C406 New Evolution and Components

The Disc Galaxy was 300,000 light years away from Insect Girl’s galaxy. It, along with Insect Girl’s galaxy and more than 20 other galaxies around it, formed Insect Girl’s galaxy group. Insect Girl’s Star System Group, together with the 50 surrounding Star Systems, formed Insect Girl’s Beyond Star System Group. Currently, including Vivendian, all civilizations had discovered 3,500 Super Star Systems. When they combined, they would be able to see the entire universe.

These 3,500 superstar clusters were isolated into 60 huge fibrous composites. Their range was between several hundred million to billions of light years. On a large scale, there was a shockingly large universe hollow (which is the dark region with very little interstellar matter). The Earth once called this structure unit a superstar complex, and Lo Ya called it a star system.

At present, it could be seen that the 60 star systems in the universe looked like complex neural fiber structures, and the furthest part was hazy, restricted by the detection ability, no one knew what was there.

Perhaps it was the boundary of the universe, or perhaps an even more mysterious existence.

After the plan was implemented, Vivendian sent a message half a month later. It indicated that their abilities were unable to achieve the goal of migrating within a year. With Vivendian’s ability, they wanted to move a planet. At least a few decades of preparation time.

Lo Ya considered for a moment and sent 10 billion Engineering Beetle to help them.

Perhaps one year was really difficult, so Lo Ya relaxed the conditions to two years. After she was almost done, she also helped Vivendian.

The construction plans of both parties could not be completely concealed, especially at the current stage where different civilizations were so closely intertwined. Therefore, they released smoke bombs at the same time, claiming that it was a collaborative project to research more advanced traction technology.

In fact, it was also true. Lo Ya’s side was preparing to build hundreds of thousands of large traction generators distributed throughout the entire planet. And because Mother Star was as big as a star, it needed millions of them.

In space, on one side facing the star, the number of expansion components was as many as ten million. Vivendian Although it was very strong, it did not have the exaggerated reproduction efficiency and production efficiency of insects. Therefore, it was impossible to achieve such a difficult project.

When everything was almost on the right track, Lo Ya finally recovered to a state of complete leisure. She prepared to rest well for a year and let the Brain Insect continue to direct the work.

The air in Mother Star was as fresh as ever.

Taking a deep breath, one could smell the fragrance of plants.

After a few years, Lo Ya’s level had exceeded 60, and her combat strength had also greatly increased.

More importantly, the three skills on the mysterious tree had also been lit up by her.

[Battle Instinct: When Little Insect Girl is in danger, her combat strength will increase greatly, and she can make the best judgment based on the actual situation. 】

[Spirit Impact: The expansion of the swarm can not only be shared with Insect Girl’s personal spiritual power, but also at a critical moment. It can provide the impact of the entire tribe’s Spirit. Excessive use of this ability would damage the brain. It was recommended to reduce the frequency. ]

[Collapse Effect: For a long time, Insect Girl has absorbed astonishing nutrients. These substances will compress her body, and as the nutrients are absorbed, The particle spacing that constitutes Insect Girl’s body will shrink, and the energy density will also increase. ]

The three abilities consumed 200,000 points, 1 million points, and 2 million points respectively.

The individual combat power of Insect Girl Clan had also jumped to transcendent grade 6 due to the collapse effect.

At this level, they could already resist nuclear bombs with their physical bodies. Of course… it was just a small equivalent weight nuclear bomb. However, it was true that they could withstand the nuclear explosion in the central region. This was also the peak of the Epic stage.

She considered recruiting a few Epic monsters near the Star Abyss.

“Who should I bring with me?”

While thinking, she moved to the middle of the few Little Insect Girl.

“Everyone, look.” Lo Yu held the wooden stick and pointed to the picture of “Lo Lo” on a piece of wood and said to the group of little Little Insect Girl, “Lo Ya said that Lo Lo is the biggest idiot in the history of the family. She has worked hard for almost 8 years and has yet to learn the method of adding anything below 10. Maybe in the future she will not be smart and let us mourn for her.”

“Lo Lo is so pitiful.” The little Little Insect Girl below mourned.

Lo Ya,… “”

She did not know what Lo Lo was doing and remembered that this little thing used to worship Lo Yu.

But now the two little fellows’ relationship was still very good. She believed that Lo Lo would not be angry if she knew.

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, what she said is the truth.”

Lo Ya turned around and left.

The earliest batch of Insect Girl’s cells were about to wither. When they died, their bodies would be eaten by Little Insect Girl and then fuse with their new tails.

When the breeding period came, the new tail of Little Insect Girl would be the one that had died.

When they were young, they would not awaken the memories of their previous lives, so they were the same as the other young Little Insect Girl. They did not understand anything. But at the moment of adulthood, the consciousness of their previous lives awakened. Concentrated energy filled his entire body. All his memories and combat power… All of it would be stacked on the body of the young Little Insect Girl.

In theory, Insect Girl would be smarter every time she lived.

“I just don’t know if Lo Lo would still be that stupid.”

This was what Lo Ya was more worried about. After so many years, she still did not learn 3 + 2 and 2 + 3… No, she did not even learn 1 + 1. Other than her own name, Lo Lo did not seem to have any knowledge that she could really remember.

“Forget it. I will go and find that Epic monster myself.”

It was time to take a look at the Star Abyss. After all, it had been so long.

Spreading her wings and using the Magic, Lo Ya’s speed instantly broke through the sound barrier and started flying towards her target at high speed.

A few hours later, she landed in front of the terrified eyes of hundreds of Magical Creature and magic beasts.

The epic-level monster that was a few kilometers long raised its head.

Its expression showed that it was also a low-intelligence creature.

“You, from today onwards, must submit to my rule”

The Spirit storm began, and the Magic elements circled around his body. Causing concentrated lightning. The sky instantly darkened, and the Epic monster raised its head. Just as it was about to roar, it felt a sharp pain in its head, and it fell to the ground with a thud.

“Submit, or die?”

Tens of billions of volts of lightning had been brewed in the sky. The Epic creature finally lowered its proud head, and when the other Transcendent creatures saw this, they all submitted.

“Is it settled just like that?”

Lo Ya conveniently took some parts from these creatures, such as nails, and took them away.

If she gave these to herself and the insects to eat, there should be a lot of harvest.

Along the way, Lo Ya bit a few of the hands and claws of that epic monster, and as expected, she obtained the Components.

After entering the editor, she gave it a simple look.

Dragon tendon: The meridians of an ancient divine dragon. It contains a Strength that is close to a god. After installing it, it will greatly increase the Magic’s ability.

[Dragon’s Flesh: The flesh and blood of an ancient divine dragon. It contains Strength that is close to a god. After installation, it greatly increases physical defense, magic resistance, and energy resistance.] ]

[Dragon’s Brain: The brain of an ancient divine dragon contains Strength that is close to a god. After installation, the intelligence will be greatly reduced.] 】

The third one was directly ignored. Lo Ya installed the first two dragon tendons and dragon flesh.

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