C381 The Confrontation of the Fleet

“The enemy fleet sends out small aircrafts to prepare for self-preservation tactics”

It was impossible for them to fight with their lives on the line. No matter how miserable the war was, the Insect Girl Clan would always protect their own ships.

As for their performance in killing the enemy, it was not within Lo Ya’s consideration at all.

“Let’s launch some Electromagnetic Cannon to make it look like.”

The energy in the fusion reactor was already very shocking. With the flashing of electric currents, a heavy artillery shell instantly accelerated and disappeared from her sight.

Because it was too fast, even the Eye of Truth couldn’t capture the position of the cannonball.

After the first shot, the cannonballs at the back began to automatically load. Once they landed on the tracks, they were instantly accelerated. In a short 10 seconds, the swarm of insects fired 360 cannonballs in succession. It was equivalent to each ship firing 3 cannonballs per second.

“This can be considered my good performance, right?”

Lo Ya was not sure if the enemy could detect the cannonballs in advance and avoid them, but they were so small and scattered. It was not easy to find them. With a speed of 300 kilometers per second, it only needed half a minute to fly 10,000 kilometers. The target of this shot was in the orbit of the enemy fleet. If there were no accidents, In 10 minutes, they would explode near the enemy’s warship.

Yes, there was no need to directly hit it. In space wars, most of the time, they just needed to ensure that the cannonballs exploded near the target.

The Insect Girl Clan’s shooting was directly exposed to the eyes of the surrounding ships. Hence, based on the angle of the firing, they could quickly calculate the direction of the attack.

“Direct prediction?”

The cylindrical civilization, after the pillar-shaped creature confirmed the attack range of the insect ship, it adjusted its attack angle and sealed off the other directions.

Once the enemy’s ship did not maintain a fixed speed and direction, their artillery shells would hit the enemy.

As for whether or not they could destroy the target, that was not a concern. At the current stage, most of the cannonballs were nuclear warheads, and each shot was at least a few hundred to a thousand tons of equivalent weight.

The other civilizations opened fire one after another, predicting the attack or blocking the attack based on the trajectory they had calculated. Only 80 Vivendian warships used lasers to fire at the enemy.

Six to seven minutes later, one of the Vivendian warships that was hit suffered damage, and had no choice but to retreat. Regrettably, the enemy suddenly increased the power output and destroyed more than half of its side in an instant.

“Don’t you think there are a lot of small flying devices?”

Lo Ya looked at the increasing number of small flying transports in the distance and felt that she should use the advantage of the Insect Sea.

Of course, there were only 17 frigate in total this time. The number of small insects that could be sent out to fight in space was already limited.

Almost 20,000 Wind God Winged Insect and 50,000 Laser Insect were released from the cabin door at the back of the transport ship.

Lo Ya was worried that she would receive the enemy’s laser, so she sent a signal to Vivendian, “Requesting cover.”

The enemy immediately sent out a few spaceships to block the Insect Girl Clan’s transport ship.

She did not expect that even so, the enemy’s laser would be split into a few.

However, to the insects that were scattered at high speed and had a large number of defensive power, these laser beams only caused the death of a hundred individuals.

The Laser Insect launched a counterattack.

With 50,000 beams of light gathered together, it was no longer weaker than the laser main armament of the Vivendian and the bone civilization.

“Using a large number of small beams to form an advantage in firepower?”

Although there were some technological trees in the alliance that were crooked and especially powerful in certain aspects, there were very few people like the Insect Girl Clan who paid special attention to small combat units.

20,000 Wind God Winged Insect had already started flying towards their target.

A huge amount of Engineering Beetle appeared behind the cabin door. It relied on the airflow from its tail to slowly fly to the front of the fleet. It formed a net of about ten square meters to block the possible attacks.

After about 5 minutes, the entire civilization’s fleet suddenly received a warning.

“A large number of missiles are coming. Prepare to defend.”

The Brain Insect immediately combined the tens of thousands of Engineering Beetle network and completely blocked in front of their own fleet.

Boom! Boom!

In less than 30 seconds, a series of explosions occurred. In the intense collision, the nuclear bomb exploded, and it was as if a dazzling sun had lit up in space.

Almost at the same time, many of the surrounding civilizations’ fleets were bombarded by missiles.

“The detection technology is too poor, even if it’s a missile that flies slower, it can’t be discovered very quickly”

In space battles, the missiles used by both sides are more or less invisible, so in the vast space, without a certain detection ability, it is very hard to detect flying attacks.

The Insect Girl Clan’s fleet began to fly in an irregular route to reduce the possibility of being predicted by the enemy.

As for the Electromagnetic Cannon that the frigate shot out, it seemed to have been discovered by the target. They avoided it in advance and hid in all directions.

“Let’s do it again.”

In the second round, Lo Ya directly used the transparent cannon.

Relying on the electromagnetic acceleration device at the tail, the current transparent cannon already had a firing speed of 200 kilometers.

When it was about 20 kilometers away from the ship, the fusion device at the tail detonated. It produced high pressure and pushed the flying speed to 220 kilometers. When the expected speed was reached, the propulsion device would fall off. Only invisible cannonballs were left flying in the void.

This was the killing weapon of Insect Girl Clan.

At the same time that the transparent cannonballs were fired, Lo Ya also fired more than 100 Electromagnetic Cannon to cover up for others.

The Vivendian people sent a message, “Your Electromagnetic Cannon can’t hit the target directly. Use it to interfere with them.”

Sure enough, during this flight, the other side had already taken precautions.

However, it was clear that the firing angle of the transparent cannon happened to be at the place where they had dodged.

As the cannons from both sides continued firing, a large number of small aircraft had already started fighting.

Each of their own civilizations had sent out at least a hundred of them, and among them, there was no lack of mechas and other equipment. Only the Insect Girl Clan had sent out an astonishing twenty thousand Wind God Winged Insect.

Lo Ya made a preliminary judgment that those civilizations did not have a way to create an expansion space within the spaceship. This was very likely the technology that she had on her side.

The combat strength of the Wind God Winged Insect was not weak. After all, it was a small creature in the strongest tier of the swarm. Even if it was facing the enemy’s highest level fighter, it would not be at a disadvantage.

The bone civilization mostly used semi-circular flat fighter aircraft. They did not have wings. They relied entirely on chemical fuel to propel them. Other than the Electromagnetic Cannon, they could also launch small plasma balls. Any Wind God Winged Insect that was hit would suffer fatal injuries.

The machine gun in the Wind God Winged Insect’s mouth could also hurt the other side, but the effect was limited. Most of the time, it relied on the missile hanging below the wings to kill the opponent.

Because it was equipped with half of the bullets, it did not need to directly hit the enemy. The explosion nearby could cause damage.

But in general, whether it was flexibility or speed, they were inferior to the enemy.

“The enemy numbers are increasing, the total number of aircrafts has exceeded forty thousand”

The observation information from the Glasses Insect made Lo Ya start to consider whether she should send more people to fight.

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