C416 Ball Thorn Bug


After an unknown period of time, outside the room, it was like hell. With a loud sound, the glass on one of the walls was torn apart on the spot. A fierce wind blew from outside, bringing with it a shocking wind pressure, sucking out all the people nearby.

Following that, the wind suddenly changed. The fierce wind brought with it a rainstorm into the room. The Rooney people could not even stand properly, and could only barely maintain half a squat.

“Brother, your lower half is really stable.”

Seeing the Nourishing Insect standing on the spot as if nothing had happened, the guy beside him muttered.

“As long as you learn from me, you can also stand up.” The Nourishing Insect pointed at its straightened body and said very seriously.



When the other party heard this, he actually spread his arms wide and slowly stood up.

Clang ~ ~

The sound of bones cracking could be heard. The poor fellow was blown dozens of meters away by the wind and smashed into the side of the table.

At this time, everyone could only enter the room that was closer to the inner area. Although it was very far from the building, the sound of the wind was still terrifying.

Nourishing Insect and a few Rooney people arrived in front of a glass that was not broken. This was the side with the wind. The glass was still considered stable. When the phone was extended, it showed that the wind pressure had exceeded the limit of the measurement. It was about 60 meters per second, and it was still rising at an astonishing speed.

If it was an ordinary concrete wall, it might have already fallen with the wind. Some of the unstable houses had their roofs blown off long ago. As the wind rose, many of the tall buildings were visibly shaking.

Later on, even the glass on the back of the wind could not withstand the sudden change in wind direction. Everyone could only hide in the sealed rooms inside the building.

As time passed, the wind became stronger and stronger. Only the stable surveillance cameras hidden in relatively safe locations could see the situation outside. Lo Ya’s gaze shifted from the Nourishing Insect’s eyes to a certain beetle.

This Engineering Beetle was currently climbing to the side of a steel building. At this moment, the streets were filled with a mess of things. The wind, rain, and all kinds of things were floating around in the sky like bullets. It was an average of 70 meters, and it broke through 100 meters of wind in an instant. It had caused the death of a large group of Rooney people.

The limbs of the beetles pierced into the wall and completely stabilized. Then, they looked at the environment that was getting crazier and crazier.

The clouds rolled up to the ground along with the storm, and the vehicles hit the ground randomly. When the wind speed reached more than a hundred meters, many cars flew up.

140 meters wind speed. Yes. At that time, most of the roofs and sides of the houses were torn apart, and the sound of falling debris and collisions mixed together was quite ear-piercing.

“Ordinary Dragon Spring Wind is only at this level.”

So the houses of the galactic civilization were indeed solid. There was clearly no need to build them so well.

When the 200 meters wind speed reached, the occasional gust of wind could reach 300 meters per second. Many buildings collapsed with a loud bang, and there was no longer a safe place. Hiding indoors, the wind could also destroy the door.

The weather weapon experiment was successful.

The average wind speed reached 240 meters, and the maximum wind speed reached 330 meters, which was 2.5 times faster than the wind speed on Jupiter’s surface.

The beetle died when the wind speed reached 200 meters, and as the wind rushed in, there were serious casualties in the room. It was not a tornado that lasted for dozens of seconds, but a real monster.

“Brain Insect, how long can you keep the storm in this city?”

Brain Insect replied, “If it continues to provide energy, it will eventually fall to 30 meters per second after a month, surpassing level 11.

“Let’s do it. Let’s see how they deal with it.”

Lo Ya had played games in the simulated city before, and there was a God’s View inside. It was to enter God’s View after the construction of the city was completed. It could create all kinds of disasters, change the landscape, or do something even crazier and more evil. To enjoy wonderful pleasures.

At that time, she saw a video made by a certain UP host: Build a septic tank taller than a mountain, and destroy one end…

Alright, that was indeed crazy. What was even more terrifying was that the players were enjoying it.

Everyone wanted to be God, and people moved it into the game to let everyone feel every second of it. To Lo Ya, this weapon experiment could have a similar effect.

Just like how humans stepped on ants casually, to a highly developed biological civilization, this kind of low-level technological civilization was not much nobler than the NPCs in the game.

When a civilization that was more advanced than you appeared in front of you, perhaps your life or death could only depend on the other party’s mood.

“How important is development in the universe?”

Lo Ya really struggled for a month. The swarm of bugs landed at the place where the typhoon tore. Without being hit by the missile rain, the seemingly terrifying storm caused at least tens of millions of casualties. But it also allowed them to seize the opportunity to reproduce to an astonishing number.

One. A month later, the storm stopped, and the swarm invaded.

This time, no one could stop the army.

Everywhere they passed, only ruins remained. Countless Slime bounced about as they absorbed the nutrients along the way. It carried out a highly efficient reproduction. The jelly-filled ground was then carried by small flying transports into the transport ship and taken away. There were millions of them in the early stages of the attack, and it was estimated that in half a month, they would be able to replicate 100 million of them. Then they were all taken away.

The Rooney ground troops were very powerful, their technology trees were crooked, All kinds of visualized weapons were flashy but not practical, but they gave Insect Girl Clan a lot of reference. For example, a machine ball that could extend a large number of spikes could roll freely at high speed. Its outer shell was made of high-strength alloy, and it could even launch missile attacks in times of crisis. It easily destroyed and penetrated the house.

After the Brain Insect was used as a reference, it produced a similar type of bug… Alright, it was just a copy of this kind of thing. It was just turning them into living creatures.

[Ball Thorn Bug: A ball-shaped insect with a metal contamination smeared on the insect shell, with a diameter of 5 meters. It relies on the energy produced by its own body to rotate at a high speed. There are simple Force Field Shield on the surface, and when it hits, it can produce a very strong impact. Moreover, the outer shell could resist the bombardment of 1000 tons of equivalent weight and below. The 180 places on the surface could be opened, and small-scale missiles and cannonballs could be fired. ]

The cost of this insect was equivalent to 600 Sickle Insect, which was much larger than the Launcher Insect. It was impossible to equip it on a large scale, but as long as it was one, it could produce an effect that far exceeded the cost of the same item.

Lo Ya will use this month to use this kind of plagiarized weapon to intimidate the pitiful people on this planet.

As for the other planets of the Rooney people, after knowing the situation on this planet, they had already sought for negotiations.

In the end, the Rooney people agreed to the military request and allowed the Insect Girl Clan’s fleet to safely pass.

However, they did not expect that the fleet passing by this time would be so big…

That’s right, it was a planet!

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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