C407 A Year Later

“What a strong feeling.”

It wasn’t that he had replaced all the original parts, but that he had added a dragon’s Components to the worm’s body. Therefore, Lo Ya was still a hybrid of a worm and a human. Of course, it was hard to say whether the upper body was a real human or not. Anyway, the structure of the body and the genes inside. Insect Girl was different from any other species.

He left to look for the next Epic creature.

There were three Epic life form around the entire Star Abyss. Lo Ya took care of the second one. As for the strongest third one, it was completely disobedient and its intelligence was terrifyingly low. It could not even be tamed, so Lo Ya could only kill it and eat it.

[Energy Conducting Pipe: It can instantly supply energy to the entire body and increase the casting efficiency.] 】

[Lava Jet: A jet that can shoot out lava of tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, with additional Magic damage.] 】

After the two installations, the latter replaced the Components that spat out the venom. It was a complete farewell to the part that had accompanied Little Insect Girl for many years.

The most powerful part of the magma jet was not the lava that was tens of thousands of degrees, but the damage of the Magic.

In the entire universe, only the creatures in Insect Girl’s Mother Star had the ability of the Magic, and only the creatures here had magic resistance. Hence, their Magic had a certain degree of damage to most lives.

No creature could withstand the Epic damage caused by the magma jet.

After this wave of evolution, the insects began to share the Epic flesh and blood, and then the entire swarm underwent a large evolution.

All of them broke through a stage. The beetles that were barely at the boundary of the Super Class had also reached the upper level of the Transcendent Tier 1. As for the main force, the Gray-Cannon Bugs, they had stepped into the lower level of the Transcendental Second Order. The most powerful Mechanical Insect had directly stepped into Fourth Grade Transcendental. It could directly withstand the explosive impact of dozens of tons of equivalent weight.

After returning to the territory, Lo Ya and Little Insect Girl happily lived together.

In a year’s time, they ate and played every day. Unknowingly, death was approaching everyone.

Starting from Lo Xin, dozens of Little Insect Girl left the mortal world one after another. Lo Ya also died very quickly.

Fortunately, she was the main consciousness. After she was born, she could immediately recover the memories of her previous life.

Using her barely five centimeters body to be taken care of by the adult Insect Girl, she was then placed in the large forest. She would roast meat and eat with everyone, or capture wild animals by herself.

The breeding activities were going very well. Lo Ya liked to catch rabbits and crocodiles to roast wild animals or apply spicy seasoning on them. She would then use leaves to wrap them and roast them. The fragrant meat was chewy, and the taste was also very good.

“It’s Lo Ya.”

At some point, a few little Little Insect Girl wriggled over and hugged her. They stuck out their tongues and licked her.

“Wow, little cuties.”

Lo Ya’s eyes lit up and squeezed together with the little guys. Because she was also a young child, she did not seem to be much different from the other Little Insect Girl.

“Oh, oh, this is Lo Lo.”

Soon, they saw one of them who inherited Lo Lo’s soul. Of course, she still did not have the memories of her previous life, so she looked completely ignorant.

“I can’t tell who is smarter.”

If she wasn’t an adult, everyone’s memories would probably only last for a few seconds.

So staying with these idiots, Little Insect Girl, was very depressing. As long as Lo Ya left their sight for a while, When they met again, the little cuties would happily pounce on them and shout, “Wow, it’s Lo Ya!” as if they had just met.

One year seemed to be a long time, but when you used up this part of your time, you would come back to your senses and realize that these three hundred plus days were only a blink of an eye.

Eight years and October, after nearly a year and a half of construction, the Insect Girl Clan successfully built 16 planets into mobile fortresses that could be used to carry out high-speed navigation in space.

At this time, the number of individuals in the entire civilization was as follows:

[Research and Research Insects: 2,000 ships]

Transportation vessel:

[Large Transportation Ship: 80]

[Medium Transportation Ship: 800]

[Lesser transport ship: 4,000]


Space Carrier: 16 ships

[Warship: 0 (1 is about to be built)]

[Hive Warship: 80 (8 in construction)]

Hive frigate: 500 (40 in construction)

Extraordinary (Special Category) :

[Poison Parasite:???]

[Cannon Insect: 3000 (Equipped with traction device and fusion engine)]

Beginner Level Transcendent (Collection) :

[Nourishing Insect: 80 billion]

[Light Plate Insect: 8 billion]

Upper First Grade Transcendent:

[Engineering Beetle: 20 billion]

[small beetle: Approximately 80 billion]

[Explosive Beetle: About 150 billion]

[Corrosive small beetle: About 100 million]

[Virus Female Bug Sack: 200,000]

[flourishing ball Mother Nest: 15,000]

Upper Second Grade Transcendent:

[Flying Dagger Insect: 600 million]

[Sickle Insect: 4.2 billion]

[Insect Killer: 600 million]

Drilling Insects: 30 million

Lower Third Grade Transcendent:

[Sickle Mother Nest: 20,000]

[Wind God Winged Insect: 30 million]

Intermediate Transcendent Third Grade:

[Humanoid Undead Insect: 10 million]

[Black Wolf Beast: 6,000,000]

[Launcher Insect: 3,000,000]

Upper-stage Transcendent Third Grade:

[Electric Bug: 1.2 million]

Transcendental Fourth Grade Upper-Level:

[Mechanical Insect: 3 million]

When the 16 planets broke away from their respective orbits and entered a state of universe travel, Each of them would have a Space Carrier and a fleet protecting them. In the process of moving, the swarm also planned to build 16 super cannons that could change the orbit of an asteroid. With that, They would remove any obstacles that could block the path of the moving planet.

In addition, Lo Ya urgently wanted to build a planetary-level engine so that when facing a planet that she could not avoid, she would be able to avoid it in advance.

But to make something the size of a planet change direction, the difficulty was not ordinary. Even if building a super large jet engine, the pushing force produced would be negligible. It could even crush the crust and change the living environment of the planet.

After nearly a year of discussion, the Brain Insect finally adopted a strategy. It was to build three foundations that were extremely large. It was a super fusion jet device that could spread the pushing force across the entire Earth. The deductions it produced could only cause the orbit of the planet to deviate to less than three degrees.

However, these three degrees were enough to allow these 16 planets to avoid any dangerous celestial bodies ahead of time.

The fleet would also specially strengthen the invisibility function of hundreds of Research Exploration Ship, sending them to a light year radius around the planet’s orbit. They would give early warning to the dangerous celestial bodies, gamma ray explosions, unknown civilizations, and other things that might exist in the universe.

And on the resource-rich Planted Green Planet dozens of light years away, Lo Ya did not want to give up. In this year, she sent dozens of exploration ships and two frigate to land on the target planet, torturing the pedestrians in white for an entire year.

For example, throwing out a nuclear bomb from time to time, or using the enemy’s navy to test out some concept weapons.

The local officials also endured for a year. Facing all kinds of pressure, they always looked for opportunities to negotiate with the Insect Girl Clan.

Although… they had never gotten an answer.

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