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“Sure enough, the five million bugs won’t be able to defend. The enemy has already dropped two million. The Strength guarding the factory is very strong. If we attack forcefully, it will only increase our losses.”

After the Cerebrate Bacteria in charge of this area reported the situation, Lo Ya was only calm. “En.” She said, “Don’t worry too much. Try to defend for as long as possible.”

The construction of the neighboring galaxy had already begun.

And this small planet lasted for 20 days.

After that… Not long after that, Vivendian sent a message to the entire alliance, and discovered that the other two fleets at the center of the Destroyer had appeared in the nearby Star Field. Apart from that, the large fleet of the bone civilization was also helping the frontlines.

“Another reinforcement?”

When Lo Ya heard this news, she could already imagine how her allies were feeling right now.

“1st Squadron, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Squadron, let’s head to the frontlines.”

Lo Ya gave the orders to all the squadron defending the territory.

Currently, the 7th Squadron had just taken shape and would take over the other squadrons to defend the territory. The 8th squadron was expected to need half a month to complete it.

The construction speed of the bug swarm was already quite fast. After another distribution of production capacity, they could produce 20 frigate and 4 destroyers a month, which was equivalent to two small scale squadrons.

After that. The production capacity would definitely increase with the increase in the mining speed of the insect swarm, but it was still far from enough for the current Lo Ya.

On Planet Blue Moon, facing the hundreds of meters long destroyer that was like a huge monster, as well as the ferocious insect shell, she felt as if she could feel the powerful Strength of a universe level industry.

This was the great achievement of a biological civilization, starting from a small newborn tail to devour nutrition. Bit by bit, it grew into an ancient warship that perfectly combined countless biological organs, swimming in space in the form of life. It could think independently.

Compared to a computer with intelligence, a civilization that completely relied on the physical body to enter space was clearly even more terrifying and rare. At least until now, Lo Ya had yet to encounter any biological civilization in the truest sense… or even space creatures.

The Destroyer Civilization’s mother fleet.

The war information at the front line had long been gathered here. Perhaps in this universe, only the Destroyer knew the scale of their own fleet.

As the ruler of the Mechanical Civilization’s fleet, they were the most powerful. Furthermore, The central computer, which had absolute control over the entire civilization, noticed an unassuming piece of news: The 3rd B Squadron of the Lightning Center was attacked by highly evolved alien creatures. They did not use any Strength. They could survive in harsh environments and did not rely on any environment at all.

It shared this piece of information with a large number of smart computers in charge of strategizing. Then, it mobilized a fleet that was closer to the Insect Girl Clan to the location of the war.

In this way, including the main fleet that was fighting against the civilization, Destroyer Civilization had sent four central fleets to the target group. Any one of them had a Strength that far exceeded any of the Alliance’s civilizations.

In Mother Star, with the completion of the construction factory in the Giant Celestial Ring, Insect Girl Clan finally had the first space ship construction factory that did not rely on the planet’s resources.

About 10 million construction bugs would be completed here. Although they could only build one frigate each month, it was a huge boost to the Insect Girl Clan’s war potential.

The enormous space ring could provide enough raw materials because the metal content of the insect shell was increased. Therefore, the frigate built in this dock would be more inclined to the warships of a technological civilization. Most of the structures were relatively primitive technological creations.

The reason why they were able to do this was because of the alliance’s trade during this period of time. The Insect Girl Clan obtained a large amount of scientific and technological knowledge and quickly put it into use. This reduced the pressure brought about by the lack of bioenergy and achieved its original foundation. The idea of building more ships.

In the past two years, the construction of transport ships had been increasing. As the number of medium-sized transport ships exceeded 100, the number of smaller ones exceeded 700, The number of medium-sized and small-sized ships obtained from trade increased, and the insect swarm temporarily slowed down the speed of construction of small ships. The ship was remodeled, and it pretended to be a navigation system across the galaxy.

This allowed the transport fleet that was originally mainly used within the galaxies to quickly transport between the stars, which reduced the logistical pressure of the race.

The second pure space dock was about to be completed, which also gave Lo Ya the idea of letting frigate be the escort of the transport ship.

Originally, every ship would be sent to the various border galaxies to defend, causing ordinary transport ships to work in some remote areas. They might encounter danger. And if there were escorts, then even if they were really attacked, They could also get the frigate to help defend against the enemy and buy time for the transport ship to escape. They could save a lot of resources.

