C391 Survival Plan

“[Enemy numbers are too high, need backup]”

“We have received the news, the nuclear squadron is rushing over, they will arrive in two months”

Within the Destroyer fleet, the commander had already completed an exchange with the main brain.

The nuclear fleet was just like the main fleet, a complete central hub, and there were more than 600 ships. This number of reinforcements meant that the main brain attached great importance to this enemy.

They continuously sent robot armies down, but not only did the pressure on them not decrease, but it also increased.

After a day, more than one million robots had died on the battlefield, and the enemy’s corpses numbered in the tens of millions.

Every once in a while, the swarm would launch a surprise attack from underground. Directly appearing inside the enemy. In order to deal with this situation, the robots built a layer of superalloy plates on the ground. And… Only by releasing strong electricity below the plates did they force the bugs to give up on this method of attack.

But from time to time, a wave of Explosive Beetle bombardment was unavoidable, so they still needed to pay attention to the ground in this battle.

Both sides continued their high-intensity battles day and night. After five days, the mechanical AI commander of the Thunder Fleet realized that with the current military strength, it was impossible to stop the bug swarm for such a long time.

In just a few days of battle, the firepower that Insect Girl Clan invested exceeded the amount that all countries used during World War II.

The upgraded Explosive Beetle already had the power of 180 mm howitzer, and its destructive power far exceeded what it used to be. Ordinary concrete and steel buildings could collapse with a single blow, let alone ordinary mechanical life.

“Temporarily stop attacking.”

Knowing that 40% of the troops had been used up, the AI finally stopped attacking.

As the army on the ground was used up, a large group of beetles began to transport the corpses back to the ground. They didn’t even waste the metal on the enemy’s bodies. They brought all of it down to the ground and fed it to the flourishing ball.

One. The Thunder Army mobilized the hundreds of thousands of newly produced robots and launched a few small-scale attacks, all of which ended in failure. Due to the lack of military strength, they were unable to do anything other than bombarding from time to time.

At this time, the thousands of Cannon Insect built by Insect Girl Clan had slowly approached their position, forming a huge encirclement around them.

The Thunder Fleet, which had not noticed the problem at the start, began to face the laser gun that had flown over tens of millions of kilometers in all directions.

Unable to defend in time, at least 15 spaceships were destroyed.

The remaining ships had no choice but to prepare to break out of the encirclement, but after flying in one direction, They crashed into the flying Electromagnetic Cannon, and the 10 spaceships began to fire back. After struggling for a while, they finally rushed out from the vicinity of a few artillery turrets.

During this process, at least 60 cannon turrets were destroyed, but the result of the swarm was clearly better.

This also made Lo Ya feel that the Cannon Insect’s main construction of laser gun was better.

The lightning squadron was almost destroyed. At the same time, the 7th fleet of Insect Girl Clan had arrived at the star system. They split up and went to the surrounding planets occupied by the Mechanical Civilization, destroying the surface and underground factories. Then, they gathered on the defensive planet.

The transport ship took away 10,000 flourishing ball, leaving only 10 billion beetles on the surface of the planet.

This number was enough for the Mechanical Civilization fleet to struggle for a long time. Lo Ya felt at ease and let the transport ship leave.

Another month passed, and with the 11th fleet’s reorganization completed, the Destroyer Civilization’s core fleet approached the periphery of the star system.

At the same time, along with the enemy’s main force of the thunderbolt core being completely wiped out by the Alliance, The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd squadrons of the Insect Girl Clan and some of their allies formed the 2nd fleet of the Alliance. Although it was smaller than the 1st fleet of the Alliance, which had 500 ships, It had the strength to resist the enemy’s 2 central squadrons and the skeleton civilization fleet.

At the current stage, the allies who fought against two squadrons at the same time were all very nervous.

However, they did not know that the Insect Girl Clan was currently facing the pressure of the “nuclear core.”

Any fleet of the Destroyer Civilization had hundreds of ships, and the scale was as large as thousands of ships. And these ships added up were only a small part of their overall strength.

Currently, both sides were 15 billion kilometers away from each other, and they were all in a low-speed guiding mode. It was very likely that they would officially start the war one month later.

During this period of time, apart from accelerating the construction of the fleet, Insect Girl Clan’s main goal was to explore some of the planets in their territory.

Every galaxy actually had an astonishing number of ordinary planets. If one were to carefully explore them, one would discover that there were many small celestial bodies that were overlooked in the void.

For example, Insect Girl Galaxy had recently discovered three short planets, all of which were over 1,000 kilometers in diameter.

These planets had been used as hidden production bases by Insect Girl Clan.

Some of the planets that were hard to find or looked down on started to have Engineering Beetle. They built orbital cannons in the sky, or filled some small asteroids with nuclear bombs and transformed them into invisible killers.

When the enemy’s ships approached, if there were small asteroids that approached without anyone noticing, they would be within a certain distance. They definitely would not mind. At that time, there would be a sudden explosion of billions of tons of equivalent weight, or a high-speed artillery shell would be secretly fired from within. It would definitely catch the enemy off guard.

It could be said that this was a critical moment of life and death.

Although to Little Insect Girl and the others in Mother Star, the danger was still very far away, Lo Ya could understand the terror of the enemy. Once the defense failed, the enemy would be able to attack Mother Star within a year or two.

“They might be able to provide more reinforcements to the central fleet. This is troublesome.”

Lo Ya rubbed her chin and began to consider the survival of Insect Girl Clan.

The world behind Origin Space was an escape route, but it could not solve the fundamental problem, because only a distance from Mother Star could open the door to enter.

Lo Ya decided to build a small number of spaceships with the highest technology of the Insect Girl Clan outside the main fleet. She would bring a portion of Little Insect Girl to the region of the original Tiss Civilization, which was the opposite direction of the Destroyer Civilization. It was also the border of the Insect Girl Clan. Once they were certain that they could not resist the enemy, Then, the huge fleet could be used as a spark to escape from this region. It would develop in another galaxy. The main force would be to build a fleet to support for a longer period of time. Or perhaps… Seeking a counterattack.

The universe is long, a war can last for a few years, A hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years at most. The distance between the two parties in space had pulled them further away from each other. As for Insect Girl Clan and the mechanical creatures, this was an unreasonable civilization. However, it raised the intensity of a war to the extreme.

Lo Ya did not know how strong the enemy was. She only needed to use the safest method to allow the small race of Insect Girl Clan to continue.

In the universe, they could occupy dozens of galaxies. Civilizations that controlled more than 10 colony planets and habitable planets had developed for more than 10,000 years. Those that were slow could only reach this stage after hundreds of thousands of years. Perhaps Insect Girl’s development speed would let any civilization know, and they would feel incomparably terrified.

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