C417 Insect Mother’s Potential

More than a month later, the transport ship had transported all the bugs that had been struggling for a long time. This wave had earned at least 100 million Slime, and the price was nearly one billion Rooney people entering their stomachs.

Do not underestimate the harmless appearance of the Slime’s jelly-like appearance. Its body could quickly numb and digest everything, and turn it into a high concentration of nutrient gel to provide energy for Insect Girl and other creatures.

In fact, if it was not specially treated, the consequences of ordinary creatures eating the Slime would be eaten by the Slime. Moreover, their bodies contained Magic and Strength that did not fit the rules of this universe, even if they wanted to be food for other creatures. He also had to detect these Magic elements in advance and extract them.

Perhaps alien civilizations would one day be able to use the Magic, but they would never be able to understand it. This was because this was a completely different law from the universe. Their origin and manufacturing methods were also very mysterious. Perhaps they would have to wait for the microscopic world’s research to reach a certain level before they could do this.

Lo Ya was still in Mother Star. The distance between the civilizations between the various planets had already been greatly reduced. Almost all of them were maintained within a light year, and with the current speed of 60 times the speed of light, It would only take six days to fly from one planet to the other.

This distance was already the critical point that Lo Ya expected. It was able to quickly support the front line and also escape when a planet was in danger that it could not withstand.

After the last planet left the Rooney people’s territory, there was no real war between the two sides.

Other than the planet that was riddled with holes by the insects, there seemed to be no other changes.

Of course, Lo Ya had already left a deep fear in the Rooney people’s hearts… and hatred!

Lo Ya carried a small plate to the side of the two rapidly maturing little Little Insect Girl and placed some snacks in it.

It was Slime jelly and some roasted meat. They were both thirsty and delicious.

The plate was a little tall. The cute little girl laid on top of it and stuck out her tongue to fill it. The red little tongue slipped past the Slime and with a sizzle, a part of it went into Insect Girl’s stomach.

“I have to let them learn how to use bowls to eat.”

This was the symbol of civilization. If they could use tools more agilely, then the development of a level three brain could be faster.

When they ate together, a flash of inspiration suddenly appeared in Little Insect Girl’s mind. She suddenly looked up. ” Oh, I remember. My name is Lo Bing. I’m dead and I was born again.”

” Eh, did you awaken the memories of your past life? ”

Lo Ya looked at her in surprise.

The other one looked up blankly and blinked, not knowing what they were talking about.

“You don’t seem to have any memories of your past life.”

Lo Ya turned her head and looked at the other one. She thought carefully about Insect Girl who had recently died and seemed to have awakened, so this cute little one was indeed new.

Although the Insect Girl Clan had already started to die one after another, under the current numbers, the total number of people was still increasing.

Currently, there were more than 200 Little Insect Girl. Excluding those who had died, the number of people in Empire of Insect Girl would increase to about 300 in February.

Looking from a high place, the scene of a large group of Little Insect Girl crawling around could be seen. Lo Ya could be considered to have realized her dream back then.

The next goal was to increase everyone’s number to 1000.

Actually, it was also very fast. Of course, according to the year calculations, it would be about a thousand or so in the next eight years if Insect Girl split into 2-3 children.

Due to the problem of numbers in the short term, the growth rate was this. But as long as this kind of increment was maintained, it would not be long before the number of people would increase to an astonishing number.

Regarding why Insect Girl’s reproductive ability could only be produced for a lifetime, the Brain Insect’s answer was only, “The energy index is too high.”

This meant that Insect Girl’s shocking appetite was also to ensure the stability of her own energy. In other words, she used a decrease in quantity to exchange for a qualitative increase. In evolution, this was the law that conformed to the laws of the universe.

But Lo Ya wanted to say that everyone was not very strong now. Why was there a serious restriction so soon?

The Brain Insect indicated that compared to many creatures in the universe, Insect Girl’s strength was indeed not very strong. However, their evolution potential affected their own reproductive speed. This was the hidden law of the universe. Perhaps after reaching a higher civilization, this problem could be solved.

Later on, he went to ask the human girl on Earth, and she said that theoretically, life could continue to grow without limit. However, once an individual’s combat power exceeded the standard, the reproductive efficiency would drop drastically. In the millions of years since humans left the universe, their reproductive ability did not change too much. It only decreased a little, but after the average epic level, It was hard to reproduce more than two children in a lifetime.

Based on Insect Girl’s pitiful eight years of life, their reproductive ability was already higher than humans of the same level.

In the distance, Little Insect Girl was dragging the tail of another Insect Girl on the ground, even though the environment was very bad. But everyone still often ran to the surface to play for a while. Insect Girl’s usually born leaders had a special fusion device to emit light, so there were many plants that rose happily.

However, no matter what, the climate was not comparable to before. If another creature stayed in such an environment, it would definitely be a dead end.

“The sky is full of stars. It’s really beautiful.”

Lo Ya climbed to the top of a mountain and rested her hands behind her head. She wagged her tail and admired the environment.

Little Insect Girl might never appreciate these things. The so-called beauty was mostly something that they were only willing to experience after they were old.

A certain person beside her wriggled to Lo Ya’s side and wanted to crawl into her arms.

Lo Ya touched the little thing’s head and began to think about what she should do in the following years.

“Let’s focus on developing technology.”

She had to create a computer so that games, music, and other entertainment would appear on this planet. Otherwise, she would feel bored after such a long time.

They should enjoy themselves while they were alive, and this was even more so for Insect Girl and the others. As his intelligence increased, his entertainment methods would also change.

It was impossible for them to gather together and roast meat every day for the rest of their lives…

Although, those little fellows might really do such a thing.

Computer technology was actually quite advanced. These were the knowledge brought by the professors of other civilizations in the Alliance. Although it had only developed for a few short years, in the research room… The smartphones and computers similar to those in the early 21st century on Earth had already been manufactured.

Next, it was time to popularize the Internet and develop more talents. It was also for the sake of Lo Ya playing games with Little Insect Girl and the others.

As expected, talents had to be kept.

Thinking about how Mother Star detained the experts sent by other civilizations in order to escape the plan and then slipped away with Vivendian, Lo Ya wanted to laugh.

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