C387 Dealing with the Destroyer

The first two destroyers and the new 10 frigate would form the first fleet of the Insect Girl Clan’s expedition.

The difference from the old fleet was that its maximum speed was 300 kilometers per second. With this speed, it was equivalent to 24 times the speed of light, and it was twice as fast as the previous generation’s warships.

The high-energy laser of the new fleet would also undergo a large-scale improvement when it was truly thrown into the battlefield, in order to obtain the ability to far surpass the main armament of the Vivendian.

Of course, what was even more terrifying was that the expansion of the insect swarm had always been strengthening Little Insect Girl’s spiritual power. On the surface, there were only these Epic Small, which could easily create a Spirit storm that could not be seen by the naked eye. It could easily kill creatures within a few kilometers.

This… This energy was enough to cause a huge impact on Epic life forms.

Lo Ya waited in Mother Star for two months, and the fleet expanded to 20 frigate and 4 destroyers.

All kinds of experimental weapons had been tested and upgraded, and they now had the strength to fight in space. The Force Field Shield that had been in the early stages of installation had been completed, and the shield of the frigate was relatively simple. It could only withstand the explosion of a nuclear bomb that was below 500,000 tons of equivalent weight. As for the destroyer, it could remain unharmed under the impact of 1 million tons of equivalent weight (it required energy consumption). The more powerful the explosion, the stronger the impact. The more energy consumption. As long as the energy was not depleted, or the single charge did not exceed ten million tons of equivalent weight, The destroyer would be able to maintain its undamaged state. If the ship exceeded this limit, it would suffer losses according to the range.

Finally, the swarm of insects strengthened the scientific exploration ship based on the Glasses Insect, and the weapons it was equipped with were relatively simple.

They were 30 rounds of 1,000 tons of equivalent weight Electromagnetic Bullets, and 120 rounds of 100,000 tons of equivalent weight miniature missiles. A low-power Plasma Cannon. The spaceship was 30 meters long, and its main function was to explore. Hence, it was equipped with most of the detection organs, and it could also interfere with the electromagnetic field. Its traction speed could reach 24 times the speed of light, and the core was a weakened version of the Brain Insect. It could analyze all kinds of data and use the Spiritual Link to send it to the back.

The stealth ability of the scientific exploration ship was very strong. It could land on the planet and take off again. After the first ship was built, Lo Ya immediately let it fly into the distance.

After that… A large number of Glasses Insect would be transformed into this kind of comprehensive creature.

After a long period of accumulation, the productivity of the bug swarm had already started to increase at a faster rate.

Currently, the number of ships that could be produced every month was 10 frigate and 2 destroyers.

The ships that were used to attack the Tiss Civilization had also entered a state of modification because they had completely occupied the colony planet of their target. Hence, the Insect Girl Clan now had 32 new generation frigate and 4 destroyers.

Although this generation’s warships had just been put into use, Lo Ya did not stop at all. She had already begun to plan the construction of the cruiser.

The requirement for a cruiser was at least 1,000 meters. As the Force Field Shield was being perfected day by day, the huge hull was no longer a burden. Instead, it was an effective way to strengthen the defense.

In fact, just looking at the development of this period of time, it had far exceeded the efficiency of a normal civilization that was produced over thousands of years.

After the alliance fleet flew into the star system region, they encountered an opponent near an asteroid.

Both sides engaged in a fierce battle in the cold and silent space. They destroyed more than 300 warships and lost more than half of them.

The Vivendian commander took the initiative to suggest a retreat, hoping that all the ships of the civilizations would return to their respective territories to be repaired. She also mentioned that the number of fleets of the Mechanical Civilization had been increasing. If they did not take countermeasures earlier, they would face an increasing number of threats in the future.

These words were indirectly asking the various civilizations to enter a state of total war mobilization.

As expected, a few days later, the Glasses Insect Lo Ya left behind near the front line galaxy discovered a large number of unfamiliar fleets approaching. The Glasses Insect hiding in the void was easily destroyed by the other party, but Lo Ya also knew some of the information about the newcomers.

There were at least 500 of them, and it did not seem like the skeleton civilization or the Fu Emperor civilization. Without a doubt, it was the Destroyer.

The information from the Vivendian also confirmed this point, “A central fleet of the Destroyer Civilization is approaching.”

Facing such a powerful enemy, all the civilizations were in panic. Although they were very far away from the battlefield, with the speed of the Destroyer Civilization, it would not take long for them to reach their doorstep.

Therefore, most of these civilizations wisely began to mobilize the war, doing their best to increase production and produce more space fleets.

Lo Ya was very thankful for this scene. As the mining of a few colony planets entered the right track, the production speed of the swarm began to increase. And in order to collect energy more efficiently, the Slime energy board was born.

This was a type of folding and distorting, the surface was made of solid rubber. The interior was a special type of insect that could absorb solar energy on one side. It could help one produce more nutrients, and on the other side, it could absorb the material on the surface of the planet, including rock metal.

Even if it was a rock planet without any life, as long as the surface was covered with Slime energy boards, it could also absorb a huge amount of energy.

As long as there was enough time, a Slime energy board would be able to absorb the entire planet one day.

This kind of energy board… After the appearance of this creature, most of the Nourishing Insect’s nutritional function had been eliminated. It could only be used as a scout creature. The Slime had become the true nutritional creature of the Insect Girl Clan.

Around three months later, including the frigate that had been withdrawn and modified, the insect swarm had already formed six main fleets.

The 1st to 6th fleets were all made up of two destroyers and 10 frigate. In total, there were 72 main ships.

After the round ring had been remodeled, a relatively strong Force Field Shield had been added. Furthermore… After upgrading all the weapons, the main armament was changed to a 10m caliber laser gun. The triangular awl’s Force Field Shield was even more advanced. It removed all the secondary weapons. It turned into a plasma, main armament, Electromagnetic Cannon, and laser gun.

The 4th, 5th, and 6th squadrons were all sent to the frontlines. Along with them were 20 medium-sized frigate.

After joining up with the other ships of the alliance, the arrival of a new ship from the Insect Girl Clan attracted the attention of many civilizations.

On the eve of the battle, the commanders from all sides met on a ship in Vivendian.

“Insect Girl Clan, is that the main ship of your civilization?”

Faced with the beautiful girl’s question, Brain Insect calmly replied, “Yes, this is the destroyer that we had experimented on for a few years. It used almost all of the equipment of the new generation. Correspondingly, our frigate has also made great progress. ”

” Very perfect. ”

Seeing such a powerful ally, the other party’s mood was very good.

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