C402 Luo Xin’s Plan

“The destroyer has been completed, ready to leave the port for the test.”

In the factory inside the Space Carrier, a giant creature with life activated the jet at the tail of the ship and started to move forward along the tunnel in front of them.

After flying for a few hundred meters, the hatch slowly opened. When the outer space was completely exposed in front of them, the jet flow at the tail of the destroyer suddenly increased. After that, the entire ship slowly rose to the speed of sound and left the mothership.

“Low-speed sailing normal. Prepare to accelerate to five kilometers per second.”

The destroyer bug sent out this message, and then continued to increase the jet pressure, making the entire ship begin to move forward at an even faster speed.

After a short period of acceleration, the ship reached 5 kilometers per second.

“Next target, 20 kilometers.”

Level after level of acceleration began, finally reaching the standard speed of 300 kilometers. After completing the experiment, the destroyer was confirmed to have no problems and began to fly back to the mothership, letting a large number of bugs board the ship.

In fact, there was no target for this kind of test flight. It was just the first time the warship was completed within the Space Carrier and the first time it left. The Brain Insect still carried out this experiment with the safest principles.

The final result was very good. And with the completion of this ship, the Insect Girl Clan formed a new fleet.

As for the front line, the nuclear core fleet was delayed by the swarm of insects. They were forced to stop advancing and retreat back to the planet where the small beetle was fighting. Both sides had been circling that planet. After a few months, The nuclear core that had been continuously investing in the mechanical army from the production line gained an advantage and slowly compressed the last few hundred million insects into the ground.

In the end, in a destructive battle, a serious collapse destroyed 100 million insects and tens of millions of robots’ lives, and the mechanical army retreated above the ground.

To be honest, even Lo Ya herself did not expect that 10 billion insects could last until now.

Her enemies had invested 700 to 800 million robots in succession. This kind of scale of casualties could be said to be something she had never encountered in the Destroyer Civilization. The central mainframe did not have any reinforcements from the new fleet, so the central mainframe felt especially aggrieved.

This was the first time they were suppressed by the enemy in terms of numbers.

What was even more terrifying was that Insect Girl Clan had modified the beetles, allowing all individuals to have the ability to land on a planet from outer space.

After that, Lo Ya sent a transport ship filled with flourishing ball to produce ten billion insects in the vicinity. It flew millions of kilometers and approached the fleet that surrounded the orbit.

There were too many of them, so much so that even the starlight was obscured. Those countless little dots made the central AI feel dumbfounded.

It was forced to retreat the fleet, allowing the beetles to fall like rain, covering the sky and covering the earth below.

The 200 million robots on the ground once again welcomed an intense battle. Under such a scale of war, their ammunition was long insufficient. Now, facing the sky full of “meteor shower,” they could only continue to raise their weapons and fight.

Bullets shot at high speed into the sky. Millions of bugs were blown up in the sky, but even more fell to the ground, all of them Explosive Beetle, stirring up fireballs all over the ground.

“Chief Sovereign of Destruction, our numbers are suppressed. Requesting backup!”

The nuclear smartbrain was forced to seek help from the central hub.

A few minutes later, it received a reply: “Three central fleets are on their way”

The message was quickly sent to its storage area. It was three central fleets with particularly strong explosive forces. It could be seen that Destroyer Civilization had also lost their temper and decided to use the mechanical ocean to drown this opponent who was also using violent forces.

After the bombardment of the Explosive Beetle Ocean, the black beetles and the Corrosive Beetle launched a large-scale attack.

Of course, the 10 billion units of the army did not need to be fully invested. Most of them changed directions in midair and started flying around the earth’s orbit.

“As expected, we’ve invested too much.”

Currently, the Insect Sea tactic was entirely dependent on the beetles. Although there were already a lot of Sickle Insect, there were still a lot of them. Lo Ya still could not bear to throw them out like sand, even though the current main scale of the swarm had already exceeded 1 billion. It was close to 2 billion.

The main fleet of Insect Girl Clan was still assembling at high speed. Apart from defending against wave after wave of attacks, The individual strength of the bugs was still changing every month. If the development speed of Mechanical Civilization could not be maintained at a relatively high level, then it would not take long. The insects would have a combat strength that far exceeded the enemy’s.

Even though currently… Lo Ya had yet to touch the threshold of a level 3 space civilization.

In fact, in a level 2 space civilization, Insect Girl Clan’s territory was considered very small. Because normal civilizations had developed to this level for at least tens of thousands of years, controlling hundreds of galaxies was not difficult. For example, Vivendian’s territory was much bigger than the other members of the alliance.

However, the Insect Girl Clan was different. Their evolution speed exceeded the speed of expansion, and they had territories and population that were not compatible with their strength.

From the development of the interstellar civilization until now, they could always find some extremely powerful individual Strength.

For example, those Epic level individuals with extremely thick health bars in Vivendian, or Little Insect Girl from the Insect Girl Clan. The Strength of these creatures were close to being able to resist a miniature nuclear bomb, and they would not just stand there and wait for the nuclear bomb to strike.

However, to be on the safe side, Lo Ya would not allow Little Insect Girl and the rest to participate in any war before she broke through to Extraordinary Fifth Grade.

If she did not use the Magic now, any small or medium-sized bullet that exploded at a close distance could easily kill her. After all, she was still a molecular structure. It was very easy for her to be destroyed by the Strength below the atomic level.

In the war with the Mechanical Civilization, Lo Ya was more inclined to a war of attrition. Presumably, the Destroyer would also feel that her explosive power was more advantageous. Both sides were inclined to attack, so it was naturally best. In the end, it would depend on who could replicate faster and kill the opponent earlier.

In a few months’ time, the relationship between the various civilizations in the Alliance became closer and closer. The civil routes were all open, and the economic and cultural exchanges were also increasing. At least on the surface, everyone’s relationship was getting better and better.

Of course, this also brought about some bad things, such as some civilizations’ escapees using this opportunity to hide on aliens’ planets. Even many geniuses who committed crimes were taken in by some civilizations with high costs.

The relationship between civilizations was like the relationship between countries. After successfully resisting the invasion of Mechanical Civilization, some small conflicts had already appeared in a minority of civilizations.

Lo Xin, who had learned a lot from Lo Ya, was smart enough to realize that the Luoga people would definitely become an enemy of any civilization in the future. Especially after a certain insect had a conflict with a civilization racist, this hostility had spread to the people because of the government’s report.

Although only a small portion of the Luoga people really hated the Insect Girl Clan, in Lo Xin’s opinion, this had already created a hidden danger for the future chaos.

She remembered the pirate story Lo Ya had told her before and decided to create a pirate defection.

That’s right, this was the plan that Lo Xin had thought of!

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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