Currently, the majority of the resources transported back and forth by the transport ship were: Energy Charging Crystal, life form, nutritional worms (including Nourishing Insect, Slime), cannonballs, and so on.

If it was fully loaded, then if a medium-sized transport ship was fully loaded with Slime and Energy Charging Crystal, then its value would far exceed that of a frigate.

Hence, sacrificing the frigate to protect the transport ship was completely worth it.

Currently, the insect swarm’s expansion speed was very fast, because they were facing the enemy of the Mechanical Civilization. Lo Ya had already ordered the fleet to stop expanding in other directions and only set up the border defense base. The current main goal was to expand the scale and cooperate with the allies to fight back against the Destroyer fleet.

Now that there were six squadrons, a total of 72 ships, who knew how long they could hold on at the front line, Lo Ya did not want to use up the limited amount of transparent crystal ores she had.

Because she could not rule out the possibility that these things could have greater effects, the usage now was definitely very crude.

Lo Ya began to study whether or not the low-quality crystal ores could be transformed into transparent. Later on, she discovered that as long as it remained under high temperature and pressure for 24 hours, The appearance of this advanced crystal mine provided the conditions.

Moreover, during the conversion process, most of the energy was provided through external heat energy. Thus, 1 gram of low-grade crystal minerals was often able to produce more transparent crystals.

Lo Ya also ordered some of the Light Plate Insect to work hard to improve the genes. She wanted to strive to make the Energy Charging Crystal she obtained become very transparent. It would be best if it was hard to detect that kind of Energy Charging Crystal.

Two months later, the Thunder B Squadron occupied the A11 Star System. They killed almost 5 million bugs on it and started to attack the nearby B9 Star System.

The bugs were already prepared, and they built 100 Cannon Insect in space.

Of course, this number was too small. Moreover, the Cannon Insect’s movement speed was too slow. The enemy could completely bypass them from the nearby areas.

This also meant that the Thunder Army could project a massive amount of land legions onto the surface of the planet.

And here, there were already 10,000 flourishing ball and 3 billion Beetle Army troops waiting in formation.

38th chapter, 9 chapter, the gap between the civilizations in the universe.

Perhaps it was because they detected the bugs on the ground a long time ago, Destroyer Civilization immediately mobilized a large amount of Electromagnetic Cannon to attack the ground.

Putting aside the explosive power of the cannon itself, just the speed of the cannon itself was 1,000 kilometers per second. And the mass of each shell was around 100 kilograms, which meant that the single shell itself contained 50 trillion joules of energy. That was about the power of the explosion of 11.9 million tons of TNT explosives. Considering the individual speed, even if it didn’t contain hydrogen bombs inside, The moment its kinetic energy hit the ground, it could compress matter. This led to the occurrence of nuclear fusion. This way, the power of the Electromagnetic Cannon itself could be greatly increased.

It could be said that if this kind of cannon fire happened on Earth, it only needed to shoot out a few dozen evenly, and it would be able to cause the entire planet’s humans to face the risk of extinction.

The actual power of its explosion would exceed Big Ivan’s.

But… considering the speed of the Electromagnetic Cannon, its body would drill deep into the ground. In addition, this planet did not have any atmosphere, and the explosion would not be an empty explosion either, so the area of destruction of the Electromagnetic Cannon would be a relatively small part.

If they wanted to destroy most of the insects hiding below 10 kilometers, this method was actually not feasible. The Destroyer Civilization’s idea was only to clean up the area one step at a time. It could be considered as a stable landing site. The consumption of the insects.

Each cannonball required nuclear fusion energy to be pushed forward. Due to the conservation of energy, In addition to the loss of energy during the process, the cannonball needed to reach a speed of 1,000 kilometers per second. This meant that it had to be supplied with an exaggerated amount of energy. Therefore, the nuclear fusion reactor was always in a high-pressure state that could destroy everything, and the electromagnetic field that ensured the stability of the fusion field was even more terrifying. The amount of energy needed was far more than the energy needed for the launch. This was also the reason why most civilizations still felt that the cost of ships was too high even in the space era. The main reason why they couldn’t afford war.

The difference between the Mechanical Civilization and the Insect Girl Clan civilization was that they would not consider the cost factor.

The mining of any nuclear fuel in the universe didn’t require money. One side had robots, while the other side had countless bugs.

