C394 The Decisiveness of the People in Clothes

Although the current scientific exploration ship had been modified from the appearance of the Glasses Insect, the changes in its outer appearance were still very great.

It was a bit like an enlarged version of a long worm, looking at each segment from the outside. The main armament on its body only had the front end Plasma Cannon and the small caliber Electromagnetic Cannon above it. There were scales on the black ear insect shell, and the front part looked like a head. In short, he had no idea what this thing was.

After the creatures from outer space were detected, the news was quickly spread to the upper echelons of the country, and the media also quickly reported this kind of news.

A day later, the scientific exploration ship arrived on the surface of the planet, and under the gaze of the world, it broke through the atmosphere, creating hot flames from friction.

Under the surveillance of several fighter jets, the scientific research ship began to slow down at a distance of 50 kilometers from the ground, and finally landed smoothly on the ocean.

30 meters long, like a bug floating on water, Its appearance was not even as big as a small military ship. But in the face of this unexpected guest, the upper echelons of the country tensed up and immediately contacted a destroyer to the nearby seas.

Not daring to approach, they simply relied on fighter planes to observe the cruise.

The general holding a telescope stood on the bridge and carefully observed the strange creature in the distance.

“This might be the vanguard of the aliens.” The general said and put down the telescope. He said to the marshal on the screen, “We did not find any weapons on the creatures, but their shells and the flashing lights were all displayed. It’s very likely a special technological creation ”

“In other words, this is indeed a spaceship, right? If you fire a missile at a target, do you think you can destroy them? ” The marshal on the other side asked.

The general was speechless. “I’m sorry, Your Excellency, but I think no one knows the answer to this question. But I think it’s better for us not to be reckless. ”

The scene had already been reported to the world through television. Perhaps it was because of the government’s reassurance, plus it was not too big, so the panic among the people was not serious.

While Planet Green Plant was calm and peaceful, near the Mother Star of Insect Girl Clan, The huge Star Gate that was completed began to move towards a relatively safe space with the help of the traction technology. The other Star Gate that corresponded to it also began to move towards the vicinity of the Amis people’s star region.

At the same time, the tens of thousands of small devices would be distributed along the path of the Star Gate. With that, Solidifying the spatial tunnel, forming a completely isolated subspace. These devices could allow the interior of the Star Gate to expand at a speed of one fold the speed of light per kilometer. In addition to the ship’s own traction conditions, The first voyage would allow one to reach 300 times the speed of light.

Of course, there were still many difficulties that needed to be overcome in the internal organs, but at least for now, it seemed like the Insect Girl Clan had already completed the construction of the Star Gate.

This black ring with a diameter of 300 meters would maintain a slow speed of rotation in space.

The short-range experiment of 1 billion kilometers had been completed. It successfully allowed a small spacecraft to quickly sail between two auxiliary fixtures. At 10 times the speed of light, if the Star Gate was switched to full power, it would start. The effect would be at least 50 times the speed of light. This meant that the Insect Girl Clan now had the signature technology of a level 2 space civilization.

Of course, becoming a level 2 space civilization was one thing. But keeping secrets was another. The first pair of Star Gate would only be used between Mother Star and Armes Mother Star to help the two places travel quickly. The direction of the alliance and the Mechanical Civilization fleet would never be placed, or else the enemy would know that the Insect Girl Clan’s technology was so high. They would definitely pay more attention to them.

However, thinking about the incredible technology of the transparent liquid cannon and Energy Charging Crystal, Lo Ya could not find a reason to not be noticed.

To Insect Girl, after the solidification of the Star Gate, the ships built in the territory of Armes could be sent to the vicinity of Mother Star in a very short period of time. Then, they could be sent to the frontlines of the battlefield from Mother Star. This could be considered as strengthening the logistics ability.

When the enemy came, they did not have the support of the Star Gate. The main battlefield was in Insect Girl’s territory, which meant that Lo Ya would be the one to take the initiative.

When his sight returned to Green Plant Planet, the exploration ship had been floating on the sea for three days.

In these three days, the planet’s surveillance on the exploration ship was gradually increasing, and a large number of interception missiles were deployed on the nearby shores.

News reports were also continuously tracking the descending UFO, and the pedestrians in white tried to send signals of various wavelengths. Even the gamma rays were sent a few times, but there was no response. It also did not have any effect on the ship.

And today, for the safety of the civilization, the Gorwen Congress of the United States had all approved the proposal to launch an attack.

In order to prevent accidents, the various departments and armies sought the safest principles and used an astonishing amount of firepower.

Among them were the 48 cruise missiles of the six warships, 22 land-based missiles, and the cannons and submarine torpedoes of the various ships.

Of course, they also considered the situation of the cannonballs losing effectiveness. In times of crisis, they were allowed to fire an intercontinental missile carrying 60,000 tons of equivalent weight nuclear warheads, and one 30,000 tons of close range cruise missile.

The deployment time of the plan took a day (about 18 hours) from the planet. Then, under the attention of the entire world, the general stood in his command position, waiting for instructions from his superior.

The adjutant said with an uneasy expression, “General, do you think this will cause a war between two civilizations? After all, we… ”

If the aliens had no intention of launching an attack, their current actions would be equivalent to declaring war.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie, but the aliens have landed. Preparing to use a special weapon requires a few days of preparation time. Once the preparation is complete, the entire world will be plunged into disaster. The heroes finally made up their minds. After going through so much hardship, just a few seconds before the special weapon was used… After dealing with these aliens, the men in white were saved. ”

“I know, but this is reality”

“Yes, because this is reality, no one knows how it will end, we just did the best we could”

After waiting for 30 minutes, the superior finally called.

“Your Excellency, can we launch it?”

“Yes, wait for me to count down, 3, 2…”

Everyone tensed up.

“1, launch.”

The general took a deep breath and pressed the rectangular button.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The surrounding ships all released a dazzling light. The missiles released exhaust flames and rushed into the sky, then slowly changed direction and flew towards the target a few kilometers away.

On land, many missiles were also launched at the same time.

To be honest, just to deal with a 30m long warship, using this kind of formation could be said to be extremely wasteful.

But everyone knew that in the face of aliens, they had to take out all their Strength.

The missile flight was incomparably spectacular.

The cannon ship also opened fire a few seconds later.

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