C399 Interstellar Migration Plan

“Do some research on how to prolong Insect Girl’s life.”

Lo Ya said to the idle Brain Insect and then focused her attention elsewhere.

At this moment, the Ode Star.

After a long period of rebuilding work, most of the facilities that were destroyed due to war had been restored. The city had a new plan, a large number of 20 floors or so. However, the buildings that occupied a large area stood on both sides of the wide street. Most of these buildings retained the characteristics of the Green-skinned Man, and they had a classical beauty to them.

Of course, because too many nuclear bombs had been dropped during the invasion. Therefore, many of the large craters that had exploded could only barely be filled up and used plants to temporarily disguise themselves. Billions of beetles helped to build thousands of buildings here, most of which were industrial factories. The solid walls that had been mixed with insect shell and cement were coated with a layer of paint before crashing into the glass. The efficiency was higher than directly using reinforced steel buildings, and it was also much more economical.

But even so, when all the living buildings on the entire planet were combined, the engineering could not be compared to a warship with a diameter of 10 kilometers.

Brain Insect calculated that the construction of a building of about 15 billion square meters could completely accommodate the billions of people living on the planet. The total area was equivalent to 10 kilometers in both width and length. A ship that was 600 meters tall. However, due to the engineering difficulty and precision of the two, the cost of a single destroyer with a diameter of 1 kilometer… It was still bigger than the total housing of Ode.

The difference in cost between the two of them allowed the Insect Girl Clan to restore the original appearance of a destroyed city in a few short months with their current production capacity.

Therefore, when some tourists from other planets landed on the surface, they did not expect that this place would still look like it had been completely destroyed not long ago.

The tourists who got off the spacecraft were mainly to understand the difference between different civilizations, and most of them were elites in their respective fields. For example, sociologists, physicists, military scientists and so on. Some biologists were especially curious about the social structure of Insect Girl Clan.

However, when they reached the surface, they made contact with the local tour guide. They found out that the Ode Star had not been under the rule of the Insect Girl Clan for long. The insects that moved here were mostly a few kinds of beetles. They were more like hardworking workers. They did not rest at all as they worked. If they didn’t understand the situation, they would even suspect that they were robots.

Many tourists brought remote control aircrafts to look down from the sky.

They discovered that the development of this planet was very primitive, and it didn’t have the highly developed terrain of a galactic civilization. However, between the residential areas, there were tens of thousands of factories that were very brand new. The largest building covered several square kilometers, and a large number of bugs from the Insect Girl Clan mixed genes within. Or perhaps… They used the Slime as the main material for breeding missiles. They laid endless Light Plate Insect to collect solar energy. Finally, they transported out various models of missiles.

After a long tour, at the dining table, the creatures eating the Green-skinned Man’s food were quietly chatting about some information about this civilization.

“There seems to be no entertainment facilities, and the service industry isn’t good either. Once Insect Girl Clan takes over this place, they will focus on developing the military. However, those bugs always give me a feeling that I can’t communicate with them.”

“God knows what’s going on.” The companion beside him muttered, “They have hidden a lot of things, and the information they can see is too little.”

“We can only understand more”

Less than a week after the travel was opened, Insect Girl Clan and the Vivendian race signed the Interstellar Immigration Treaty, allowing living beings from both sides to move to their respective open planets through inspection.

After that… After that, both parties carried out a series of gene-related research and cooperation. High-level Brain Insect and Vivendian’s scientists conducted relevant tests on the genes of both parties. Finally, they shockingly discovered that… there was no reproductive isolation!

Rather than saying that there was no reproductive isolation, it would be more accurate to say that the individual cells of the swarm were extremely invasive and mutated. Placing them together with the genes of different creatures, the cells of the swarm would produce a certain amount of genetic changes. Assimilate the target’s cells into their own, and decide what kind of characteristics their offspring would exist in.

In other words, if the insects were given genders, and had offspring with the individuals of the Vivendian Civilization, Then the characteristics of their offspring could be determined to a certain extent, which was that they would be able to produce offspring of insects. They could also produce offspring of the Vivendian people, and even the offspring of the two parties could also be produced.

However, the consequence of doing so was that the offspring would be transferred to the insect swarm network and would only be unilateral loyal to Insect Girl.

The cooperation between the two parties confirmed the strange result of non-reproductive isolation. The key was that one side was a gender-less creature that was split and reproduced, while the other side was a bisexual creature that was similar to humans.

Afterward, Lo Ya tactfully said, On my side, I can send a bunch of gender-less insects and Vivendian people to give birth to babies.

The result was without a doubt rejected.

No Vivendian people would be interested in insects, not to mention dating. Furthermore, the Insect Girl Clan’s genes were too invasive. They were very worried that there would be uncontrollable changes in the future.

Hence, the communication between the two of them finally stopped at the point of immigration.

But Lo Ya would not give up.

She started to build on the Undead Insect and let the bug swarm mix a new bug that looked like a Vivendian people to create a human-like bug that looked very much like a human and strengthened its appearance. It also increased the reproductive organ of the human-like bug.

She threw these insects onto Ode Star and made contact with the Vivendian people that was moving there.

After a long period of time, perhaps they would develop feelings for each other, slowly breaking through a certain boundary and giving birth to offspring.

This was a good way to promote the integration of civilizations.

Usually, only high level species were worth Lo Ya doing. Currently, the only ones who could be included in this plan were the Vivendian clan and the only girl on Earth.

Lo Ya had once asked the girl on Earth tactfully if she was willing to provide her genes to replicate more individuals, but she did not expect to get her approval.

But when she tried, Lo Ya helplessly discovered that she could not even break through the opponent’s defense, so no matter if it was her nails or hair, she could not remove any parts, let alone research genes.

She was very suspicious about the extent of evolution of earth people.

In short, under the efforts of both parties, the Insect Girl Clan became the first civilization in Vivendian to open up migration. The reason for all of this was because Little Insect Girl’s upper body was extremely similar to the Vivendian people. Both parties had similar aesthetic views. On the other hand, they wanted to get closer to each other so that this ally could contribute more to opposing the Mechanical Civilization.

Following the immigration agreement, Lo Ya expressed that she was willing to provide 10 million Energy Charging Crystal for the Vivendian to use as proof of their friendship.

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