C405 Planetary Guidance Plan

“But, this is a universe level, even if you really want to control dark energy, it’s still hard to reach such a large scale, right?” Lo Ya understood the difficulty of this.

Moreover, the law of the material world was so strict. No matter what kind of behavior was done, it was pushing for the occurrence of “non-sequential” and it would not help the contraction of the universe at all.

“Therefore, this plan requires the participation of many space civilizations. However, it can be seen that the universe is only a small part of what we understand, and all the galaxies form a massive structure similar to a neural network. Even the Milky Way is a tiny dot that can’t be found.”

She hugged Lo Ya on her chest. The soft feeling made Lo Ya feel at ease.

The future of the universe seemed to be too far away, but if she did not consider it in advance, perhaps the future would still regret it.

Lo Ya thought for a moment and seriously asked, “What exactly did you do?”

“It is very simple, to build a ring-shaped accelerator and extract dark energy. It will push objects towards the speed of light without limit, and close in to produce a powerful gravitational force. All the energy borrowed from the cosmic tides can allow us to create countless supermass sublight speed celestial bodies. And the reduction of dark energy will also slow down the rate of expansion. Increase the contraction of the universe.”

… “”

A bit crazy!

It was already hard enough to push objects to a thousand kilometers per second, but those fellows actually wanted to extract the dark energy universe and create supermassive celestial bodies close to the speed of light.

What was even more terrifying was the scale of this plan.

“So many billions of years have passed, has it succeeded?”

The girl shook her head. “At present, we are not sure, and no one knows whether it will succeed or not.”

At present, the Alliance members’ understanding of the universe is limited to a part of the universe that can be observed. Through various laws, they were able to determine that the size of the universe was close to 20 billion light years. This was far too different from the 93 billion light years that the people of the 21st century talked about. And the current majority of the universe civilizations, including the universe age data provided by Vivendian, were all different. This meant that everyone’s understanding of the universe was still different.

“Let me think, if a small scale accelerator is built inside a spaceship and an object is accelerated to near the speed of light, will this spaceship become a black hole like celestial body?”

“Yes” The girl nodded.

“Oh, I am indeed smart!” Lo Ya felt happy that her idea was so reliable.

The young girl tilted her head and looked at Little Insect Girl who was playing in the distance. She could not help but say, “I am a little suspicious that Insect Girl’s character was inherited from you.”

Lo Ya,… “”

Seeing Lo Yin digging a hole in the distance to find bugs, Lo Ya immediately shook her head, “I did not. Don’t speak nonsense. I do not have that kind of habit.”

“Hee hee, I will provide you with a plan.” The young girl lifted Lo Ya up and made her face the sun. “The distance between Mother Star and the stars is relatively constant. The distance between the sun and the sun won’t differ too much. If you create an expansion space of hundreds of millions of kilometers between them, then the gravity between the Mother Star and the sun will be weakened. If the speed of the rotation doesn’t change, Mother Star will be out of its original orbit. We will fly to the outer space. ”

Lo Ya widened her eyes.

“After leaving your own orbit, you can install a complete traction acceleration device in Mother Star. Use the planet’s original speed to complete the traction acceleration. This way, your Mother Star will be like a spaceship, flying freely in the universe. ”

Lo Ya took a deep breath, “This is a big project, but compared to other plans, it is much more scientific.”


“I have already let the swarm do it. ”

Guidance was severely restricted by the gravitational field around them, but it was not affected by their own gravity, so it was completely possible to pull a planet tens of times faster than light speed.

“This plan can be told to Vivendian, but we must sign a confidentiality agreement with them.”

The alliance itself was built in front of strong enemies. If they could escape from the restrictions of strong enemies and fly further away, then there would be no need for them to become the enemy’s allies in the future.

The construction of Insect Girl Clan immediately began. Lo Ya’s goal was very grand, which was to move all the planets in the controlled area away.

The trajectory and direction of the flight, as well as the situation along the way, all of these needed to be carefully calculated.

Currently, 16 planets were confirmed to be moving away. Most of them were planets, and a small portion were satellites with high nutritional value.

After leaving the orbit, they would face a desperate situation where there was no light, and the temperature would be extremely low. Therefore, along the way, they needed to consider the energy supply and use nuclear fusion to provide a large amount of heat and light energy.

Along with the planet leaving, there were still 16 Space Carrier.

These motherships were either currently being constructed or had already been completed. Many of the internal areas were still a bit simple, but at least there were no problems in terms of defense.

Along the way, the Space Carrier would be continuously strengthened, and more factories would be built inside and on the surface.

There were a lot of celestial bodies in the universe. Along the way, if Lo Ya found any valuable planets, she would consider seizing them along the way.

“I estimate that within one year, I will be able to complete all the early production projects and enter a state of departure from orbit. Then, I will be able to accelerate immediately.”

The Brain Insect calculated the production capacity at the current stage.

One year later, they would be able to gather 16 Space Carrier, 80 destroyers, and 500 frigate. The main swarm of bugs would also reach 6 billion.

During this period of time, violent mining would be carried out on 16 planets other than celestial bodies. The specific method would be to set up a Slime energy board to cover the entire world, converting the collected energy into tens of thousands of tons of Slime creatures.

These Slime would then be transported to each planet by the transport ship.

It was estimated that the number of Slime that could be stored this year would only reach 30 billion. Each of them would be equivalent to a one meter diameter rubber ball. They could be used to support energy consumption for a long period of time.

Currently, the orbit of each planet was desperately building a space base. They would all be used to build transport ships. Before the transportation pressure of Insect Girl Clan was completely reduced, the construction in this area would not stop at all.

After Lo Ya’s plan was fully developed for a month, she sent Chiang Ya to meet the leader of the long, milk-yellow hair in Vivendian and told them the specific method.

“I hope that this great secret can be shared between the two civilizations. The universe is full of dangers, and the civilizations in the alliance that have the ability to move planets are only us and Mechanical Civilization.”

“I know, thank you.”

The other party also knew what Insect Girl meant. One year later, both parties would start their separation plan at the same time, heading towards the predetermined direction – the distant Disc Galaxy.

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