C398 Luo Wen’s Persistence

In fact, the boss and the agent girl both found an obvious problem, which is that the height is only about 30 centimeters, In addition, Little Insect Girl, whose tail was not very big, had already eaten food that was hundreds of times bigger than her body. Other than the tail being a little fat, there did not seem to be any big changes.

Furthermore, every time she slept, the tail would automatically return to its normal size.

The little thing’s entire body was on the table. Its upper body was wearing clothes, and its lower body was exposed to the outside. The Sickle Insect by her side had always accompanied her. Occasionally, she would also get a piece of delicious food.

If this kind of creature was the ruling class of this race, then they looked a little too incompetent.

In the end, Lo Wen agreed to follow her to different places to play.

Then, this special agent girl was very happy to have Little Insect Girl hug her.

The little fellow leaned against the soft embrace and looked around.

The Magic’s Strength removed the oil from her body, so Lo Wen’s body was especially clean.

The average strength of the Vivendian people was very high, and its health bar was so thick that it was exaggerated. But the Epic level was still very little, and most of them were above and below the Extraordinary level.

Sitting on the electric vehicle, Lo Wen discovered that this developed civilization was still using a lot of ordinary items. For example, the rest of the cars were completely lithium-powered transportation vehicles, with a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Another example was that there were a lot of solar equipment and wind detection equipment on the roof of the city.

Of course, it was very clean. There were no tools similar to natural gas. Everything was electricity.

Their environmental protection had reached a very harsh level. Even the carbon dioxide produced was discharged at 0.

This was very similar to Lo Ya’s guesses. The Vivendian people was too strict in all aspects. Other than playing with Insect Girl, all the work time would not exceed 5 seconds. A meal would always be a standard 15 minutes meal. It would not even take one second more… Of course, it would not be less either.

The factory did not work overtime or slack off at all. The charging station provided batteries that were charged ahead of time. When a car passed by after it ran out of battery, Automatic machinery would replace the batteries in three seconds. The road was clean and spotless. Even so, there were specialized cleaning robots wandering around all day (because they couldn’t find any garbage). The air purification system in every corner made it so that there wasn’t even dust in the air.

“Look, that’s the game center. Do you want to experience our virtual reality game?” The agent girl suddenly pointed at a tidy building in the distance.

“Okay.” Lo Wen happily wagged her tail.

According to the law of Vivendian, minors could only play in the free game area in public places. They needed to log into their ID cards and play at most three hours a day.

Yes, this civilization also had very strict control over the game. Their ID cards were bound to all personal information, and they relied on this to play the game. Registering a forum account relies on this, and the bank relies on this to withdraw money. All games were developed by the government, and there were no charging options. It all depended on luck and strength.

She didn’t know if she should say that. In Lo Ya’s opinion, there were many things worth learning.

“Temporary identity registration, start the game…”

The superior helped Little Insect Girl establish a temporary identity certificate and then entered a spherical space.

Along with the scene, the surroundings turned into a hall.

Thousands of islands jumped out from it, and each island represented a game.

“All the games in the world will be stored here, what do you want to play? Er… ”

She found that Lo Wen was pointing at a special island in the distance.

“A world-class chef…”


After a period of spacetime travel, the two of them landed in a small restaurant.

Background introduction: After following Master Chef Dream and learning for three years, you have not made any progress. She has decided to expel you.

The scene changed and Lo Wen found herself in a kitchen. Beside her stood a red-haired man from Vivendian, “Lo Wen, you have also learned from me for 3 years. In these three years, my worst student also obtained the title of a first-class chef. But what about you? Can’t you serve some desserts if you don’t have anything? I don’t think you’re suitable to be a chef at all.”

The man threw away the tools in his hands, which made Lo Wen confused.

In fact, this was a single-player game. The main character had no talent at all. After three years of learning, he did not achieve anything. But her dream was to be a chef, so after leaving the teacher, She swore to use her own abilities to become a Master Chef, and after that would be a competition to open a restaurant. When she returned, she would slap the face of the teacher.

Now, it was obviously the start of the plot.

However, Lo Wen did not come here to play.

She came here to eat!

Ignoring the storyline character, Lo Wen jumped onto the table with a swoosh. With a “wow,” she wriggled over and picked up a piece of cake to eat.

“Lo Wen, did you listen to me!?” The man was very angry.

Lo Wen took a big bite and completely forgot what she was doing.

“Lo Wen! You still have the mood to eat here? Did you hear me… ”

” Oh, oh, this is delicious. Make me a few more servings. ” Lo Wen realized that this was the result of this teacher, so she pointed to the materials in the distance and said naturally.

“What, what did you say? You want me to make food for you?” The man widened his eyes in disbelief.

I’m lecturing you here, but you want me, the teacher, to make food for you?

” Awoo…”

The man:… “”

“Why haven’t you done it yet? Oh, oh, I get it. You want to eat it too. ” As Lo Wen spoke, she divided a portion of the cake and gave it to the man. “This is for you. I’m very generous.”

” I’m so angry, poof! ” The man spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

System Notification: Congratulations, you have achieved success, pissing teacher off.

System Notification: You have inherited teacher’s shop.

System Notification: As you are the first player to achieve this achievement, you have received the title “Teacher’s Heart’s Blood.”

Special Agent Woman:… “”

She swore that Lo Wen would be the first player in the entire civilization to achieve this achievement.

However, this game was really advanced. The food was made exactly the same as the real food.

Lo Wen had never come into contact with this kind of game before. The food from other planets was simply too delicious. There was no doubt about it. In any case, Lo Ya told her that the reason she went out this time was to travel and play. As long as it did not cause any harm, she could do whatever she wanted, so she did not mind doing what she liked the most.

Two hours later, the woman hugged Lo Wen, who was sleeping soundly, and logged out of the game.

“I think the biggest advantage of this quest is that we have an extra pet.” She helplessly said to her superior.

Actually, Lo Wen was considered smart among Insect Girl, but considering Little Insect Girl’s current age, she was not even 8 years old and her brain had just advanced to level 3 not long ago. If she wanted to have normal adult maturation, she still needed to learn for a few years.

What Lo Ya was worried about now was the earliest Little Insect Girl… A few years of life was about to end.

Although everyone’s lifespan had been extended, they were still going to face the problem of death and reincarnation very soon.

This was very disadvantageous to the expansion of the core of the species.

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