C412 Unreliable Rooney

Fleet communications services are the highest level the old man can reach, and it’s under the jurisdiction of Rooney’s Supreme Air Force, and a few of them are under the governmental jurisdiction, so it’s very important to the military and the government.

After about two minutes, Customer Service helped him connect to the Fleet Services Department.

“Hello, I’m a contact from the Fleet Communication Department. May I ask if your ship has encountered any trouble?”

Every ship had a rank in the government, so the other party should know him, so he didn’t ask for his name.

“Hello, I have a very, very important matter to report. My ship encountered an alien in space. The other party contacted me and asked for military access.”

After saying that, the other side went silent.

After a while, the contact person smiled and said, “Are you joking with me?”

“No, I’m telling the truth”

“I understand. Wait for me. I’ll help you pass the message to your superior.”

A few minutes later, the contact sent a message: “The higher-ups have sent people back to Catarakh (Mother Star). They need you to personally report it to them.”

The old man rubbed his eyes with a headache: “The aliens are waiting for my answer, they don’t give me time to leave.”

The customer service sent a smile, then said in a voice: “Military authority cannot be casually decided. The relevant regulations are all decided by the leaders in power and military departments. Please follow the procedure.”

The old man frowned. “You don’t believe what I said at all, do you?”

A few seconds later, the customer service staff replied with a helpless expression, “The people on top told me that not long ago, you were diagnosed with old Spirit disorder. Although they expressed that they were willing to take the information you provided seriously, they had to submit evidence in person to believe it. ”


The old man gritted his teeth and sighed deeply. “I understand.”

As expected, the people on the ship still did not believe him. After all, Spirit disorder was too troublesome. If not for someone, they would not even let him buy the ship.

But what the other party said was right. Military rights were of great importance. This was to let the other party’s army pass through their territory. It was very dangerous and it was impossible to make a decision at will.

Just as the old man was hesitating about what to do, the signal from the Brain Insect was quickly sent over. “Do you have an answer?”

He replied, “The people above want me to personally return to report and submit evidence.”

The Brain Insect thought for a moment and said, “We are willing to wait for a while longer.”

It could also help shorten the distance between the various planets.

The distance between Mother Star and Mother Star was not far, but the old man’s flying ship still needed a long time. After flying for about three days, his family contacted him.

“The government just called me to ask about us aliens. Grandpa, are you joking with us again?”

When the old man’s Spirit was in the most severe state of disorder, it was similar to dementia. Now, it had recovered quite a bit, but when he said there were aliens, most people thought he had relapsed.

What was even worse was that some people in the family worked in the government department. Most people there probably knew what was going on with him. After all, this spaceship was bought not long ago through connections.

“I’m not joking, don’t talk nonsense.” The old man was a bit angry.

“Anyway, come back early, go to our house, don’t go to Catarrak.”


Mother Star was too far away, so it was quite close to home. It was in the border region of civilization. They would arrive in about half a month.

After flying for half a month, he returned home. Then, his family forcefully sent him to Spirit Hospital.

“I’m not lying. Don’t send me in.” When he was at the entrance, the old man wanted to escape angrily, but he was dragged in by his family and doctors.

After checking for a few hours, the doctor said very seriously to his family, “There is indeed a problem with his Spirit. It might be a delusion caused by the disorder of the old Spirit. We tested his cerebral cortex to be highly excited, and there is a high probability that he will have hallucinations. It is recommended to take a certain amount of medicine. ”

“Okay, thank you, doctor.”

The old man next to him looked angry.

How could it be an illusion? He saw it with his own eyes.

A few days later, the government came over to ask about it. In the end, his family refused again due to the old man’s illness.

“F * ck, I didn’t even ask as the client.”

In short, this matter was forcefully delayed for three months. Insect Girl Clan’s fleet could no longer contact his ship. In these three months, Insect Girl’s planet at the front was flying at a speed of more than 200 kilometers per second, while the planet at the back was pulling the ship closer to each other.

Later on, the bugs that were 60 times the speed of light completed their installation and accelerated at the same time.

Military access was an attempt in itself. If the request failed and there was a conflict, then they could only start the war.

There were a total of six fleets flying at the front, a total of 12 destroyers and 60 frigate. In addition to the Space Carrier, this was all the space Strength guarding Planet Tis2. Of course, there were also transport ships, heavenly foundation Cannon Insect, and large amounts of Research Exploration Ship. But normally, they would not be thrown into the war.

With such a scale alone, they could easily defeat some level 1 space civilizations.

As the planet flew past the target planet at high speed, that abnormal trajectory was quickly detected by the Rooney Civilization’s spacecraft.

A few ships that were blocking the way were destroyed by missiles on the spot. When the news reached the Rooney Civilization, the people on top of the ship suspected that the old man’s words were correct.

However, it was already too late to remedy the situation at this time. They hurriedly sent them to the Spirit Hospital to see this haggard old man. Before the two of them even exchanged a few words, his head tilted and he died on the spot.

It couldn’t be helped. He was already old and had been provoked by the Spirit. It was very normal for such a thing to happen.

After the eight ships of a general detected the twelve insect ships at the front, they took the initiative to send a warning to him:

“Unknown civilization, please stop the invasion. You have yet to obtain our permission to enter.”

The Brain Insect directly connected to the other party’s smartphone and appeared on the big screen.

“You did not comply with our request on time and tacitly agreed to the military request.”

The general frowned. “The one who contacted you earlier was an old man with messy Spirit. He died of Spirit disease not long ago. If you want to move forward, please allow me to request permission from the higher-ups.”

God knew if the Insect Girl Clan was invading. This officer did not dare to let them get close to the planet.

The insect ship did not slow down.

“Hmph, charge all the main armament.”

The general did not give him any face at all. He immediately ordered all the ships to prepare for battle.

When the Brain Insect saw this scene, they did not hesitate at all and directly counterattacked.

Beams of laser cut through the void and hit the general’s ship first.

The three at the front were directly blasted apart after being shot by the destroyer and the frigate.

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