C384 Scale Data

But it’s not an electromagnetic wave.

The Brain Insect had deduced a formula that Lo Ya could not understand based on the increase in temperature. It came to a shocking conclusion.

Translating it in the language of Earth, it was beyond the temperature of Planck. (1.416833 x 10 = 32 degrees Celsius), the object would appear electromagnetic. But the temperature of the universe could not exceed this number, or it could be said that this number had no meaning to the temperature. Thus, this liquid could never become electromagnetic waves.

It was like there was a mass of objects that could not be accelerated at the speed of light, but could never touch the speed of light. It was a restriction of the laws of the universe.

Of course, the Brain Insect also speculated that even if it reached that temperature, it would be meaningless because the transparent mineral could very well be destroyed.

“Then, is it possible that this is the dark matter?” Lo Ya thought of some things from her previous life and asked.

“If it is a dark matter, then it can only be measured with a brief introduction. It is impossible to touch it with one’s hand. It is also impossible to produce and explode. Furthermore, up until now, I still suspect that the dark matter exists. If it exists, it’s just that it doesn’t affect the known matter.”

Because they couldn’t understand why the universe was expanding, the scientists also tried to use the dark matter and dark energy to explain all of this.

Because they calculated the high dimension in mathematics, and in the theory of explaining the microscopic laws, It also often needed to be introduced into high-dimensional mathematical theories to explain, so the scientists speculated. The universe existed in the high dimension, and they curled up in the microscopic world.

But did these really exist?

It was just like how people, based on the reactions of their experiments, found out about Quark, who was inside the atomic nucleus, found out about the particles such as the gel particles and the neutron particles, but no one would be able to see all of this with their own eyes.

When the field of research was too microscopic, everything was just an introduction and probe. Depending on Model and mathematics were used to prove it. And the living beings were smart. They used this method to constantly touch upon more truths of the universe. They found more and more ways to explain everything.

As long as the universe existed in a pattern, then life would be able to discover them.

But why is there such a pattern, perhaps we will never know.

Perhaps the end of science hides a terrifying truth, waiting for all life in the universe.

Insect Girl’s current technology allowed the transparent liquid cannon to fire in an environment of 1.5 billion degrees. Its initial speed was 90% light speed.

Although it was not as fast as the laser gun, its power was far greater than this. What was more terrifying was that this weapon could not be seen.

Yes, because the stationary mass was not 0, this meant that the transparent cannon still retained its kinetic energy. With the current firing speed, the kinetic energy impact was equivalent to the power of a million ton nuclear bomb exploding. In addition to the explosive power and splash damage of the transparent cannon itself, the damage it dealt to any spaceship was devastating.

Furthermore, once the number of bombs increased, the so-called Level 2 Civilization would be completely helpless against the Insect Girl Clan.

Because of the improvement of the destroyer, the original frigate also began to undergo simple modifications, strengthening the weapons it was equipped with.

Of course, most of the frigate were currently in war, so the energy for modification was insufficient, and the effect was not very good.

But at this time, the spaceships in the territory were all increasing their defense and attack power, and even the ordinary little bugs also had a large growth.

Among them, the small beetle with the most number had all increased to the strength of a normal beginner level super class.

At this time, Lo Ya marked the combat level of all the bugs, and then looked at the current situation of the species.

[Species have been named: Insect Girl.]

[Current Brain Level: 3]

[Description: Insect Girl is a relatively primitive Magical Creature. Their intelligence and survival ability are similar. They are few in number, but they are competitive. They have the basic ability to deal with crisis and combat power. ]

Species Number: 171 (87 adults, 42 underaged, 42 tails)

Brain Insect (Commander): 100

Exploration Ship:

[Glasses Insect: 1,000]

Transport Ship:

[Small: 600]

[Medium: 80 ships]

[Large (Inmature, low-cost)] 20


Hive frigate: 38 ships (6 in construction)

Extraordinary (Special Category) :

[Poison Parasite:???]

[Cannon Insect: 2000 (Luoga people direction), 300 (Tiss Civilization direction), the rest 5000]

Extraordinary (Collection) :

[Nourishing Insect: 150 billion]

[Light Plate Insect: 320 million]

Lower First Grade Transcendent:

[Engineering Beetle: 6 billion]

[small beetle: Approximately 80 billion]

[Explosive Beetle: About 50 billion]

[Corrosive small beetle: About 100 million]

[Virus Female Bug Sack: 60,000]

[flourishing ball Mother Nest: 150]

Upper First Grade Transcendent:

[Flying Dagger Insect: 80 million]

[Sickle Insect: 400 million]

[Insect Killer: 80 million]

Drilling Insects: 1.6 million

Lower Second Grade Transcendent

[Sickle Mother Nest: 2,000]

[Wind God Winged Insect: 3 million]

Upper Second Grade Transcendent:

[Humanoid Undead Insect: 1 million]

[Black Wolf Beast: Six hundred thousand]

[Launcher Insect: 180,000]

Lower Third Grade Transcendent:

[Laser Insect: 240,000]

[Electric Bug: 120,000]

As they had been focusing on producing more expensive Wind God Winged Insect and Electric Insects, the number of cannon fodders had decreased.

Of course, the so-called First Grade and Second Grade Transcendents were divided with the help of the Brain Insect. According to this system, there would be Third Grade and Fourth Grades. Fourth Grades, on the other hand, were considered epic (which was the standard of the Insect Girl Clan).

The creatures living in the Star Abyss in Mother Star were almost at the level of Fifth Grade Transcendents. They were existences far stronger than Lo Ya. This was also the reason why she had never dared to provoke the other party.

Of course, if Insect Girl were to go all out and launch a nuclear bomb, this fellow would die no matter how strong he was.

Brain Insect estimated that once they reached Fifth Grade transcendent, ordinary bullets would explode. As long as it did not hit the target, this monster would basically be fine. When one reached Transcendence Seventh Grade, a nuclear bomb that weighed hundreds of thousands of tons of equivalent weight would have to explode in the middle before it could kill the opponent.

Currently, the designated district was divided into: Transcendental First to Third Grade, belonging to ordinary Transcendents. Level 4-6, belonging to Epic Transcendent-level, or in short, Epic. Level 7-9, belonging to Legendary Transcendent-level, for short, Legendary.

Well, it felt like playing online games.

Above level 9 was too far away, so it was not easy to guess. Perhaps it was a new realm, or perhaps it was a level 10 Transcendent, or it could be a god.

Lo Ya specifically wanted to find the human girl and have a good discussion.

After taking a boat back to Mother Star and taking a bath with dozens of Little Insect Girl in the stream near the birth leader, Lo Ya decided to build herself a super large swimming pool (lake).

The pool was divided into the water grass area, the underground maze castle area, the gem toy area and so on.

Title: Insect Girl Paradise.

There were more than 100 little fellows from big to small. In general, their survival ability was very tenacious. Until now, they had not gotten sick or had accidents.

When so many little fellows gathered together, it already gave Lo Ya an unprecedented sense of accomplishment.

The smartest Lo Xin had already completed the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and utilization of less than 100. More than 100 calculations could be considered to be able to be done. It was just that she often made mistakes. The stupidest Little Insect Girl was, of course, the one who had just been born. It did not seem to be much different from when she was at the first or second level of the brain. The characteristic of the Insect Girl Clan was that its IQ started to increase after it became an adult.

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