C413 Plunder a Wave

The ship exploded very thoroughly.

The general stared blankly at the constantly exploding sparks outside the window, as well as the rays of red light that occasionally shot over from afar. His head was a mess.

“General, our spaceship exploded!” When the control device reached the military officers, they instantly felt like they were going crazy. The main armament on their side was still charging, and the other side had already shot out?

Furthermore, the power of this wave of laser was really terrifying. Not only did it penetrate the outer armor of the ship, it also produced a shocking amount of energy, causing the interior to explode.

“This defensive power is a bit stronger than when the frigate Worms just left the planet.”

Lo Ya looked at the ship that exploded with a single strike. From start to finish, the ship was engulfed in flames, and she silently let out a breath.

The Rooney people’s development was really terrible. When the other civilizations left the Star Travel System, The Electromagnetic Cannon and whatnot were already very high level. Either they didn’t have lasers, or they had to be equipped with very high power. Furthermore, the firing speed was very fast. The charge would be completed in a few milliseconds.

The main reason was that the laser gun from the Insect Girl Clan extracted stable energy from the internal fusion reactor. As for the Rooney people’s spaceship… Usually, the fusion reactor would only be activated when the speed was accelerated, but once the speed was reached, the fusion reactor would be activated. It would shut down and release some fusion products (This is a waste). This meant that their fusion technology was very simple, although it could guarantee a stable power. However, it could not permanently seal the high energy released from within.

In fact, even the civilizations that had just started to develop a stable nuclear fusion could only do this. They maintained the energy of fusion at the degree of explosion of ordinary explosives. If it was slightly larger, it would cause the device to explode because it could not withstand the energy.

After this wave of attack was completed, Lo Ya ordered the fleet to stop firing the ammunition.

There were only five ships left on the opposite side, and they were all affected by a certain amount of light radiation. A layer of the shell melted.

Laser weapons themselves gathered the light energy produced by the instantaneous fusion and released it. This was no longer the level of a laser blade. After the energy was concentrated, the destructive power of the high-intensity gamma ray was relatively high.

The five Rooney spaceships charged for a full five seconds before they finally fired their weapons.

The same lasers, but after hitting the Force Field Shield, there were no ripples.

More than ten missiles were fired from the five ships in succession. Their initial speed was not at the speed of sound, and after accelerating to 50 kilometers per second in the vacuum, they also crashed into the Force Field Shield.

The generals and crew on the ship nervously looked at the shocking scene of the explosion in the distance.

This was a nuclear missile, and the equivalent weight had 200,000 tons. Thus, it was like a scorching sun had been lit a few hundred kilometers away.

But… It was useless.

After the light disappeared, the insect ship was still intact.

“Launch five tracking bullets, finish them off, and continue forward. Send two fleets to lock down the other side’s planet and surrounding interstellar space to ensure that planet Tis2 passes by smoothly.”

Lo Ya was not interested in this kind of crushing matter. This civilization was too weak. Or rather, their technology development itself was not very mature, and the form of space war was still at the level of a basic civilization. Although they already had the ability of a level 1 space civilization to travel, their combat strength did not increase at all.

With their current speed, it wouldn’t take long for them to cross the territory of this civilization. If they continued flying in this direction for about 150 years, Insect Girl Clan would be able to reach the border of the Milky Way.

“It doesn’t seem too good to leave in such a hurry. Once we leave Insect Girl’s Milky Way, we will have to face a few hundred thousand light years of silence.”

Lo Ya felt that it was necessary to slow down a bit and plunder some resources along the way.

And for a biological civilization, the most precious resource was obviously life.

Furthermore, the enemy’s ship directly snatched it over, using it as a foundation. It could be improved into a warship with relatively weaker combat strength in a very short time, which was equivalent to saving time in other words. It would increase the war potential. If they could increase the expansion space within these modified warships, they could be used to store plundered items. It wouldn’t take up too much space.

Lo Ya immediately did as she thought and immediately set her eyes on the Rooney Civilization.

She did not consider taking over, and her goal was to fight and run. Although it was a bit shameful, when she thought about the boring voyage that would last for hundreds and thousands of years, she felt that it was necessary to do this.

Moreover, as the gene structure continued to improve, the evolution of Insect Girl Clan would also encounter a bottleneck. This was how science developed. At the beginning, it developed rapidly and all kinds of technology exploded. However, after reaching a certain level, whether it was in terms of evolution or physical practice, They were all faced with an incomprehensible field.

At that time, the improvement of the race’s strength would only be slowly accumulated in terms of quantity and details.

For example, the people of ancient Earth used technology to create the laws and bestowed the individual Magic on Insect Girl Star. This ability itself was more like a myth. Lo Ya had let the Brain Insect research for so long, but it was still unclear. She had not even stepped into the threshold.

The Earth girl was a treasure trove. Her body had the adaptability that was not worse than Insect Girl’s. To be able to exist safely in the vacuum, the faint light on her body was also much gentler than the light in Vivendian. Moreover, it did not look like it would weaken from a long distance.

The missile from the insect ship was launched. It was the nuclear weapon of the small equivalent weight. It was estimated that the bombardment of a few thousand tons of equivalent weight could easily penetrate the target’s outer shell. But to be on the safe side, Lo Ya still used the high speed missile of 100,000 tons of equivalent weight.

The bullet with the tail flame disappeared in front of her eyes the moment it was fired, leaving only the rapidly dissipating flames. A few seconds later, the Rooney spacecraft in her line of sight bloomed one after another. The light of the explosion could even be seen on the surface of the planet.

“The fleet is preparing to enter the orbit of the planet”

The Rooney people had brought him trouble. If that old man was still alive, who knows what he would think.

If not for his Spirit disease, if not for his family and government staff not believing his’ nonsense ‘, perhaps Insect Girl Clan would have obtained military authority and passed by safely.

The fleet threw a lot of flourishing ball towards the ground, preparing to use the beetles to test the combat strength of the creatures on this planet.

When the hundreds of spheres landed in a big city at the same time, the Rooney people actually made an effective resistance in time.

Their ground troops were very strong, a type of city defense weapon known as the super-dense missile rain. It seemed to have been left behind during the previous war. They looked like miniature rectangular launchers, with their lower bodies supported by thick metal pillars. With a whooshing sound, tens of thousands of 50cm long cannon barrels flew out from the dense cannon barrels. 8cm in diameter, small rockets.

There were many of them, and they had a long range. Their flying speed in the atmosphere was 6 times the speed of sound, and they could automatically lock onto their targets in the sky.

Although each cannonball only had the power of 100 kg of TNT equivalent weight, which was equivalent to a small scale conventional missile, ordinary small beetle could not withstand this number at all.

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