If one compared the Mechanical Civilization and Insect Girl Civilization, the former developed from a regular war state to thousands of kilometers of Electromagnetic Cannon in the interstellar era, which took thousands or even tens of thousands of years. As for the Insect Girl Clan… From the time they entered the Magical Creature era until now, it had not even been ten years.

Ten years. With the technology of Force Field Shield, the high-intensity insect shell relied on the supply of fusion energy. It had produced a continuous defensive power. Even if it didn’t withstand the attack, it only maintained the force field. He needed to ensure that the energy produced by the TNT explosion exceeded 100 million tons at all times. This energy was maintained by a highly developed force field, covering the surface of the object. As long as it was not attacked, it would not be greatly damaged. This was a technology that no other level 2 space civilization could possess.

When a solid bullet fell from the sky and a blazing fireball rose up, the insects that were hiding tens of kilometers away were safe.

Although there was not much difference between a level 1 and level 2 space civilization, in terms of technology utilization, there was still a huge difference.

First of all, the protection of a level 1 civilization spaceship might not be able to withstand the attacks of conventional missiles from the era of planets. And a conventional missile, even the famous battle-ax missile from his previous life… It would not exceed 1 ton of TNT equivalent weight. However, in a level 2 civilization, once a shield was released, without the power of a nuclear bomb, it would be impossible to penetrate it.

Therefore, when the same civilizations invaded Earth, similar to the 21st century, a level 1 space civilization’s spaceship might really be killed. However, if they encountered a level 2 space civilization with a Force Field Shield, they would really be helpless.

It was because of the battles that Lo Ya gradually understood some of the differences.

Of course, compared to the universe that had experienced tens of billions of years, whether it was the Insect Girl Clan or not, Whether it was the Vivendian or the Destroyer Civilization, they were just like babies. Just like the human researcher said, “This is just a new galaxy, there won’t be much competition.”

Yes, the Insect Girl Clan was now in a relatively new Star System. The real danger was outside of the Milky Way.

The Vivendian Civilization had already said that the biggest enemy of this Star System wasn’t the Destroyer, but a mysterious civilization that had already entered the Milky Way.

In the entire universe, Insect Girl’s Milky Way was considered a relatively small piece of information. It was even smaller than the Milky Way, with a diameter of 60-80 thousand light years. Most of the planets were concentrated within 60,000 light years, and there were very few planets outside of 60,000 light years. So it was generally thought that this galaxy was 60,000 light years.

After an hour of bombardment, the surface of the planet had become bumpy. The Destroyer Civilization had fired more than 10,000 Electromagnetic Cannon, causing the temperature on the surface of the planet to not rise.

However, because there was no atmosphere, the temperature was dropping very quickly.

The next morning, the flying formation started to descend. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were the first to step onto the ground.

In the first ten minutes after landing, the bug horde swarmed out of the ground and started to fight with the enemies.

The long period of bombing caused the insects to lose a total of 500 million. However, most of the insects that were less than 30 kilometers away were still intact. The flourishing ball devoured the rocks underground and quickly multiplied.

Countless insects drilled out from the surrounding ground.

The aircraft in the sky immediately used many conventional missiles and slow speed Electromagnetic Cannon as support. Explosive flames surged in the areas where the insects were concentrated. However, even more small beetle appeared in the center of the robot, and a close combat occurred between the two parties.

Some robots used their own Electromagnetic Cannon to continuously shoot and kill the enemies that charged forward. However, there were too many beetles, and most of them were Explosive Beetle. The moment they came out of the ground, they flew out and landed in the middle of the mechanical army in a parabola. They created continuous explosions.

The battle lasted for five minutes. The bugs that appeared in the middle of the mechanical army were all cleared. Some of the drilling robots began to attack downwards, while the rest set up a defensive line, guarding the advance of the surrounding bugs.

The machine guns and the combat turrets set up steel walls in front of them, and the mechanical soldiers stood on the walls and fired.

Although the firepower was fierce, the Explosive Beetle that kept flying out from the ground still felt like it was raining. It landed on these robots. The warriors in front could not hold on for more than a few seconds, and they had to hold on to the roof behind them. Otherwise, some small beetle would jump onto the top of the wall.

“The loss is a bit big.”

Lo Ya could tell that the enemy had come prepared this time.

However, the production of robots was not as fast as beetles. They needed production lines, precision processing of each part, and perfect coordination of every detail.

Electronic components, computational processors… etc., the production of these functions could not be completed in an instant. But Beetle Army could produce all of them in a minute.

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