C400 Mechanical Bug

Front line.

The 2nd squadron of the Alliance was entangled with the enemy for a month, and their casualties were low. Most of the Mechanical Civilization ships were destroyed by the Insect Girl Clan and Vivendian. It was extremely difficult for other civilizations to destroy even one ship. The difference between different civilizations could be seen from this.

Although the fleet had been destroyed, the enemy’s fleet had indeed lost the ability to continue moving forward. Only a huge mothership was left, and it was constantly being destroyed by the bombardment of small ships.

Compared to the 2nd fleet, the 1st fleet seemed to be slightly weaker. This central fleet had a higher level of combat strength. They used a type of black sticky light beam that consumed a large amount of their own ships. Forcing the 1st fleet to retreat.

The enemy finally attacked the territory of the Yuan Civilization.

The Yuan Civilization was a level 1 space civilization that was relatively close to the frontlines of the alliance. It had 5 galaxies of territory and 2 actual habitable planets. If they were not on guard, a central fleet could completely occupy it within 3 months.

The first fleet that retreated had obviously lost their ability to fight. The Yuan Civilization took out dozens of ships that they had collected to resist large numbers of small combat units and at the same time, they tried to seek help from their allies.

However, there were not many civilizations that could take out more ships now. Only Vivendian could support 100 ships. The Insect Girl Clan had supported the 12th fleet, a total of 36 ships. With all these forces combined, they could barely defeat this wave of enemies.

For the swarm, the most troublesome thing right now was to deal with the nuclear core by themselves.

After the fleet and Insect Girl Clan’s various struggles on the battlefield for a few months, they had lost close to 200 battleships. In a fit of anger, they began to march towards the planet deeper within the swarm.

The remaining 8th to 11th fleets had shrunk from 48 ships to 11 ships. Among them, there was one intact destroyer and one slightly injured destroyer.

Although the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th fleets that rushed over in two months were organized, they might not be able to resist the enemy even if they were combined.

The nearby galaxies had built more than 2,000 Cannon Insect, and they had gathered 100,000 Laser Insect and 200,000 Wind God Winged Insect.

Lo Ya planned to use the transparent liquid cannon to eliminate the enemies that attacked.

A total of 59 main warships opened fire from 10 million kilometers away. She predicted in advance and used the hidden advantage of the transparent cannon to ambush the enemy. As for the transparent liquid cannon, its temperature could easily be detected from such a long distance. Thus, it was not suitable to be used.

In the end, before the transparent cannon could pass, the enemy’s laser came first. In a short two days, over 400 Cannon Insect were pierced through by the laser. Fortunately, over 2,000 transparent cannonballs successfully approached the opponent, and 10% of them hit the target. They destroyed 80 ships.

Lo Ya began to use delaying tactics, trying to build more battleship production bases in the rear, so that they could reproduce frigate and destroyers quickly.

All of the construction bases were concentrated in space. Even the construction bases on the ground were moved to the sky in various ways to increase production efficiency.

Lo Ya did a statistic on the current production bases.

Frigate bases: 14. Each base can produce one frigate in a month.

Battleship base: 4. Each base can produce one destroyer within a month.

The current plan was to build another frigate base and destroyer base, then stop the expansion of the new base and focus on the expansion of the old base.

Lo Ya planned to merge the large scale defense base in space with the construction base to be equipped with sailing functions. To make it a mobile Space Carrier. Each mothership was 10 kilometers long, and the interior was also being hollowed out. It added a large nuclear fusion reactor, a super strong shield force field, and allowed the destroyer and the frigate to dock.

Of course, the width of the Space Carrier was at least 2 kilometers. Its height was also more than 1 kilometer, which allowed a large number of small combat units to dock inside. The independent giant laser cannon allowed it to shoot out super lasers with unprecedented power, and it could destroy a force field ship with a diameter of several hundred meters.

However, as a mothership, its function was not to fight, but to act as a battle platform, to act as an aircraft carrier, a port, and to build a factory.

In order to adapt to the needs of future battles, the genes of the swarm evolved into a type of small space combat unit.

[Mechanical Insect: Insects’ Transformer ‘, equipped with a miniature Force Field Shield, in the form of a fighter, and in the form of a giant robot. Equipped with six types of missiles, a scalable electromagnetic rail cannon, and a high-powered laser gun, it can also fire a high-energy plasma ball with a diameter of 30 centimeters. The wing of the fighter jet is 20 meters long, and the surface of the insect shell has a silver and black metal layer. It looked like an advanced fighter from a technological civilization. The giant robot was 15 meters tall, and the vector jet was transferred to its legs, back, and arms. The cost was equivalent to 100 Sickle Insect. ]

Just like its name, it basically eliminated the Laser Insect’s ability.

To be honest, Lo Ya had always been unhappy with the Laser Insect, but she had never had a good laser weapon. Now that the laser equipment was gradually maturing, its power also increased. Then with the laser gun, the comprehensive bug species that could be used in most battlefields should come out.

Actually, the Mechanical Insect did not have any mechanical structure, but when any civilization faced them, They would feel that they were facing insects with extremely high technological content. The cost of this kind of creature was very high. 10,000 Sickle Insect could only produce 100 of them. Although they used chemical fuel, the internal subspace allowed them to fly directly from land to space. There was a radar reflection on the outside, and it could also be used for optical invisibility. Their close combat abilities were also shockingly powerful.

During the combat test, the Mechanical Insect’s force field successfully withstood the bombardment of bullets below 1000 tons of equivalent weight. Facing the bombardment of the large equivalent weight’s nuclear bomb, only the Mechanical Insect in the middle of the explosion area would be destroyed.

In the present day when mass production of nuclear weapons was extremely difficult, this kind of bug could be said to be invincible on the battlefield.

With the improvement of the Mechanical Insect, the Launcher Insect also welcomed a small evolution. It also transformed into a combat bug that could transform on the ground and allow it to fly away from the ground for a short period of time.

The Launcher Insect changed from a small number of cannonballs to a densely packed cannon, and it was equipped with a large number of 100 tons of equivalent weight bullets.

The new direction of evolution would allow all the insects to have a clearer differentiation of combat strength. The warship had super heavy firepower. Usually, they were used in space battles and strategic bombardments, and they had the strength of extinction. Large combat units have heavy firepower, which is usually used to deal with tactical and dangerous targets. The weapons used are mostly small, miniature nuclear bombs and conventional weapons. Small and medium-sized combat units exist as individual units,

In the face of an individual from a level 2 civilization, nuclear contamination was no longer a very good option to kill the enemy. Most nuclear bombs were used as pure explosives, but in order to not destroy the environment, Lo Ya. And started a massive ground war with neutralized bullets and clean hydrogen bombs. The equivalent weight also decreased, mainly using the high-temperature and high-pressure explosions at close range to destroy the opponent.

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