C414 Weather Control

Whiz, whiz, whiz!

The rocket accurately hit the flourishing ball that fell to the ground. Although it injured a portion of the crowd, it had indeed destroyed most of the flourishing ball in just a few minutes.

There were so many defensive systems installed in the city, and many of them were even air-defense. This caused many of the flourishing ball to be intercepted and destroyed before they even landed on the ground.

These rockets were intelligent. After flying into the sky, if they did not hit the target, they would automatically explode and be destroyed. The impact of a lucky explosion could even destroy the enemy that landed on the ground.

Lo Ya had a headache about this.

Whether it was an airdrop or flourishing ball, they would all slow down by dozens of kilometers before landing. Finally, they would hit the ground at a speed of 300 meters per second. This was the setup that was made when they left Mother Star. Now that the material technology had improved, the insect shell of small creatures could withstand even greater impacts. However, Lo Ya did not strengthen the collision part much.

Now it seemed that the landing speed had to be at least a little faster, reaching three times the speed of sound. Only then would it be very difficult to be intercepted by missiles in the atmosphere.

Lo Ya shared her vision and saw the sky and earth filled with explosions. Some small beetle who climbed out of the ground in time were fortunate enough to see the scene of their companions being blasted apart.

Many civilians were the first to leave the area of attack. Those who did not were already dead. Therefore, there were not many casualties among the Rooney people. However, such an explosion still affected quite a few buildings. It caused some of the buildings to collapse and groups of people to die.

While Lo Ya was watching the battle, the Brain Insect suddenly sent a message to her, “Our planet’s environment modification has failed. I have summed up a bit of experience and want to test a type of weather weapon here.”

“A weather weapon?”

Lo Ya asked doubtfully, but the Brain Insect passed the content to her.

To put it simply, it shot out some weapons that could change temperature and air pressure, creating clouds or other factors to create various kinds of weather. For example, thunderstorms, typhoons, tornados and so on.

Lo Ya let the Brain Insect try.

The planet had not flown to the vicinity yet. This period of time was enough for the Cerebrate Bacteria to toss and turn.

It made a Nourishing Insect change its gene, and in the end, it turned into a 10m long, 2m thick large missile, and fired downwards.

However, when this missile was close to 20 km from the ground, there was an explosion that was not intense. It split out a few hundred small warheads, and evenly covered the sky within a few hundred kilometers.

The missile exploded at the predetermined location, causing the weather to be disturbed. A small portion of it fell into the seawater and exploded, producing a high temperature, causing the temperature of the entire ocean surface to rise to the point where it could evaporate the seawater.

Compared to the requirement to trigger a storm, this bit of energy was still too weak.

But it didn’t matter. This missile was just a primer that affected the change in atmosphere. The current environment was very suitable for the creation of typhoons, and the Brain Insect’s actions pushed this process forward. Clouds gathered in the sky, and the temperature of the ocean rose. The airflow began to rotate.

The explosion of energy had caused something that would take a few days to happen in advance. The energy of a typhoon was comparable to a nuclear bomb of a large equivalent weight, and the swarm of insects were trying to create an unprecedented storm.

The Rooney people, who had learned that the city had been attacked, had yet to react when they realized that a huge storm had been brewing in the ocean in just a few hours.

The wind speed had already reached 50 meters per second, and it was still increasing at a speed of 20 meters per half an hour.

“This is amazing.”

Lo Ya saw with her own eyes the giant rolling clouds below and the eye of the typhoon that was slowly forming. She was filled with great interest.

The storm started to move toward the land under the influence of air pressure and other factors. It was about 30 kilometers per hour.

The second wave of the Brain Insect was fired, making the environment suitable for the storm. The high temperature caused more water vapor to rise into the sky, and then quickly cool down in the air, merging into the clouds.

The two special missiles created a high-pressure environment on the right side of the typhoon, pushing the overall speed of the storm to 60 kilometers per hour, and creating an environment without any wind cutting.

With this speed, in less than 10 hours, the level 7 wind circle with a diameter of 600 kilometers would reach land, and the storm at that time had long surpassed the upper limit of the planet, 220 meters per second.

Such a storm was a hellish baptism for the locals.

Every five meters the wind rose, the destructive force would increase exponentially, and to reach this level… It was equivalent to creating a huge typhoon with the power of a tornado. This typhoon was different from the tornado, which would be fine as long as it passed by. This typhoon would last for several days at the landing point.

That’s right, after coming ashore, the Brain Insect would slow down its speed and use the biggest Strength to ensure its wind power.

However, it wasn’t easy to cause such a huge typhoon to weaken in the first place.

At this moment, the swarm landed in the city. After the first wave of attack was defeated, Lo Ya let some of the beetles burrow into the ground and wait for an opportunity to make a move.

Some of the beetles were hiding somewhere and observing the city.

Eight hours later, a typhoon would land. At this time, the outer layer of clouds had already entered the sky above the city. Although he looked up at the sky and could still see the sun, the clouds only occupied less than a tenth of the sky. They were sparse and scattered like fish scales, and their positions were very high. However, this was indeed the periphery of the typhoon that had been affected by the weak airflow. At this speed, In about an hour, it would be gradually replaced by dark clouds in the day after tomorrow.

Now, the Brain Insect had started to slow down the typhoon, because the missiles it launched were all optically invisible. Therefore, it was not detected by the radar, but on the sea. It seemed that no ship had discovered the missiles in the sky.

“Don’t rush, slow down, it feels like the world is going to be destroyed”

This storm is going to tour the world.

This weather was discovered by the Weather Bureau almost immediately. In any case, the Rooney people who saw this scene were completely stunned.

At this moment, other than the government, no one else knew about the aliens. Even the flourishing ball that fell from the sky only treated it as a meteor shower. Most of the lucky ones saw that the swarm of beetles had been reduced to dust by the missiles, and then the insects drilled into the ground. Even if it was an attack on the city, not many people saw the beetles.

Plus, there was no news from the TV, so no one in the world knew about the situation.

In any case, the higher ups who knew about the aliens had linked this storm to the Insect Girl Clan, but no one knew how it happened.

Based on weather science, this type of typhoon could not possibly appear on this planet.

But it did happen now.

A Nourishing Insect that was carried by a beetle had undergone a temporary genetic mutation after snatching the genes of the locals. An hour later, it turned into a different Rooney.

He walked to the main street.

Alarms were everywhere. The army was mobilized, attempting to withdraw the people in the city.

“How is it possible for them to escape?” The Nourishing Insect muttered in a mocking manner.

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