

Of course, due to the detection conditions, human science did not think that electrons revolved around atomic nuclei. Instead, a model of “electronic cloud” was proposed, which was to use a probability formula to describe the possibility of an electron appearing somewhere. It was a probability, and the measurement would cause the wave function to collapse. From there, one would be able to understand its specific location.

At first, Lo Ya thought this was very mysterious, but from the Earth girl, she understood the reason for this situation.

This was because… The microscopic world cannot be known at the same time. It forbids you to understand everything about it and only shows you part of it.

For example, the uncertainty of the position and the number of movements, you will never be able to know two data at the same time, because your measurement behavior itself is interfering with the answer you want to know.

This seems to be contradictory. The world can be measured, and you can know, but it also restricts you from understanding everything.

The white worm’s gene was very stable. This meant that it was very difficult for them to mutate. This could be said to be a very bad phenomenon, but it could also be said to be good. Evolution was limited, which meant that it was very difficult to make changes. Once the environment underwent some terrible changes, Then extinction would arrive as scheduled. On the contrary, if the environment didn’t change, then they would be a very adaptable species.

The genes of Insect Girl Clan were inherited from here, so after thinking about it carefully, Lo Ya could understand why no one had any genetic diseases.

“Is there any difference between the tail of these white worm and my tail?”

Lo Ya raised her white tail and pointed at the tip of the tail and said. As she spoke, the soft little thing even shook a few times.

“There is a small difference. The strength has increased, and there is a better structure inside.”


This was the result of gene stability. From the Primordial Era until now, the tail had not changed much. Perhaps in the next thousand or ten thousand years, it would continue like this.

At this moment, in space.

The new traction device had been completed, and by increasing its power and volume, it had successfully increased the speed of light by 80 times.

Next, the planet would temporarily stop moving for three days, and then consume about 1 million Slime to strengthen all the guiding devices, including the spaceship.

The cost of this investment was considered very high, but Lo Ya felt that it was worth it. Before leaving the Milky Way, it could increase the flying speed to the greatest extent, and increase the survival rate.

After three days, the construction was completed, and all the fleets were arranged. They combined four cruisers, 20 destroyers, and 30 frigate mixed fleets. The purpose of the cruisers was to output damage, which meant that they were less used. However, their powerful main weapons bombarded the enemy’s large ships. The destroyer’s mission is to assist the main force in dealing damage, as well as to deal damage to small and medium-sized ships. When retreating, it was necessary to block the artillery fire for the cruisers.

Other than protecting the first two types of warships, the purpose of the frigate was mainly to deal with small enemy ships and units, as well as to block powerful weapons.

In order to have the effect of war in the future, Lo Ya would specialize in some of the ships.

Including defensive ships: Its effect was similar to a meat shield in the game.

Offensive ships: Strengthen cannons and various weapons as damage output.

Support Ships: Space interference, laser radiation, electromagnetic resistance, etc.

Support Ship: Support to areas that are weak or in need.

Protective Ship: Blocks cannonballs and takes on the role of damage output. When necessary, cover the rear.

The offensive and defensive types were all modified from eviction and ocean patrol. Support, support, and escort ships were mostly frigate.

Almost all 54 ships of such a fleet had their own missions. Under the similar appearance, their structure and battle focus were different.

The reason Lo Ya did this was because she felt that if a player were to view interstellar wars with the mentality of a player, Then it was not much different from the game itself. It was just that there were more variables in real life, so when it came to actual control, A good mentality would instead make a war more advantageous.

If they won, they would fight. If they couldn’t win, they would run. The universe was so big that they could go anywhere. With so many directions, if they really wanted to hide in the void, no civilization would be able to find them.

In the previous few interstellar wars, the civilizations that didn’t have the ability to escape were all civilizations. Even if they really ran, they could at most build some spaceships and drift in the endless Milky Way. Perhaps their flying speed was not as fast as the Insect Girl Clan’s future expansion speed.

“Now we are getting closer and closer to the edge of the hanging arm, and the traction technology has not been greatly improved. So I suggest to directly spend a large amount of energy to produce super-large traction devices to achieve a thousand times faster speed of light.”

The Brain Insect seemed to be pessimistic about the genetic evolution in the future. Instead, it hoped to directly produce a bigger ship in its current state.

But Lo Ya also knew that the genes nowadays might not be able to withstand that kind of power of traction device. Perhaps the body of the bug must be strengthened to a certain extent in order to achieve a thousand times the speed.

“Currently, the effect is to adjust the size of a single guiding device to around 10 meters. It can be increased to a maximum of 540 times the speed of light. If you want to be faster… [I need to strengthen the body of the insect.] Moreover, even if it’s 540 times the speed of light, it’s still full of danger.”

” You just have to do this kind of thing ” Lo Ya did not understand the contents of Brain Insect No.1, so she gave it all to the other party.

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