C396 The Determination of the Pedestrians in White

“Cortex Prime, using your current bugs, can you build a low-power stable Star Gate nearby and help me send a fleet over?” Lo Ya calmly looked at the scene and asked about the brain inside the Research Exploration Ship.

“No problem. It is estimated to be completed in a month, and it can increase the original speed of light by 20 times. But this solidified space cannot be maintained for long. ”

” That’s enough, since that’s the case, you do it ”

After saying this, the Research Exploration Ship used optical invisibility and disappeared in front of the enemy. Then it took off again. With a wave of acceleration, it flew out of space in a short minute. Then, it shot out a large number of insects into the distance.

Thousands of Slime, five Sickle Insect, a small amount of Nourishing Insect, and a hundred small beetle.

After succeeding, the ship returned to the ground and returned to its normal state.

In the eyes of the locals, the Research Exploration Ship had suddenly disappeared. Then, the surface of the water surged downwards (the propulsion force for taking off). After that, it surged again and suddenly appeared.

This technology had once again exceeded their understanding.

However, optical invisibility itself was not a very profound technique. It was just a supplementary technique to Insect Girl’s ship. As long as the surrounding images were formed on the surface of the carapace, it was similar to a screen. It would be fine as long as it was fake and real. Using a heat detector, one would be able to sense the existence of the ship.

In order to prevent these enemies from suddenly throwing down a super large equivalent weight hydrogen bomb, Lo Ya decided to take advantage of the situation first.

Relying on the information she got in advance, the missile port was activated and fired 60 miniature missiles into the sky.

The size of these missiles were all 100,000 tons of equivalent weight, taking up half of the number of missiles and weapons. They flew at a constant speed of 20 kilometers per second towards the surrounding military bases, weapon factories, and large cities.

The targets were all within the borders of the Gowen Republic.

This scene was broadcasted live through the television and was almost displayed to everyone in the country.

The first one was relatively close, and the explosion that happened dozens of kilometers away was completely seen by the people at the scene.

Then, on the land close to ten million square kilometers away, 12 cities and 48 military facilities suffered a terrifying blow, causing at least hundreds of thousands of soldiers and millions of civilians to die. The economic losses were also uncountable.

After all, the Research Exploration Ship was an exploration ship. It only had 30 cannonballs and 120 missiles. Now that it was equivalent to 61 attacks being used, Lo Ya did not want to continue the attack. So she ordered the Brain Insect to avoid the missiles when they came. Reduce. The number of attacks.

This small spaceship was like the sword of Damocles hanging above the heads of the men in white, threatening the safety of the entire civilization.

The major city of the United States, the economic center, Hugo.

Fruit Culture was fruit Culture. The name of this city symbolized the prosperity of this country. But today, a 100,000 ton hydrogen bomb exploded in the sky above the city, destroying and polluting the land within a few dozen kilometers.

A local reporter who was standing a distance away from the explosion center rushed to the center of the explosion immediately, but the ruins along the way made her feel horrified.

Many people were blind because they were looking directly at the center of the explosion.

As they headed towards the center of the explosion, the people inside were even more miserable. They were either crushed to death by the building, or they were struggling on the ground with burns all over their bodies.

The air was filled with the smell of burnt flesh and other mixed scents.

“Sir, can you tell us what happened just now?”

A man who climbed out of the house seemed to be in good shape, so the reporter immediately walked over.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. I heard a loud bang, and the house shook. It took me a long time to get out of the crack.” The man who was lying on the ground looked very confused.

They were all evolved from amphibians, but they did not have the life force of a cockroach. Even a cockroach would die in the face of serious nuclear contamination.

“Oh, to be honest, I am very confused. I just felt the sky behind me brighten, and not long after, I heard a rumbling sound, and then the shock wave came. I saw a mushroom cloud, maybe a nuclear bomb exploded”

“A nuclear bomb?”

The environment at the scene wasn’t too good, the smoke and dust had already begun to fall.

The reporters naturally didn’t realize what kind of stupid thing they had done, the place she was supposed to be at could be considered safe. But now… he had gone to a place with serious nuclear pollution, especially the dust that was constantly falling from the sky filled with radioactive sources. The contamination was enough to cause cell disease.

Not long after, the whole world knew that the United Nations had offended the aliens and caused them to take revenge on them to a certain extent.

It was this kind of revenge that caused millions of people to die together with them.

The slogan of a battle to the death with the aliens began to appear on the Internet. Everyone hoped that the country and even the world would have the confidence to fight to the death against the aliens.

Some people retorted, “Since aliens are intelligent, it means that they can communicate. It might have been the aliens’ revenge before, and they don’t seem to have any intention of fighting with us.”

Without a doubt, if these words were thrown out, they would only be scolded. Now, the entire internet was filled with war opinions. Most people thought that the army of Insect Man did not have the courage to be bullied to the door at all. They did not have the courage to fight back. This was an act of betraying civilization and race. Such a government should be overthrown.

After a few days of fermentation, the Fruit Culture government still didn’t take any good measures… Because of the deterrence measures of nuclear weapons, nuclear bombs worth more than a million tons of equivalent weight had long been destroyed. As for those under a million tons, to be honest, none of them had the confidence to defeat the enemy by relying on this.

And because of this, the government received even greater disdain. Online, there were almost a bunch of “cowards deserve to die.”

Insect Girl Clan watched all of this coldly. They watched as the spearhead of hatred turned from an alien to an upper-class ruler of the United Nations. They did not do anything.

All the battles were on the internet, but in reality, it was bleak.

The idea of communicating with aliens had always failed. The navy even drove the ship to the side of the terrifying exploration ship, shouting, gesturing, or taking out a painting to draw, trying to contact the aliens.

But all sorts of methods were useless.

Under the pressure of public opinion, the government seemed to have made up its mind, preparing to use all of its inventory.

At this time, the Great equivalent weight nuclear weapons that some countries secretly hid were sent onto intercontinental missiles.

At the same time, on the official website, there was a line, “You should know what this means,” and “Are you ready to bear the consequences?” These two posts were placed at the top, indicating that the government wanted to comply with the public’s wishes. Externally The Martians launched a true counterattack and used the navy to withdraw most of the residents within 500 kilometers. And open up all military shelters.

The thread also described the threat and impact of nuclear weapons. They rejected the use of heavily polluted Tri-Phase Bombs.

Unfortunately, most of the comments were still supporting the war on one side. The opinions of the hesitant upper class leaders finally made up their minds:

Not fighting!

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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