C415 The Storm Began

Lo Ya was very familiar with typhoon weather in her previous life. A level 12 typhoon was no more than 30 meters. After logging in, the typhoon would disappear for a day or two. If it was slow, it could last for a few days before it completely retreated to level 8 and below.

And now, the storm created by the Insect Girl Clan was completely out of the norm. It was equivalent to a few hundred kilometers of tornado. 500 kilometers away from the center of the storm, the wind force would reach level 12. Within 400 kilometers, the wind force would suddenly increase to level 17 and above. The wind force on the northwest side of the phoenix eye could reach up to 280 meters per second.

Such an environment could be considered bad for small insects. Of course, for the powerful heavy armored units of the defensive power, even if the house was blown down and pressed down on their bodies, it would most likely not cause any impact.

Yes, this typhoon was enough to destroy the solid buildings.

The Rooney Nourishing Insect walked on the streets. In the end, he found that the traffic on the streets was still moving as usual.

Although the degree of civilization was very high, the city still did not exceed expectations. Nourishing Insect knew that most people did not have the habit of watching the weather forecast at all times. Therefore, they could not understand the typhoon that happened in such a short period of time.

However, after he stayed in the coastal area for more than ten minutes, someone came to evacuate the people at the scene.

“What, a typhoon? When?”

A certain person who was looking at the weather forecast in the morning asked the sheriff who drove here in surprise.

The other side said speechlessly, “I don’t know either, but you must leave this place because the news said that an unprecedented storm has been created. It’s very fast, and it might land here in less than a day.”

“What era is it? Why are you afraid of typhoons?”

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Rooney people had no casualties when faced with the wind speed of dozens of meters per second, let alone now.

“Sorry, you must obey orders, and so do you.” The other party said firmly and pointed at the Nourishing Insect at the same time.

“This guy is a bit ugly.” When the sheriff saw his appearance, he couldn’t help but have this thought. It couldn’t be helped. It had been too short a time. It was already very difficult for him to become like this after gene modification. In fact, when he took off his clothes, he could see that most parts of the Nourishing Insect’s body were still in the form of a half bug. The genes of the Rooney people were not that easy to analyze.

The person that the Nourishing Insect transformed into was called Explorer. He appeared to be more obedient and cooperated very much with the officials in retreating.

However, there was a serious problem at the scene, and that was… they had to line up.

In the huge city, millions of people had to retreat, and not far away, there had been a “meteor shower” attack. Quite a number of people were still in a state of shock.

Sitting in the car and moving along the congested streets, the sky was gradually covered by clouds. Less than half an hour later, clouds with a certain movement speed began to slowly pass from the top of their heads.

An hour later, the sky was already covered by a thick layer of dark clouds. Not long after, there would be a strong wind of Level 7 or 8, and some of the wind vents were almost unable to stand.

At this time, the typhoon’s movement speed had already slowed down to 40 kilometers per hour. It was estimated that they would reach the city at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

Many people who looked at the sky felt uneasy. They could only sit in their cars and wait for the evacuation to proceed.

At first, not many people paid attention to it. However, as the weather news began to report the terrifying typhoon shape in the sky, As well as the thick layers of clouds and the wind speed at the scene increasing every 20 minutes, Many people gradually became anxious.

Another half an hour passed. When the motorcade arrived at a bridge, the occasional gust of wind was enough to make the driving cars float, and the rain started to drizzle. Now, there were gusts of wind.

The Rooney man sitting next to the Nourishing Insect took out his phone and stopped the car. He opened the window and stretched it out. A few minutes later, he took it back and looked at the number on it. He smiled and said, “Level 9-11.”

This meant that the wind outside the car was at its lowest level, Level 9, and the largest gust of wind was Level 11.

Even if he closed the window, he could already feel the terror within.

“This is too fast. An hour ago, it was just a breeze, right?” The woman in front shook her head and looked at the navigation map. She really wondered if it was safe to retreat like this.

Because they were not fully prepared, some of the things on the building were blown down. Someone was actually smashed to death.

The Nourishing Insect’s hand supported the protruding part of the window as it looked outside the window.

The Great Calamity had already begun. Countless Rooney people knew of its true power.

It seemed impossible to know that the center of the storm was impossible to approach. Especially when they were at sea, the ships that hadn’t escaped seemed to be in hell. The waves in front of the storm had already started to surge after being blown away. The 10m tall dam couldn’t even block the waves, and seawater had already poured into the coastal area of the city.

“I’m not in the mood to play games anymore.”

Hearing the fierce wind outside, the Rooney people beside him sighed helplessly.

It was getting louder and louder, as if the window was going to explode.

The rain fell on the glass, and in less than thirty minutes, the rain became several times heavier.

“I can’t see the road clearly. Damn it.”

The rain brush was useless. The driver of the small car had to be careful. But at this moment, the glass of the building in the distance suddenly fell off and crashed onto the ground.

“It’s too dangerous. We have to hide in the building.”

“We won’t be able to withdraw in time.”

Some of the passengers shouted loudly, requesting to open the car door and leave. Seeing this, the sheriff could only agree.

The current average wind force was already at level 12. The passengers came to the ground and walked towards the nearby buildings.

The Nourishing Insect’s footsteps were very steady, but in order to be able to see that something was wrong, it also tried its best to make a difficult appearance.

Huhuhu ~

A gust of strong wind that was comparable to a Level-16 wind blew over, tearing apart the small iron sheet and piercing through the chest of a Rooney woman.

“Ah!” She screamed and fell to the ground. When she landed on the ground, she rolled seven or eight meters in the wind.

The two of them wanted to save her, but in the end, they were hung on the ground by the wind.

“Don’t save her, let’s go!”

The security chief shouted with all his might in the wind. The Nourishing Insect followed everyone into the interior of the building and discovered that there were many guests and staff trapped here.

“Phew, damn it.”

The bulletproof glass should not have any problems. Everyone, who was completely drenched, found a seat and sat down while gasping for breath. Then, facing the huge glass, they looked at the streets and woods in the distance. From this angle, they could see the nearby waters.

At this time, a water wall crossed the embankment and rushed towards the land.

Amidst the screams, the people on the first floor madly ran towards the stairs and elevator, wanting to leave this place.

The Nourishing Insect followed to the second floor. Indeed, a few minutes later, the water waves broke through the glass door and surged in. The half-meter tall water drowned the first floor.

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