C410 Rooney’s Spaceship

Half a year after planet transfer, 12 light-years away from original territory.

In reality, most of the planets had not flown out of the original territory, and this speed was probably far from the invasion speed of the creatures that came from outside the Milky Way.

The ship’s traction device had been improved to 40 times the speed of light. It might take another half a year to reach the expected speed.

60 times the speed of light meant that they could fly 60 light years in a year, and in a thousand years, they could cross the entire Insect Girl Galaxy.

Alright… The universe was too big, even a small galaxy would take such a long time to reach. This is also the main reason why the civilizations are expanding so slowly.

At this time, the fleet flew around a black hole galaxy.

Unlike other black holes, this black hole did not have many celestial bodies around it, so it did not form a dense suction disc. The temperature on the surface was not too high.

Its mass was not too large, and it lived alone in a dark space. There were no planets around it.

The huge Insect Girl Mother Star passed through the area close to the black hole. Lo Ya hurriedly sent out the Dimensional Worm to create a few hundred million kilometers of expanding space before barely stabilizing the environment.

This place was still very far from the black hole’s field of vision. From afar, it could be seen that the outer matter had fallen into it. The light was released. These lights looked a little chaotic. The two sides were bright, but the middle was slightly dark. Violent pulse waves radiated from both ends of the light and into the depths of the universe.

“As expected, it is impossible to study the black hole.”

The strange point inside was to squeeze everything into a meaningless place. Its true secret was within the field of vision. However, once it entered the field of vision, it would never be able to escape.

Actually, there was no need to get close. The huge gravitational field around the field of vision was enough to tear everything apart. Even if Lo Ya wanted to create an expanding space to offset the gravitational force, it would not work because the Space Worm would also be pulled towards the black hole. They would eventually be destroyed by the gravitational force.

After leaving the black hole, the Insect Girl Clan gradually replaced the traction device, slowly increasing the speed of all the spaceships to 40 times the speed of light. This was the result they had achieved in time.

In the next half a year, all the planets and spaceships were improved to 60 times the speed of light.

The Research Exploration Ship’s traction was strengthened to 62 times, so that they could return to the Mother Star at any time and leave the fast-moving Mother Star.

Looking from space, all the flying planets were surrounded by tens of thousands of small insects. The network they constructed completely covered the entire planet and brought it forward.

The closed off Star Gate was like a satellite surrounding the surroundings, and was not put into use.

After the fleet advanced for two whole years, the size of the fleet expanded to an exaggerated extent. Lo Ya ordered the production of the frigate and the destroyer to stop, and only to produce cruisers. The main focus of the swarm was on the modification and evolution of their genes.

The weak light provided by several fusion devices illuminated the entire Mother Star evenly.

In the freezing weather, the Research Exploration Ship in the distance suddenly indicated that it had discovered a spaceship from an unknown civilization a light year away.

In order to be safe, Planet Tis2, which was at the front of the fleet, (the originally habitable planet of the Tiss Civilization) closed the navigation system and sent a fleet of 12 ships there.

Not long after, the 2 destroyers and 10 frigate approached the target area.

“Detected enemy ships. 1 ship, over 800 meters in length, rectangular.”

After sharing the vision of the Brain Insect, Lo Ya saw an extremely advanced technological spaceship.

Its size was considered very large, and it had spatial technology, but the speed at which it was being pulled was not fast. Due to the improvement of the detection technology, the insect ship was able to clearly take pictures of the target. On the outside, there were many things similar to glass, allowing the inside to see the outside. And looking inside from the outside, it was a blur.

The appearance of the Insect Girl Clan’s fleet was rather obvious, because the enemy was on the road that they had to pass through. Therefore, they had to take the initiative to probe. If they couldn’t defeat the planet, they had to start the engine and make a detour. If they could defeat the enemy and didn’t suffer any losses, they would fly over.

After he appeared, the other ship also reacted in time. It turned on the detection device on the side and headed towards the insect ship.

“Warning, unidentified object detected approaching”

Within the technological warship, an old five-clawed creature saw a few dots of light on the screen, that was the heat source found by the scanning device.

“How could something be approaching?”

He remembered that he had previously observed the surrounding area.

Civilization had been developing for hundreds of thousands of years. During this period of time, it had expanded to the surrounding star regions by hundreds of lightyears. At least a few thousand stars were within the sphere of influence. However, up until now, the Rooney Empire behind the old man had not found any traces of extraterrestrial civilization.

They were certain that even if there were other civilizations in the universe, they were like themselves, isolated from the distance and unable to approach. Otherwise, even if they did not look for others, aliens would have already found them.

The Rooney Civilization’s navigation technology had appeared less than twenty thousand years ago, so it had not been long since they left the Mother Star. Twenty thousand years, with the average lifespan of this civilization, was around a hundred generations.

“Intellectual brain, analyze the shape of the target. It’s best to give me a clearer picture.”

As a pioneer among the people, every time he found a planet with potential to migrate, He will receive a large reward. This policy had only been implemented in the last ten thousand years. Of course, the real development speed of civilization was still unimaginably slow. After many planets were discovered, it would take many years for them to travel back and forth. The immigration process would take hundreds of years, and not only would they have to undergo environmental modification and adaptation, There would also be many difficulties along the way.

After a few minutes, the smartphone gave an enlarged version of the picture.

It filtered it into the shape of a red space bug.

“This is…”

“Preliminary analysis shows that it is an intelligent creature spaceship, and it has not received any information from other Rooney people in this area. 80% chance that it is an alien. ” The analysis of the AI is relatively simple, although it has developed for hundreds of thousands of years, But the Rooney people, due to their culture and way of thinking, have developed technology very slowly.


At first, he suspected that he had misheard, but after confirming this, he suddenly realized that the screens were all flashing warnings.

“Received unknown information, mandatory reception in progress.”

“Forced receiving?”

Most likely, it was the alien civilization that sent the message.

“Unable to analyze external information.”

After all, smart computers were not really intelligent, they were using evolution programs. Thus, it didn’t have the ability to recognize the information it received. At this moment, the distance between the two sides had shortened to a few hundred kilometers. If the lights were turned on, the distance between the two parties could be seen with the naked eye.

“Not good, smartbrain, turn on the weapon system and prepare for battle”

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