C379 The Controlled Biological Brain

“Team 1 has broken into the inside of the target, everything’s fine”

The captain was squatting in a small room. A few members were paying full attention to their surroundings to prevent any sudden danger.

“Well done. Be careful of the danger. This base is a bit abnormal.”


The captain took out a magazine from the Engineering Beetle’s back and loaded it onto the gun.

60 small-caliber bullets.

“The technology of these insects is really amazing. A rifle can be driven by dozens of bullets, a small crystal and a magnet.” The captain grinned, finding the feeling of being a soldier.

Handsome military uniforms and weapons could make people feel a sense of belonging. They had to admit that in such a situation, they could not help but stand on the side of Insect Girl Clan.

The unlucky guy took out a piece of chewing gum from his food and threw it into his mouth. He then raised his rifle and prepared for the next battle.


The captain shouted in a low voice and started to rush out of the room with his comrades. They started to run inside the tunnel.

In the end, they didn’t encounter anything along the way. After advancing for several hundred meters, a huge space appeared before their eyes.

The ring-shaped road circled around the space with a diameter of a thousand meters. Looking inside, they could see a huge cylindrical machine extending all the way to the bottom, until it reached the end of their line of sight.

“This is too… deep.”

Everyone noticed the entrance to a room a few hundred meters away, so they began to run in that direction.

As a result, not much forward, a large number of robots suddenly flew over from afar.

“Damn it, get rid of those guys”

All nine of them raised their rifles and fired bullets at their targets.

The guns themselves had a weak lock function. After determining the target, they would automatically tremble and follow the target closely. This made everyone’s shooting accuracy quite high.

The winged robots thousands of meters away all exploded one after another, but there were also bullets that shot over. A soldier was killed by the bullets and fell to the ground with blood all over his body.

After a round of fighting, the team members who lost two soldiers finally rushed into the target’s room.

Not long after they walked in, a robot that was 50 to 60 meters tall and supported by three legs suddenly fell from the sky.


After a series of incomprehensible sounds, the robot’s eyes emitted a red light. Its entire body opened up one cannon after another. Countless cannonballs spun within and entered a state of waiting to be fired.

“It’s over.” The unlucky guy didn’t even have the thought of shooting.

“Artillery soldier!”

The captain didn’t want to give up, so he shouted at the gunner not far away.

The gunner who hurriedly picked up the launcher trembled as he picked up a cannon and hit it. He didn’t have time to lock onto it and directly pulled the launch button.

A fiery light broke through the air and hit the target 50 meters away. The explosion occurred on the robot’s head, and after a huge explosion, the three-legged robot fell to the ground on the spot.

“Continue, don’t just stand there.”

One cannonball definitely wouldn’t be enough.

The artillery continued to load, and after six or seven consecutive shots, they finally fell to the ground.


They were still saying something. At this moment, the Spiritual Link of the swarm suddenly appeared. In an instant, everyone could actually understand what the other party was saying.

“Traitor… Destroy… Master… Zi, Zi, Zi… Prepare for the activation of the second form…”

The expressions of the six warriors changed.

Second form, could it be…

The robot began to transform. The captain knew that things were not looking good. He shouted loudly and ran towards another opening not far away.

The mechanical door began to close. The six soldiers did their best to run to the other side before the door closed.

“Phew, keep moving forward.”

Not sure if the door behind could block them, the captain did not dare to stop and continued on this road of no return.

As they walked, the six of them suddenly received orders from their superiors: “While protecting yourself, try to communicate with the robots.”

“Communication? These robots are intelligent?” The captain was shocked.

“I’m not sure. You can conduct some simple tests on the target.”


The six of them were helpless.

“Captain, should we consider leaving this place alive at this time?”

“I think so too. Do you think that’s possible?” The soldier beside him spat out, “There’s no way out. There’s no hope. Let’s wait for death.”

… “”

The squad continued forward and finally arrived at a new hall.

Here, there was only a human-like machine that could only move the upper half of its body.

The other party’s eyes emitted a green light as he scanned the few people. He did not launch an attack, only releasing a stiff electronic voice: “Traitor”

The unlucky guy frowned. “It says traitor.”

The robot from before also said the same word.

“Let’s try to communicate.”

The right to speak in the Spiritual Link was activated. The captain said directly, “What traitor?”

“Destruction… They destroyed us…” The voice became more and more hoarse and rigid, “They transformed us into… Machines, they… want to destroy everything.”

… “”

They looked at each other, the captain asked again:” Who are they? ”

“The… destroyers.”

The Brain Insect, who was monitoring everything, shook its tentacles and immediately passed the information to Lo Ya. It said, “Previously, we observed the damaged machinery and found blood.”

“Blood?” Lo Ya touched her chin and said to the Brain Insect, “Send a swarm of beetles into the interior. Capture a few robots alive and dismantle them.”


While they were conversing, a small transport ship carrying the Beetle Army landed. 5000 black beetles and 5000 Explosive Beetle were put down.

These beetles immediately attacked the interior of the ship. After consuming some of the robot’s ammunition, they captured it alive.

After some of the machines were taken away, they began to remove them, and Lo Ya saw the organs of the creatures within.

“It’s the brain. These robots’ bodies are controlled by the biological brain. I speculate that they are normal lives, but they were forced to undergo surgery and were combined with the machines.”

Normally, the brain could not be combined with the machines. But looking at the situation in front of them, they were still alive and even able to think.

“This technology far exceeds ours.” The Brain Insect helplessly admitted to this fact.

Lo Ya thought for a moment and called out a Sickle Insect, “Why don’t you eat it and see if it can give birth to a completely identical individual without changing the genes.”

The Sickle Insect immediately began to do it.

After another robot that was solved by the side did some research, the Brain Insect confirmed a very scary fact.

“These brains are connected to a large number of sensory systems, including pain, heat, and a series of bad sensations. Their creator was trying to make these brains suffer extreme and continuous pain. The metal inside the machinery has vitals and nano-maintenance robots that can perform microsurgeries. By controlling cell terminals, controlling duplication, and other methods, keep the brain alive at all times.”

“Is that so?”

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