C418 Geno Stability

Of course, these so-called experts were only for the technology of Mother Star. In a level 1 space civilization, they could only be considered normal teachers.

Nuclear fusion technology was a very common technology among galactic civilizations. The Internet could tell you how to manufacture this thing. On the Insect Girl Clan’s side, the Green-skinned Man and Tiss Civilization’s planet had the highest technology. A large number of talents were transferred to the Mother Star to teach.

Under everyone’s joint efforts, from astronomy to geography, from physics to chemistry, or other subjects, they all rapidly developed.

“Our next stop is the outer end of the suspended arm that seems to be alive. It’s closer to the edge of the galaxy, and during the process, the bugs will try their best to find a way to increase their speed, so that they can break through 100 times the speed of light.”

The destination of Brain Insect No.1 was Planet A19538 300 light-years away. Along the way, they would pass through a huge nebula, where the density of interstellar matter would be much higher than the space they were currently in.

Of course, even so, that nebula was still very thin.

There was always a huge structure that spanned thousands of light years in the universe. Through observation, Research Exploration Ship even discovered a large nebula that spanned tens of thousands of light years, and there were countless of such nebulae in the entire universe.

During the six years of flying, the individual combat strength of Insect Girl Clan welcomed another round of major evolution.

The average combat strength had all risen by a rank along with this wave of evolution.

Little Insect Girl naturally became stronger as well.

With the increase in combat power, no matter how great the individual’s potential was, the degree of improvement would be reduced. Of course, at that time, the improvement of one level would definitely bring about a leap that far surpassed the past.

In this year, 30 cruisers were built in succession, and 300 destroyers were built. As for the frigate, it had stopped production. Although there were many large warships built, a large portion of them were actually in the planet or within the Space Carrier to carry out the automatic genetic arrangement. With that, To undergo evolution.

There was a small breakthrough in nanotechnology, mainly due to the fact that the damaged hull could be repaired within 10 minutes. This speed was much slower than Lo Ya’s expected instant recovery, but even so, It took a lot of resources to research and succeed.

Although the current effect did not seem to be very good, it was still better than nothing. Nano creatures were much more efficient at repairing themselves than beetles and living creatures. Even if they couldn’t be repaired on the battlefield at once, it was still better than nothing. It could also greatly increase the survival rate, and it could also allow ships that stored energy to recover on their own without entering the mothership after being damaged.

When such Nano creatures could really repair or replace the shell within a few minutes, all the insects would be used. It was completely not worthwhile to give these high-cost insect seeds to small insects. It would be better to let them recover their energy after being injured to treat their injuries.

In the war with other planets, countless civilizations’ scientists had collected the corpses of the insects to research and even captured live bodies, but in the end, they did not find any problems.

The insects looked like creatures that were slightly stronger and were very ordinary. However, no one knew where the source of the Strength came from, nor did they know the specific command and behavior pattern.

Just like Lo Ya did not understand Little Insect Girl and the rest, she did not know herself either.

Every time she looked at her upper body and half of her white tail, she would wonder how there were such cute creatures in this world.

“Alright, I am narcissistic again.”

Lo Ya had previously conducted protection and research on some white worm a few months ago. Because of the galactic migration, The temperature dropped to -dozens degrees Celsius, so the white worm and red worm were all extinct. The adult body of the former, which was a large black multi-eyed beetle, had also been killed or injured. However, some of the people who were moved to the underground cultivation room by Lo Ya were still living very well. Even more so, they were living very well. Because of the disappearance of their natural enemies, they started to reproduce in large numbers.

In terms of production ability, there were no more insects that were more powerful than white worm. Usually, a mother insect could produce hundreds of eggs every day, and the eggs would only crawl out of the larvae half a year later. When any worm matured, it would turn into a mother insect. It would hatch even more eggs.

Compared to a kingdom with only a small number of termites, the white worm was terrifying. Although they were weak, their astonishing reproductive ability could always ensure that a portion of them would grow to adulthood. This was also the reason why these creatures were able to survive in the cruel natural competition.

Of course… they were at the bottom of the food chain.

“Brain Insect No.1, have you found the reason why the white worm evolved into Insect Girl?” Lo Ya had been paying attention to this problem.

Her tail was the enhanced version of the white worm’s tail, and the appearance of the white worm itself… Among many worms and maggots, it’s not so disgusting. Compared to many worms, this kind of creature was easier to accept (relatively speaking).

Insect Girl’s cuteness was definitely not because of her tail or upper body, but because of the combination of the two.

The Brain Insect took out the results of its research during this period of time.

“I discovered that the genes of this creature are very stable. Basically, it can be considered as the end of evolution potential.”

“End of evolution potential?” Lo Ya asked in disbelief.

“Yes. In fact, the difference in genes causes many obvious differences. The most important thing is the complexity of the protein. These protein are many very complex and variable huge molecules, and the same gene produces two cells. In the large structure, there would be many differences in the protein. But overall, they are very similar. ”

“I think I know” Lo Ya wrinkled her nose.

The Brain Insect stopped for two seconds and continued, “Although there is no evidence, we suspect that the genes of all creatures are approaching stability.”

“Going towards stability?”

” In other words, the genes that are unstable and prone to mutations are slowly changing to a more stable state. Genes that are not easy to change. However, this process is also relative, for example, ancient creatures. They might not change much even after tens of thousands of years. This did not mean that their genes were stable enough. Rather, it is because the majority of the mutated creatures were unable to adapt to the environment at that time and were eliminated. ”

” So, the ones left behind were all stable? ”

“Yes, the so-called stability refers to the adaptability of evolution. On the other hand, it refers to the possibility of gene change. I refer to the unstable genes, referring to the possibility of uncontrollable changes in its DNA sequence. In other words, with higher chemical activity, it is easier for it to produce uncontrollable reactions with other substances. Or they are more likely to produce uncontrollable substances. For example, the cells produced by genes had a very high probability of cancer. This type of gene could even be easily inherited by the descendants of the carriers. It was also easier to develop cancer than ordinary people. The so-called trend was stable. The first method was to wither certain genes by dying prematurely. If the carrier did not have offspring before death, then this instability would be removed. The second method was the change caused by instability. It happened to produce a stable and safe structure, which made it difficult for uncontrollable changes to occur. Since it won’t lead to death, it can be considered that this gene is even more stable. ”

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