C397 Who Cares If I’m Full or Not

“Marshal, you said that 1 million tons of equivalent weight and 60,000 tons are not on the same level, and the destructive power is also much greater than the latter. Then why don’t we continue? Anyway, we have already created a conflict with aliens.”

The incessant chatter by his ears made the Marshal somewhat irritated. He stopped in his tracks. He turned and stared at the official beside him. “I listened to you before and launched an attack on the aliens. In the end, millions of people died with such an act. What about now… How many lives do you think we should use to fill it up? So please don’t say a million tons or a hundred thousand tons, the difference between us and the alien civilization is beyond your imagination. Trust me, these aliens aren’t stupid, they definitely know the power of a nuclear bomb”

…” ”

Actually, if the civilization that landed was a civilization without Force Field Shield, then the previous wave of attacks had already destroyed the target.

The Insect Girl Clan relied on a ship to force the billions of individuals in the entire civilization to panic.

Although they did not take any action on the surface, behind the scenes, various countries had already started to cooperate, preparing to produce the originally forbidden super large equivalent weight nuclear weapons, so that they could counterattack when necessary.

The pedestrians in clothes walked out of the war, and they always believed that. There was no possibility of peace between different civilizations, if the gap between the two civilizations was not large enough… Maybe they could still have a short communication or cooperation because of their interests and vital points. If the difference in strength was like heaven and earth… The weak would definitely be miserable.

In space, the Nourishing Insect and Sickle Insect mixed and mutated. The Components turned into a giant ring, and divided out the unit organs that were solidified in space. With the help of the Slime’s nutrition, this process was very fast.

Although the ring was only 100 meters in diameter, in the eyes of the man in clothes, it was still an out-and-out super technology.

No one knew what the Insect Girl Clan was doing, but the Sickle Insect and the small beetle had already been treated as aliens.

It was indeed even stranger than what they had imagined.

Day after day of delay, the scientific exploration ship produced missiles all over the interior and began looking for the various countries’ navy to fight one on one.

The real close combat was like a ship, sailing at a speed of about 100 meters per second. The ports moved forward one by one, and then they fired Electromagnetic Cannon to attack.

At the same time, the second fleet of the Alliance encountered another pivot of the Mechanical Civilization. At this time, the space war happened in three places at the same time. This made the Insect Girl Clan not have much energy to pay attention to the distant life star, Planted Green Star.

Vivendian’s leading planet, Purple Mercury Planet.

This was a life planet with only one continent. The continent was surrounded by a shiny purple ocean, occupying 89% of the world’s surface area. This was also the reason why Purple Mercury was named.

Purple Water Port, the largest interstellar port on this planet, was located by the sea, occupying 900 square kilometers of land.

At this moment, a transport ship from the Insect Girl Clan landed at the port. After that, a Little Insect Girl walked out of the ship under the protection of a few Sickle Insect.

“Oh, oh, it’s so beautiful.”

Directly opposite of the ship was an endless and sparkling purple ocean. The dark clouds in the sky connected to the endless horizon, connecting with the sea. In fact, it could be said that this was heaven, but it was more appropriate to call it hell. Because the entire planet was filled with a sinister and terrifying aura, and the rocks on the ground were mostly pitch black. If it wasn’t for the buildings that were several kilometers tall in the distance, perhaps this place would be a lifeless place.

Lo Wen came as a tourist because the communication between the two parties had begun. The Insect Girl Clan opened up the Ode Star and allowed the ordinary citizens of Vivendian and other civilizations to come and tour. Correspondingly, the lives of the Insect Girl Clan could also go and play.

Currently, only the Ode Star had issued relevant laws, allowing Green-skinned Man to be a guest.

Of course, there was also Brain Insect as a diplomatic ambassador that moved into different civilizations’ planets.

And little Lo Wen was here on behalf of Lo Ya as a guest.

The Vivendian people’s appearance was that of an enhanced version of the ancient human race. Its appearance was very similar to that human girl from Mother Star. Lo Ya suspected that they had inherited the bloodline of a human. Or perhaps… They belonged to a branch of human civilization. Otherwise, how could they be so alike?

Arriving at a restaurant, the little fellow jumped onto the table, ordered a lot of food, and started swallowing.

Two days later, Lo Ya swept her consciousness over and could not help but be a little speechless. “It is exactly what I thought. Wherever we go, we eat and sleep.”

Although it was a little shameful, the higher ups of Vivendian were indeed paying attention to this small restaurant at all times.

Originally, they thought that Insect Girl Clan would take the initiative to find out some information, or visit somewhere to see weapons and communicate. In the end, they did not expect to run to the restaurant the moment they arrived and eat and sleep non-stop.

Of course, this had something to do with the excellent food provided by Vivendian. They were all special food that the Insect Girl Clan didn’t have.

In order to figure out the little guy’s purpose, the higher-ups of the Vivendian sent out their special agents. It was a young and beautiful (actually very old) girl.

She pretended to be a guest. After entering the door, she found that all the seats were occupied, so she went to the opposite side of Lo Wen.

“Can I sit here?”

Lo Wen, who was grabbing her leg and eating, wiped her greasy mouth. She raised her head and nodded.

Then the girl sat across from her.

The girl’s hair was green and very long. Her body was also covered in a jade-green glow. This was the specialty of Vivendian. Every individual was emitting a different light. Moreover, the color of his hair was the same as the light. In order to not go against the rules, They usually liked to wear the same color of clothes.

Of course, this girl was not as beautiful as the goddess of nature she had seen before. After all, one was just an ordinary creature, and the other was a god.

The girl ordered a portion of fruit juice and ordered an exquisite set of food. She turned to look at the square outside the window and said with a smile: “You came here just to eat, don’t you want to play somewhere?”

Lo Wen was stunned for a while before she came to a realization. “I’ll go play after I’m full.”

… “”

You’ve been eating for two days.

In order to provide enough food for Little Insect Girl, the restaurant had been filled with food for a month. Of course, because of this cute little one, many Vivendian people specially came to this restaurant to eat. Then, they looked at her the entire time. Realizing that she ate so well, everyone’s appetites also became exceptionally good.

More importantly, Little Insect Girl was like a pet, very cute.

This caused the boss’s income to increase even though he provided Lo Wen with a large amount of food.

“I mean, there are many more delicious things around. Don’t you want to eat them?”

Lo Wen’s eyes lit up. She glanced at the meat in her hands and asked blankly, “Do you care about filling?”

The girl’s head was full of black lines. “Yes!”

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