C404 The Secret to the Expansion of the Universe

Even a level 3 space civilization might not be able to grasp or be willing to throw in a stable anti-particle device.

Not to mention stability, if they could successfully throw this weapon into actual combat, then the enemy’s spaceship might not be unbreakable.

“I don’t know what we can provide, but we are willing to contribute all of our Strength to the development of the long-distance engine.” One. A civilization representative said helplessly.

Most of the civilizations present were at the middle level of the universe, and there was a huge gap between them and the strongest representatives. Because of the Insect Girl Clan’s actual war performance, in terms of technology, It was already comparable to a level 2 civilization. In fact, some civilizations, including Vivendian, had already tacitly acknowledged that they had the strength of a Level 2 Civilization.

“The Emperor Fu Civilization provided information related to curvature, hoping to help with the research of curvature engines.” The shiny golden robot said.

“We provide instant super long-distance communication technology… if you don’t have this technology.”

“Provide a super large experimental base. This is the size of a few hundred kilometers that our civilization spent ten thousand years to expand.” The leader of the Standard Rui Civilization said.

This meeting had a huge impact on Lo Ya, and it also made her realize how important an individual at the level of a Universal Civilization was to look at the bigger picture. They had clearly fought like that a moment ago, but now they were able to unite in the blink of an eye.

They did not even need to think too much before choosing the best option for their respective civilizations.

Of course, the one who had to thank the most was still Vivendian.

Putting aside what the various civilizations were doing behind their backs, the cooperation on the surface would at least give them hope for the research of the long distance engine.

Escaping the Milky Way, heading to the galaxy beyond the Milky Way, or even hundreds of millions of lightyears away, finding a territory that could develop peacefully was the dream of these civilizations.

Everyone knew that under the situation where the difference in strength was almost absolute, it was totally empty to fight to the death.

After the meeting, all civilizations started to promote the relevant cooperation at the fastest speed, and spread the news to the people.

The Standard Rui Civilization Space Experiment Base was chosen as a research platform for long-distance engine technology, and geniuses from various civilizations gathered. Even the Mechanical Civilization, which was originally the enemy, also provided a shared network, allowing the computers of all civilizations to download their knowledge.

Of course, the small conflicts and accidents in the process had never been reduced. Fortunately, most people were willing to contribute their Strength for the continuation of civilization, so the actions of some villains were ultimately stopped.

The research and technology of the old civilization mainly included: warp drive engine, wormhole, molecular material, anti-gravity technology, antimatter weapons, a total of five major categories.

However, the research process was too difficult, and the technology related to the warp drive engine still remained on the surface. Many breakthroughs seemed to have achieved great success, but the actual help was pitifully small. The strengthening materials faced the force barrier and could not make any progress. The anti-gravity technology had no clue at all. They could only use various unorthodox methods to create fake “artificial gravity.” It looked like anti-gravity, but in fact, it was just an opportunistic method. Anti-matter weapons made the most progress, but the consumption of energy was always much higher than the result.

After a period of research, everyone realized it. The rules of the universe were too perfect, preventing life from turning theory into reality.

However, the results of research were not nonexistent. Many technologies were directly used for civilian use, improving the lives of ordinary people. This could be considered to be worthy of such a huge investment.

The various civilizations were working hard to build the most advanced transport ship so that before the invaders arrived, They could escape from the area where the war was about to begin. Mechanical Civilization sent out groups after groups of pivotal fleets to the location where the enemies were attacking to start the war. As such… They wanted to delay the war for a longer period of time.

Under such circumstances, Lo Xin’s original plan to plunder pirates had no choice but to stop.

Since ancient times, that peerless girl with long blue hair gradually shared more knowledge with the Insect Girl Clan. This included some scenes of the ancient war. It was a war that involved countless galaxies. Even the aftermath of a war could swallow dozens of stars.

“So, the enemies of this attack can’t be considered powerful at all, right?” After Lo Ya finished browsing through all the information, she asked the other party in surprise.

“No, it is not like that. The current information is not enough to understand the strength of these outsiders.”

She hugged a Little Insect Girl and kissed her, causing the little fellow to shake its tail desperately to escape. However, it was caught in midair and had no leverage. It seemed that she was unable to leave the evil hands.

“Uh…” Looking at the teary Little Insect Girl, Lo Ya decided to save her.

“Put her down.”

“Okay..” Sure enough, the Earth girl agreed. In the next moment, she hugged Lo Ya in her arms and rubbed her up.

Lo Ya,… “”

“Yes, there is actually a very important piece of news.” Hugging Lo Ya, the girl stroked her head and sighed, “At that time, humans joined a grand plan made up of high level space civilizations.”

“High level space civilizations plan?”

“The universe rescue plan. According to the exploration, the universe that is constantly expanding will lead everything to a cold and lonely end. Everything is in disorder. The void will return to the endless darkness, infinitely close to absolute zero. The celestial bodies that turn into black holes will disappear. In order to stop all of this, all of the civilizations planned to shrink the universe to a certain size. Then keep it in a stable state forever.”

Lo Ya was stunned for a moment. “Is this possible?”

“Maybe. The answer is in the dark energy.” She opened her hands and projected a three-dimensional image. Countless planets were floating within, “There are 9 big empty spaces in the universe, there are very few planets, And this is the most important place for transformation. You should know relativity, when you accelerate objects and infinitely close to the speed of light, The mass will be infinitely close, and the material itself will also be infinitely close to an extremely powerful point of gravity. It will create a gravitational force similar to a black hole on the surrounding objects. ”

“Uh… It seems to be so.”

“But in the three-dimensional space, the size of gravity follows the law of square inverse. In other words, as the distance increases, gravity will be reduced according to the law. Even if we accelerate all the surrounding objects to the fastest speed, we will not be able to attract the return of distant celestial bodies. The conservation of mass determines what our goal is, we will need to pay a considerable amount of energy. During this process, the originally stable matter will be converted into chaotic matter or energy. Increasing the entropy of the universe… In other words, the universe will return to its end step by step. ”

Lo Ya,…” ”

The other party did not stop talking because of Lo Ya’s stupefied expression.

“The energy that increases the expansion of the universe is a special energy that does not absorb, reflect, or radiation. In the early days, we were unable to detect it, so we named it dark energy. Similarly, we call this matter dark matter. In fact, through certain methods, we can still indirectly discover their existence. And… Use them. Some civilizations believed that dark energy was the main reason for the expansion of the universe. If dark energy could be consumed to reduce its’ propulsion ‘, It might be able to slow down the expansion of the universe.”

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