C389 Ground Collision

“1st Fleet, clear the surrounding obstacles, Thunder Legion, enter the login preparation”

The huge Destroyer Civilization sub-fleet was probably a ship that was separated from the front line. There were a total of 30 ships.

Among these ships, there were only 10 combat type starships. The rest were mostly auxiliary ships that were used to transport ships.

Following the command of the mechanical commander, a few ships released scanning rays to scan the surrounding void and determine the location of the Glasses Insect.

After a beam of light, the Glasses Insect was cleared. The few insects hiding on the ground used their organs to observe the fleet in space.

Beams of light swept across the ground, and several ships lit up with glaring light. A large group of mechanical aircrafts separated from the ship and began to fly downwards. Groups of small robots sprayed out flames and started to fly towards the ground. They looked like black and silver Iron Man.

However, Lo Ya had already known the strength of these robots in space battles. Their close combat strategy was weaker than the Sickle Insect, stronger than the black small beetle, and much more powerful than ordinary insects in long-range.

It was also the previous battle that made the insects realize. They still lacked quite a number of long-range attacks. As more and more advanced civilizations appeared, many interstellar civilizations were no longer afraid of nuclear bombs. In the past, hydrogen bombs could destroy life within a radius of several hundred kilometers, but the enemy’s strength only exceeded that of a transcendent Fourth Grade. The impact of nuclear contamination was even more limited.

When that time came, even nuclear weapons would only be slightly more powerful bombs. When that time came, the nuclear war would very likely become a larger scale conventional war. Because the impact of the contamination had become smaller.

In fact, in the face of the Mechanical Civilization, this situation had already occurred ahead of time: nuclear weapons with tens of millions of tons of equivalent weight could only destroy mechanical life within a 20 kilometer radius.

As the robots landed on the ground, they began to fire drilling weapons at the ground, or use giant drilling machines to march towards the ground.

Rock and soil were not much different from tofu when compared to solid alloy. In this regard, the swarm could only enter combat mode and start a direct battle with these robots.

After the 50,000 Thunder Corps landed, they quickly faced the attack of the bugs. The Explosive Beetle that rushed out from all directions separated its head and tail, turning into bombs that were thrown one after another. It descended from the sky, creating a destructive explosion among the robots.

Countless electromagnetic machine guns launched counterattacks at the insects, and the black beetles appeared nearby. Under the lead of a small number of Sickle Insect, they broke into the enemy’s hinterland and engaged in close combat with them.

Sizzle sizzle…

Even if they were facing each other, the bugs still had to face the electric saw on the mechanical arm. The high-speed spinning diamond saw could easily cut the insect shell into pieces. Correspondingly, the specially transformed pincers of the small beetle could also shatter their saw.

Temporarily relying on the powerful biological organs, there were huge casualties between both sides.

In the sky, the mechanical commander with bloodshot eyes flew out of the battleship, his eyes scanned the entire battlefield, and quickly collected a large amount of insect information.

“They look a bit like us”

Because robots can always perform high-speed operations during battle, making the best choice. But the insects of the same species actually did the same thing, so the commander was a bit surprised.

Information command was sent, more flying machines began to descend, and one by one, the sky-based weapons began to support downwards.

However, just as the air superiority was displayed, an exaggerated message swept up from below. Immediately after, a large number of mechanical equipment suddenly malfunctioned and began to fall in large numbers. Many of the equipment was even destroyed under the intense interference and completely lost their combat ability.

“Warning, encounter an ultra-penetrative electromagnetic pulse, start emergency procedures”

The trembling battleship began to activate a special device, releasing waves that covered every unit that could still fight.

In an instant, more than 100,000 mechanical lifeforms lost their ability to fight. As they fell from the atmosphere, the troops that landed on the ground were instantly destroyed.

The high-intensity electromagnetic pulse did not stop. Even with protection measures, the new aircraft that was descending still showed signs of instability.

In order to deal with these mechanical life forms, Lo Ya had installed interference devices on many of the beetles in advance. Other than the continuous neutron beams, there were also large-scale electromagnetic pulse bombs.

Robots who did not understand biological civilization clearly suffered a huge loss.

Even in the era of interstellar civilization, the Mechanical Civilization still had a headache over the powerful electromagnetic interference.

The combat strength of both sides had been reduced, and the casualty ratio was close to 1: 1.

Both sides were extremely fast replicating species, so this level of battle consumption was nothing. In fact, the Beetle Army that produced the swarm every minute far exceeded the number of insects on this planet.

After encountering the Mechanical Civilization, Lo Ya specially used a planet with poor resources as a flourishing ball factory, continuously producing beetles, and then transporting them out from the fleet.

“This planet can’t be defended anymore. Prepare to engage in a large-scale ground war with the enemy in the nearby galaxies.”

Lo Ya knew that there was no other way, so she prepared to take advantage of the fact that the main fleet was not mobilized to engage in a ground war with the enemy.

The current swarm of insects in the nearby galaxies did not exceed one million, but there were ten transport ships that would arrive within a month. At that time, they would throw 10,000 flourishing ball at one of the planets, because of the resources. The production capacity of these flourishing ball would shrink to 1 / 10 of its normal state. However, with such a large amount of effort, It could still produce 144 million ___ per day.

With this amount, the Mechanical Civilization warships would not be able to conquer this planet at all.

After successfully defending, the transport ship would take away most of the flourishing ball. They would enter other planets to breed, and try to build a lot of Cannon Insect and space bases in the vicinity of this galaxy. They would build them into the frontline fortress facing the Mechanical Civilization.

❄ ️ ❄ ️ ❄ ️

In the A11 Galaxy, the Destroyer Civilization sent out an exploration ship to slowly revolve around the pulsar in the center.

In the universe, there were many pulses. They were fast rotating neutron stars with a high density and a diameter of about 10 kilometers. They would release strong periodic pulses in two directions.

The pulsar in the A11 Galaxy rotated at a speed of 80 rounds per second. Although it was small, the gravity on the surface was extremely terrifying. It could easily “crush” the atom.

As more and more robots were sent out, the Destroyer gradually took root on the surface of the planet and laid down factories on the spot. They began to collect minerals and build robots on the spot. Some rare metals were transported from the surrounding planets.

As the enemy’s production line began to operate, even the Brain Insect was shocked by their exaggerated construction speed.

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