C408 Routine Weapon Testing

“These days are getting harder and harder.”

The President of the United States, who had returned from a coastal city to the capital, leaned back powerlessly on a recliner and silently sighed.

It had been more than a year since the alien spaceship landed, but there had been no large-scale war between the two parties. These powerful enemies used all kinds of weapons that they had never heard of before, such as the ability to travel around the world. The torpedoes that could turn around, or the special centralized missiles that would scatter into thousands of tracking missiles when they were thrown into the air. These extraordinary technologies made the navy of the men in white suffer.

Especially after the bug nest frigate landed, the firepower displayed by the Insect Girl Clan was already insane. It was clearly just a warship about a hundred meters long, but it could release tens of thousands of miniature missiles in a very short period of time. It bombarded a city in an overwhelming manner.

These missiles could be said to have a variety of styles, and most of them were armor-piercing bombs that could greatly destroy fortifications. There were also thermal bombs that could attack hidden enemies in all directions. Usually, when the smallest missile landed on the ground, it would cause the entire football field to turn into a sea of fire. Not to mention the shockwave that swept out, it could even shatter a solid house.

The cost of nuclear weapons was indeed very high, so in normal wars, The Brain Insect also began to lean towards saving. Ordinary TNT explosives could be synthesized in a few seconds, and in a few minutes, they could produce many high-quality bullets. The scientific research ship sent the Engineering Beetle to the bottom of the sea to retrieve some stones and extract some materials from the water. They could continuously synthesize all kinds of cheap weapons.

Brain Insect seized this opportunity and started to complete the Insect Girl Clan’s genetic information. In just half a year, hundreds of conventional weapons with different effects had evolved. Some bugs even had electronic interference abilities that only technological civilizations had, producing many special organs. The virus mother sac that was originally used to accompany the attack of the hollow ball and flourishing ball had also evolved at this time, turning into a virus missile that was specially used for biochemical attacks.

This missile was less than three meters in length and very small in size. Its fastest flying speed was 10 Mach, and it was used against cities or armies on land.

When the missile hit its target, it would produce a strong airflow. It would sweep millions of tiny bugs into a few kilometers of land. These bugs carried at least ten thousand types of viruses with astonishing transmission abilities that targeted mammals. Some were targeted at reptiles, and some were even specialized in carrying toxins. They were special bugs used to study the heart virus.

In the past two days, with the start of the planet migration plan, the Brain Insect no longer considered the environment of Planet Green and began testing the effects of the Virus Missile.

Sou ~ ~

Following a burst of fiery light, a visible missile broke through the sound barrier and flew towards a large city.

The anti-missile base near the city was immediately intercepted, although the speed of the missile was much more normal compared to the previous terrifying thing that could easily reach hundreds of kilometers per second. However, it was still too fast for the pedestrians in clothes.

Separated by a few hundred kilometers, 10 guards intercepted the missile launch, but none of them hit the target.

Along with the explosion, the missile exploded 80 meters above the city.

There was no fire or high temperature, only violent air currents caused by high pressure.

Not long after the bombardment, the security forces and the government officials all sent people over. Therefore… They wanted to find out what was going on with the Air Missile launched by the Insect Girl Clan. Unexpectedly, they had just arrived at the scene in less than half an hour. He felt uncomfortable all over.

Dizzy, disgusting, difficult to breathe, wrapping themselves up…

The tiny bugs bit their bodies and injected the virus into their bodies. Diseases spread everywhere in the air.

Because there were too many viruses, from the reverse-recording virus to the nerve virus, Then to the influenza type, or the toxin that could cause respiratory failure. In short, when the people at the scene felt that something was wrong and were sent to the hospital, Many of them had already started to vomit blood and faint.

The virus continued to spread in the hospital, and only those doctors who were fully dressed in isolation suits were spared.

In just a few short hours, the illness seemed to have gone crazy, and it swept through the entire city.

Under the microscope, there were thousands of images of various unknown viruses fighting and duplicating each other. The doctors were all stunned. The President soon found out about this, and he had no choice but to stop resting. He stood up from his chair and ordered the nearby troops, Complete quarantine of the city.

In less than a day, the area within 300 kilometers was completely isolated by a simple wall.

However, in these two days, a similar situation occurred in the Barter Kingdom far away from the world. The doctors quickly confirmed that there was a virus infected person who took a plane to another country and brought the virus there.

In fact, the patient on the plane had already felt very uncomfortable when he was on the plane. He had been on the plane for six hours and had a serious hallucinatory feeling.

On the second day after the missile landed, there was a large-scale epidemic outside the quarantine area. The United Nations announced that the country had entered the highest alert state and mobilized all the senior hospitals to research the vaccine against the virus.

As the virus sent out by the plane also caused shocking casualties overseas, many countries quickly joined forces and began to research ways to deal with the disease.

Regarding these viruses, the pedestrians in clothes were angry and sad, but they could not even resist.

The Insect Girl Clan’s warships were showing off in all parts of the world. One could crush the strongest countries in the world without raising their heads. This time, they used the virus bomb as a weapon, and it was only to research weapons with a lower cost.

Along with the further advancement of the invasion, a large number of Slime were also sent to the bottom of the sea to breed, so that they could be taken away when they left this planet in the future.

A portion of the Slime would evolve into transport ships with the ability to guide and sail in the sea. In the future, before the enemies outside the Milky Way came, they would escape ahead of time and find new planets to breed.

In Mother Star, the effect of the spatial expansion had come out. Due to the distance between Insect Girl Star and the sun being pulled away by 200 million kilometers, the gravitational influence on her was greatly reduced. The overly fast speed caused her to leave the orbit, even though she was still moving around Insect Girl’s sun. It was estimated that after half a circle, The orbit of the planet would slowly go in a straight line and fly towards the target.

Along with Mother Star, there were 15 other planets that left the orbit.

Vivendian also carried out the same plan around the same time. They wanted to move 25 planets, and because of the help of the insects, such a huge project was finally realized.

These planets were all under the protection of a large number of battleships, and they were slowly moving towards Disc Galaxy.

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