C386 Past Memories

“No problem, the era of dragons is long past.”

The Sutton helplessly agreed.

The strength displayed by the Insect Girl Clan was not something that any species could compete with.

The Sutton had long sensed that there were pairs of eyes staring at it from an unknown time in the sky. Insect Girl and the others had already stretched their tentacles out of the sky, swimming between the sun, moon, and stars.

Other than joining, the Black Dragon probably had no other choice.

“Tomorrow, I will send a swarm over.”

Lo Ya flapped her wings and left with Little Insect Girl.

Black Dragon, who was beside the Sutton, looked up and asked, “Now, is this really the only way?”

“If it was in the past, we would still have the strength to resist. But now, these insects are monsters.”

Thinking back to the first time they went to the territory of the Insect Girl Clan, this small race was still fighting with the Insect Clan. At that time, the Sutton did not take them seriously at all. Especially when any dragon could easily wipe out the enemy, these insects were not worth mentioning.

But now, in just a few years, the bug horde had spread throughout the entire world, and any one of them was beyond ordinary.

Back then, they were so small and unremarkable.

Now, they are still so small, but as long as they stand there…

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, meat.”

After flying for a while, the cute little girl in her arms suddenly raised her head and looked at her eagerly.

“Uh… Are you hungry? Luckily I’m prepared.”

Lo Ya opened the inventory and took out a ball of Slime Jelly and placed it in the little guy’s hand.

Little Insect Girl opened her mouth and sucked at the gelatinous substance.

After sucking…

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya!”

The cute little girl started to call out again.

“Uh, do you want to eat it again?”

Lo Ya was about to take it again when she realized Little cutie was pointing at a forest in the distance.

Lo Ya immediately flapped her wings and flew over.

When she landed on the ground, she did not seem to notice anything different.

Only a few hounds were lying on the ground, looking at the two Small vigilantly.

Suddenly, Lo Ya remembered.

“This place is…”

Many years ago, the only cute Little Insect Girl died in this place.

The Small jumped to the ground, rolled on the grass, and then came to a lush grass.

Then, it waved at Lo Ya on the grass.

Lo Ya wriggled over.

“This is… the place where it was taken away?”

Little Little Insect Girl blinked her big black eyes and wriggled over. She rubbed Lo Ya’s tail and then stuck out her tongue to try to get closer.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Lo Ya did not know, but this little cutie seemed to be very intimate with her.

She took out more Slime from the space and the little thing wriggled in front of a large mass of jelly. It stuck out its tongue and licked it.

Lo Ya observed the surroundings for a while and even let some small Nourishing Insect observe the surroundings. But she did not find anything strange. A few decades was enough to flatten all traces of the past. But the surrounding trees were still alive, they had witnessed history with their own eyes. Lo Ya seemed to feel joy from their bodies.

Plants also have emotions. It’s just that we can’t understand how they express themselves.

But at this moment, Lo Ya, who was in a biological civilization, could feel the joy. All of this originated from the little Little Insect Girl in front of her.

After she finished absorbing the Slime, Lo Ya killed the hound and threw it to the little guy.

She set up a barbeque rack on the spot and the little guy sat in front of the rack and slowly roasted the meat.

After a full meal, the little cute licked her greasy hands and looked at Lo Ya, who had put out the flame, eagerly. No one knew what was in her mind.

“Well, I’ll give you a name too, although you are not an adult yet.”

Lo Ya began to consider whether her surname was Luo, Jiang, or Luo.

“I will call her Luo Xue.”

“Luo Xue.” Little Little Insect Girl thought carefully for a while. After half a minute, she happily swung her tail and said, “Luo Xue, Luo Xue.”

At this time, a rumbling sound suddenly sounded in the distance. A huge frigate rose from the ground and began to fly into the distance.

“Has the ship been remodeled? ”

Lo Ya looked up at the ship and gently exhaled.

There were a lot of Engineering Beetle now, and the vicinity of Mother Star had even started to build Star Gate.

The expanded space was solidified, and there was a high-intensity isolation space between the two Star Gate, which was the subspace. Using the high energy to build a passageway, it would allow them to travel at a faster and larger scale. In other words, the Star Gate.

When the Star Gate was transported, its speed could be increased by at least ten times based on the original expansion of space.

In other words, even the worst Star Gate could increase the Insect Girl Clan’s current long-distance flying speed to 120 times the speed of light.

The quality of the Star Gate was higher, and it could provide more energy. This speed could be greatly increased.

The Small was still unable to understand warships and spaceships, but the Spirit knew that those were branches of the Insect Girl Clan, so she looked very happy.

Lo Ya placed it on her tail, and then brought her to explore the more dangerous woods.

Later on, she felt that it was not exciting enough, so she came to Fresnel Forest.

There were still many breeding areas that were surrounded by Insect Girl. The largest one was over a million square kilometers and there were many creatures that could threaten Little Insect Girl.

There was a muffled thunder in the sky, and it rained heavily.

Two Small wriggled in the wilderness, climbed up a big tree, and had Gnawing fruits. They were like ordinary creatures, feeling the vastness and mysteriousness of nature.

Scenes of hunting and being robbed showed the cruelty of nature to Lo Ya.

Even in the era of the universe, this situation had never changed.

“Does life have to be spent in slaughter?”

Lo Ya could not help but have this thought.

Most lives, even in the civilized era, were very hard to enjoy this kind of natural life without any pressure like ordinary Little Insect Girl.

She wanted to ask herself if she could still forget everything if she did not have her current strength and identity. She would lie comfortably in the forest every day, enjoying the rain, maintaining a comfortable mood, and absorbing fresh air.

She would only feel irritated, right?

Little Little Insect Girl chased after a mouse and crawled over from her body.

Lo Ya started to close her eyes and sleep soundly.

Two hours later, when she looked up, she found that Little Insect Girl had unknowingly squeezed into her arms. She was snoring and her mouth was still drooling.

Using the Magic elements to remove the dirty things, Lo Ya stretched and started to consider the more advanced weapons.

The goal of evolution had been chosen: Proton cannon, antimatter bomb.

The former should be relatively easy to achieve, but the latter… might be able to be manufactured, but it could not maintain stability.

The annihilation of positive and antimatter could be converted into pure photons, which was equivalent to converting matter into pure energy. A small antimatter cannonball could destroy a large continent. This was something that nuclear weapons could not compare with.

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