C395 The Difference Is too Great

Boom! Boom!

The first to hit the target was the naval cannon. Within the range of a few kilometers, the firing rate was quite high. More than half of the cannons hit the target.

Fireballs appeared around the ship, and thick smoke rushed into the sky. The 30 meter long ship was surrounded by flames.

“It hit?”

The supersonic missile was still flying, like rays of light falling from the sky. They all landed on the floating Research Exploration Ship. The huge impact caused the hull to tilt at an exaggerated angle on the water. The hull drew out water ripples. They retreated to the side.

“All hit.”

The general raised his head and looked at the missiles flying over from the ground. He suddenly felt uneasy.

“General, those missiles seem to have exploded ahead of time” A soldier shouted.


“The explosion happened around the ship, the missiles and cannons all exploded ahead of time, our attacks were blocked”

The captain replayed the scene captured by the high-speed camera. The missiles hit the target, but they seemed to have been blocked by an invisible barrier instead of hitting the ship.

After waiting for more than ten seconds, the flames and smoke had all disappeared. In his line of sight, the intact Insect Girl Clan Research Exploration Ship was still there, as if nothing had happened.

“Oh, my god.”

Although they were mentally prepared for this, everyone who saw this scene was still shocked by this scene.

“General, how’s the situation?” The marshal’s voice came from the phone.

The general took a deep breath and answered, “The target is intact.”

After a moment of silence, the marshal said, “Prepare to launch the nuclear bomb.”

At the current stage, most nuclear weapons use air explosions, using radiation and contamination as their main means of killing. But against aliens’ spaceships, the newly prepared nuclear bombs do not use that kind of method, Instead, they directly hit the target, using the high temperature and high pressure produced during the explosion to destroy the opponent.

“All ships retreat”

Two hours later, the fleet was at least 50 kilometers away from the explosion area. A nuclear bomb from a nearby island drew a long trail in the sky and began to fall.


A fireball filled the air.

The surrounding water surged and steam rose.

Because it didn’t explode on land, there was no dust or mushroom cloud. In addition, this time, the test subject was a cluster of bullets formed from a large number of small equivalent weight, so the neutron radiation damage was very strong.

The explosion itself caused the surrounding seawater to form a shock wave, and no one dared to look at the location of the explosion. Because it was enough to blind both eyes. If such a powerful explosion were to be placed in a large city, it would instantly cause tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people to die.

Its explosive equivalent weight was three times the size of the Guangdao atomic bomb.


After the light from the explosion passed, the target’s hull was still floating there quietly.

The observer watched the previous scene through the video camera and then confirmed the situation on the sea with his own eyes. He was stunned for a long time.

After half a minute, he said in despair, “The attack failed, the target is intact.”

“Stop firing.” The marshal covered his head and said to the various commanders, “The next attack will definitely be useless. Surveillance at close range.”

The fleet began to sail towards the target ship once again.

At the same time, the main brain of the Research Exploration Ship had already analyzed the situation of the ship’s hull. It controlled the cannons on the exterior to slowly open up.

The small insect shell lid opened, and an electromagnetic rail cannon with strips of red light flashing on both sides slowly extended out.

Lo Ya hurriedly said to the main brain inside, “Control the initial speed, don’t be too fast.”

The initial speed of the Insect Girl Clan’s Electromagnetic Cannon was no longer as simple as supersonic speed, but hundreds or thousands of kilometers. This kind of speed could cause terrifying damage even if it was a few kilograms of ammunition. If it was replaced by something with a diameter of a few hundred meters, it would be able to cause devastating damage to the continent level on the spot. If this was really done, Lo Ya was afraid that the lives on this planet would be completely in despair.

After all, a civilization of this level, although its development was similar to the environment in Lo Ya’s previous life, the most powerful missile would only be several times the speed of sound.

Yes, it was only one to two kilometers per second. If it was any faster, the strength of the materials would not be able to withstand it.

“Without the force field materials from the interstellar era that can withstand the atomic splitting energy, it would not be able to withstand the attacks of a level 2 space civilization.”

When the cannon barrel was fully prepared, Lo Ya muttered.

Thinking about it carefully, in just a few years, the Insect Girl Clan had already reached the level where they could completely crush ordinary civilizations. According to its intel, the cylindrical civilization was currently at the peak of a level 1 space civilization. But it had already developed for 100,000 years.

In other words, it had only reached the peak of a level 1 space civilization after 100,000 years. This speed… could be said to be roughly 100,000 years of difference between the Insect Girl Clan and the man in white.

At the scene, the soldiers and generals who saw the change of the bug ship with their own eyes widened their eyes. The marshal in the distance also saw the shared video and took a deep breath.

“Something happened.”

It could be seen how unwise it was to attack aliens.

It was not as easy as they thought for aliens that could cross a long distance in space.

“General, the enemy is going to fight back, we…”

“Cruise missiles, try again, see if their barrels can be blown up.”

A small ship that was 30 meters long was enough to make the top three in the global economy, the number one military power in the United States, helpless.

This was a far cry from the image of aliens driving city-level ships.

Could it be that the enemy’s ship was made up of a strong interaction force?

Of course, the Insect Girl Clan was far from this level.

It was as if they were showing off their strength. The electromagnetic bullet that was supposed to be fired instantly should have been fired in an instant. However, the Cortex Prime did not do so. Instead, it filled the gun barrel with electricity. It released lightning bolts, and then the gun barrel became more and more glaring. It made the people within a few kilometers feel as if a second sun had appeared.


There was a loud sound.

This sound seemed to have happened in many places at the same time.

In fact, the largest destroyer had already exploded the moment the artillery shell was fired. The two ships 80 meters away from each other were also leaning towards each other in the air.

At the same time, a small mushroom cloud rose from the island a few kilometers away. The area within a kilometer was affected by the shock wave, and a large number of houses were razed to the ground.

“Oh, my God.”

The power of the bullet itself was 1000 tons of equivalent weight. With the high-speed kinetic energy, the power could be even greater.

In short, this 60-kilometer-long Electromagnetic Cannon crazily pierced through a warship and flattened a vacation island.

After the attack, the cannon barrel returned to the ship within a second.

As if nothing had happened, the ship returned to its motionless state.

“Quick, connect to the scene and ask about the situation.” The marshal shouted anxiously.

“So, what exactly is he doing? This group of aliens… is too terrifying, isn’t it?”

They saw that the cannonballs flew out and formed a path that split apart on both sides of the sea.

Just the airflow caused by the flight disturbance had moved the ship beside them.

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