C393 They Had Captured a Terrifying Insect Ship

“[Part of the battle seriously damaged, protective armor destroyed]”

In the violent shock, a robot was sent flying several meters away by the metal plates that came flying at it. It crashed into the alloy wall behind it. There were maintenance robots working everywhere in the cabin, even though it was a large warship. However, it was still unable to withstand the bombardment of a ten million ton equivalent weight level hydrogen bomb.

“Reactor leakage, force field disappearing, lasers lack recharging. Requesting missile counterattack.”

“Missile launch!”

One missile left the hull, 30 in front and 30 in front, each one dragging a trail of flames as they disappeared from sight.

The missiles in this era were all powered by fusion engines, and they were different from the ones in the first generation. The missile’s launch speed now exceeded 100 kilometers in an instant, and then in a very short period of time. The super high-pressure energy was enough to accelerate it to hundreds of kilometers per second.

The first generation fusion engine could only accelerate the missile to tens of kilometers per second.

In fact, it was different from many science fiction novels. It was very difficult to increase the speed of spaceships or missiles to more than 300 kilometers by nuclear fusion. The energy of nuclear fusion itself was astonishing, but it was enough to make any spacecraft unable to withstand the internal pressure. If it was too small, there would be insufficient propulsion, causing its effect to not be much better than chemical energy. If it was too big, it would easily destroy the hull.

The first technological civilization that developed nuclear fusion basically encountered problems of magnetic confinement and lack of tolerance for materials. This problem restricted fusion navigation. When they used nuclear fuel to drive the engine, They could only follow the slow acceleration principle, and when they reached a certain level, The energy from the jet mouth could not guarantee that the hull would accelerate forward, which was the so-called lack of propulsion.

Space ships were the crystallization of the cutting-edge technology of a civilization. Every detail needed to be broken through in many aspects.

Detection ability, anti-detection ability, weapon ability, material stability and high-speed movement ability to withstand the collision of interstellar matter, landing and taking off difficulty… Any one of these could cause a great deal of trouble for the intelligent civilization.

Especially when a thousand-meter warship was suspended in the atmosphere, it seemed easy. In fact, the difficulty was beyond imagination. Just the jet needed to support the stability of the ship’s suspension was enough to cause people to be unable to stay within several kilometers of it. It was no less than dropping a large number of bombs below it.

As for anti-gravity technology, the theory of a level 2 space civilization did not even realize its feasibility. Compared to that, antimatter weapons were more accurate.

Warships were destroyed one after another. Luckily, the fleet quickly found a way to deal with it.

The scanning device estimated that these missiles had flown at least a few hundred million kilometers. They relied on predicting the mining fleet’s speed and launched them ahead of time.

Although they had counterattacked, the scanning device could not completely confirm the large number of Cannon Insect deployed in space by the Insect Girl Clan. Especially since most of them were hidden in meteorite belts, the missiles could only destroy a small portion of them.

Therefore, after a small traction, they released hundreds of thousands of small flying devices into the meteorite belt to fight with the swarm that was stationed there.

After losing tens of thousands of them, 200,000 small beetle and 200 Cannon Insect were all destroyed, and the mining fleet had lost 50 of them.

The nuclear central computer reorganized the entire fleet, and began to release a large number of space shuttles to hunt down and search for Cannon Insect. This tactic was very effective. After losing hundreds of thousands of them, The Cannon Insect was all destroyed.

At this time, they had the energy to continue mining and mining, as well as continue to attack the planet guarded by the Insect Sea.

One side had a small number of soldiers, but they were still able to attack, and their individual combat strength was relatively high. Although the other side did not have any units to attack, their numbers were absolutely overwhelming.

Both sides were surrounding a planet with a diameter of a few thousand kilometers and fighting over and over again. Even the central computer of the nuclear core found it strange that the battle had accumulated to such an extent.

Could the reproductive ability of living creatures exceed that of mechanical factories?

This kind of thing… The thoughts flooded the brain of all the robots.

The Insect Girl Clan’s time-consuming plan had achieved great results. This was mainly thanks to the transparent liquid cannon and the new generation of weapons.

Another month passed, and the scientific exploration ship arrived at the civilized planet that was discovered two months ago.

This was a planet with a relatively good environment. The atmosphere was pale green, and there were green plants everywhere.

Its diameter was 7000 kilometers, and its density was slightly lower than Insect Girl’s Mother Star. It was also very close to the star.

To be honest, such a suitable planet was very rare in the universe. However, there were actually quite a number of such planets within 50 light years of the Insect Girl Clan. It was truly unbelievable.

To discover a suitable planet at such a high density made Lo Ya suspect that the surrounding star regions were all somewhat abnormal.

When the scientific exploration ship was close to the planet’s 1,000,000 km distance, it tried to find the creatures on the surface of the Spiritual Link. Although it was far away and the signal was very weak, it still succeeded. At this time, it was also discovered by the natives on the planet.

Lo Ya ordered it to log in and prepare to interact with these natives at a close distance.

Planted Green Star, Special Region, United Nations of Fruits and Culture.

The name of this planet came from the planet’s geography and the color of the sky, and Special Region was the largest of the nine continents in the world. The United States of Fruits and Culture was actually a name translated by the Insect Girl Clan. The main reason was that its system was somewhat similar to the United States in some aspects.

This was one of the most powerful countries on this planet, and it was passionate about exploring outer space.

Ever since the rise of scientific fantasy novels 20 years ago, the people were more and more keen on exploring mysterious space. It was also during this period that the country led the world to launch a large number of engineering satellites (artificial satellites) and deep space probes. It also completed the great goal of landing on the moon (translated into Green Moon).

The people in clothes, the natives of the planet, evolved from a type of creature similar to an amphibian. Their skin degenerated from underwater breathing, and they grew eyes and lungs that were similar to mammals. Their vision was similar to that of humans. Its appearance was similar to that of a crocodile, and it was three meters long. Because its head could be raised very high, Thus, his field of vision was very wide.

This kind of thing. This creature had all the characteristics of intelligent creatures, including flexible feet (with six knuckles length), highly developed brain, complex vocal organs (speaking), highly complex languages and words. The unknown symbol calculation method that was successfully invented 200 years ago had allowed mathematics to develop to a high degree. It had pushed forward the development of physics theory.

But that was not important, what was important was that aliens had come.

When the scientific exploration ship of Insect Girl Clan approached the target planet, it began to slow down so that it could maintain a few kilometers of speed and fly around the planet.

This allowed the astronauts on the surface to take pictures of the insect ship.

Two words: Horrifying!

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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