C385 Summon the Black Dragon

The construction speed of Insect Girl Paradise was very fast. After all, it was very easy to build a small playground in the era of space.

After the completion, a large group of Little Insect Girl could go in and play.

Lo Ya used the materials to weave a net and then trapped more than 20 young Little Insect Girl inside. This way, these little things could only stick closely together and then use their little black eyes to look at Lo Ya.

Among them, three Little Insect Girl was different. They were the variants that obtained new genes during this period of time.

Among them. Among them was a cute dragon Little Insect Girl, a hamster Little Insect Girl, and a Slime Little Insect Girl.

The cute dragon Little Insect Girl was the Little Insect Girl with black dragon wings after she used the black dragon gene. There were two scales on each of her shoulders, and even her chest was covered with scales. Little Insect Girl the hamster was fatter and always curled up lazily like a hamster. It was a completely useless cute thing, and its ability to hunt was not as good as the other Little Insect Girl.

As for the last one…

It used the gene of the blue Slime for the first time, and its entire body was in liquid form. It was indeed Insect Girl’s appearance, and wherever it moved, it would leave behind a very nutritious blue gelatinous liquid, which was very easy to attract small insects.

Although Insect Girl did not have digestive organs, any insects or other creatures that fell into its liquid would melt in a very short period of time, and become even more liquid.

If she did not resist, then you could carry this small thing.

Occasionally, you would use your tongue to lick Lo Ya, leaving behind a trace of the Slime’s smell.

Lo Ya brought this group of Little Insect Girl to the underwater castle. Many adult Little Insect Girl were like agile aquatic creatures swimming around.

“Oh, it is clearly a round and slippery insect tail, but it is still so agile. ”

Lo Ya was about to swim forward when a big fish suddenly scuttled out and bit her tail.

She stopped, turned around, and swung her tail. However, the fish was still biting hard and could not be thrown away.

“Looks like I can only eat it.” Lo Ya exhaled.

In the end, the fish seemed to understand as it let go of its mouth and ran away like a wisp of smoke.


He continued to play.

Although he was still quite a distance away from Little Insect Girl, he could at least see the flourishing scene now.

Dumb little things were swaying in front of his eyes. When they saw her, they would happily swim up and want Lo Ya to hug them.

“Oh, speaking of which, there are still a few deities in my Item Space… as well as that princess’s consciousness.”

The princess’s soul was incomplete, and the Gods were intact.

Lo Ya decided to only revive the princess and Crystal Dragon God. As for the rest, she will talk about it in the future.

“Why don’t we find a rabbit?”

“No, it will be eaten.”

Looking at Little Insect Girl who was looking for food everywhere, Lo Ya sighed.

If she were to look for prey that did not have any intelligence, it would indeed be filled with danger.

If only Crystal Dragon God could recover her former body.

“Let’s just synthesize it and synthesize it using genes.”

Lo Ya decided to create a bug that had no self-consciousness and could only evolve. When it was fully evolved, Lo Ya let her consciousness attach to it.

That princess could also do the same. Lo Ya could at least remember the other party’s appearance and evolve according to this. Her strength was set at the Extraordinary level.

The process was still relatively slow. Lo Ya slept in the water for two days.

You ask why it took two days because Insect Girl no longer need to rely on oxygen and would not drown under the water. This ability was indeed the natural talent of a biological civilization. If it were any other civilization, they would not be able to do such a thing.

Two days later, the lovely bodies of the two cute girls were born.

Older sister Crystal Dragon God and… a certain princess.

During the transformation, there were additional survival organs for the insects, so they could also live underwater.

Then Lo Ya took out her consciousness from the Item Space and used a method that she did not know about to merge with the other party’s brain.

Not long after, the two girls opened their eyes.

“Did you revive me?”

The only one who spoke so calmly was Crystal Dragon God.

The first thing she did after waking up was to hug Lo Ya and then rub her into a small ball. She rubbed it comfortably.

“It’s not good for you to do this!”

Lo Ya wagged her tail and hid away. Her tone was very helpless.

The princess beside her felt that it was not real. “This is…”

“I have created your bodies. That whatever princess, you are no longer a princess. There is only one empire left in this world, the Empire of Insect Girl.” Lo Ya puffed out her chest and proudly said a certain fact.

She was silent, as if she was trying hard to accept it.

“Little Lo Ya, you already have the ability to create life?” Crystal Dragon God reached out and pinched herself. It was indeed a human body. Of course, the real body was actually a creature of Insect Girl Clan, so it was also restricted by Lo Ya’s main consciousness.

A wave of divine attribute and Strength was released from her body and then retracted. It seemed that Crystal Dragon God was no longer a god but the remaining divine attribute was still much stronger than Lo Ya.

“No, this is not creation… No, this can also be considered creation.” Facing the weakened opponent, Lo Ya did not feel any nervousness, “Your current strength is only ordinary people.”

” I can feel it, but it doesn’t matter. ”

She did not look angry. After all, obtaining a second life was better than really disappearing.

Furthermore, there were so many cute Little Insect Girl swimming around, looking stupid and cute.

Lo Ya came to the bottom of the castle and saw a little Little Insect Girl waving her tail and rabbit legs, teasing a few fishes that were brought in from the outside.

In an environment filled with aquatic plants, the oxygen content was very sufficient. In addition, the water quality was very good, so the permeability was very good.

“At this time, I should also let the Sutton completely join my territory.”

Lo Ya knew that the Sutton was definitely not that unyielding black dragon. Back then, it was bound by a piece of contract from the Empire, which meant that it did not mind compromising in front of its enemy who was stronger than it.

Picking up a five-centimeter tall young Insect Girl, Lo Ya kissed her and then took her away from the surface of the water.

The little thing in her hand watched Lo Ya fly up with her and then happily looked at the ground.

When Insect Girl was young, she did not perform chrysalis so she did not know how to fly. Now that she could see the entire land, she showed her curiosity.

“Now that there are so many adult little fellows, I should let them take you to see the world in the future.”

Although there was no evidence that it was effective to face Insect Girl’s increase in intelligence when she was young.

Compared to the past, these little things were too comfortable.

When they landed in the Sutton territory, the group of black dragons lying on the ground all raised their heads.

“Black dragons, now the entire world is in my hands. Become a member of the Empire of Insect Girl.”

Lo Ya shouted out her request very domineeringly. Her voice carried the aura of Magic, Strength, and divine attribute as it swept across every dragon’s ears.

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