C378 Fine Firepower Battle

Ten minutes later, thousands of people were standing in the central hall of the transport ship.

Unlike the Green-skinned Man, the ones with stronger physiques had only gone through two days of weapon training. With the 100-man company as the unit, they boarded small transport ships and landed on a planet filled with deserts.

“Everyone.” At the last moment before they got off the plane, the captain standing on the high platform said. Through the microphone. “Check your protective suit. The landing site is extremely harsh. I guarantee that as long as your skin is exposed to the air for a few seconds, it will completely fester. ”

Hearing this voice, the unlucky guy’s heart tightened. He hurriedly checked his clothing and his half-biological and half-mechanical electromagnetic rifle at the same time.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir!” All the warriors shouted in unison.

“Very well, our mission this time is to expand the outer planets. Insect Girl Clan They value our intelligence and gave us the mission to explore an unknown planet. ” He walked to the side and a projection came down from above. It displayed the data of this planet, including longitude, latitude, topography, and so on and so forth. “Map information will be sent to your wristwatch, filmed through space. We found that on this planet, there were traces of unknown spaceships crashing. There are a few robots on the ground that are capable of moving, your mission is to go deep into the target spaceship. Obtain any information that you think might be useful, understand?”


After a reply, the cabin door opened and the captain came to the side of the ship and slid down along the rope.

The wind was very strong, most of it was caused by the airflow at the tail of the ship.

The unlucky guy slid down for 50 meters and finally touched the hard sand.

The goggles were constantly being hit. The sky was a little dark, and the cable performance showed the scene in the distance.

Warriors wearing black special combat suits quickly gathered. With the team as the unit, they moved towards the red dot marked on the map.

“Squad 1, follow me.”

The captain started to jog towards the target, and the unlucky one followed behind him. Not long after, a rusted eye robot appeared in the distance. They were shaped like cylinders and had a semicircle head. They relied on mechanical legs to walk. After discovering the soldiers, they immediately rotated their mechanical arms. A black muzzle was revealed, and it fired towards them.

“Get down!”

The captain immediately reminded everyone to dodge.

Bullets flew past him, and the unlucky guy lied behind the slope in a panic, his head full of cold sweat.

There was a wail from not far away. He turned around and saw a soldier’s left leg was broken. Blood was flowing out from the wound.

“Fight back. Don’t be afraid.”

The robot’s firing soon stopped. The captain shouted at the communicator, then suddenly stuck his head out and fired at the target.

Sizzle sizzle…

After a series of shots, the robot in the distance exploded and turned into a pile of scrap metal.

“The robot has combat power and is a big threat to us. It can be destroyed.”

After the captain connected to the internal channel of the spaceship, he shouted this sentence, and then prepared to lead the team to continue forward.

The injured person was left on the spot, there were already bugs running over, ready to take it away for treatment.

The unlucky guy ran with him. Along the way, he could not help but ask his comrades beside him, “Didn’t you say that we still need to train for a period of time? Why did it suddenly become a pioneer?”

“This is training.” The soldier beside him shrugged his shoulders. “Captain told me before that when the Insect Girl Clan was exploring the outside world, They had locked onto many planets with traces of life and had research value. It’s not suitable for violent attacks, so they sent us. ”


Cannon fodder… He silently gave himself a definition in his heart.

Usually, those who were at the forefront of the exploration team would be like this.

Of course, they were not clear. In Insect Girl’s heart, their value was much greater than the small beetle that she could casually consume.

“Squad 1, please immediately head to the ruins in the northwest to provide support. We have encountered a large group of combat robots here.”

Everyone’s communicator rang at the same time. The squad leader immediately led the soldiers towards the target.

After about 300 meters, gunshots came one after another from the front. The soldiers began to split up, and many of the cover tactics used to deal with ordinary enemies lost their effectiveness at this moment. Everyone could only use their firepower to destroy the target as much as possible.

“Quick, rocket soldiers, get rid of that group of machines.” The captain shouted at the soldiers running up behind him. The enemy immediately picked up the launcher and installed a bullet in the head.

Lightly turning the button, a flash of fire appeared and the cannonball disappeared into the distance with a trail of flames.

Because of the fragment of the Energy Charging Crystal, ordinary individual rocket launchers already had a way to shoot to seven or eight kilometers away. The target of this cannonball was a metal facility three kilometers away that continuously surged with robots.

Following a series of glaring explosions, boiling hot fireballs slowly rose. The shockwave directly hit a thousand meters away, and a large group of machines were blown dozens of meters away in the fierce wind.

After one shot, most of the machines in the distance were cleared.

This soldier hypothesized that the rocket launcher was on the ground, and placed a pressure bomb on it. A mortars were formed just like that.

Unlike before, the mortars of this era were self-located. When a missile was launched into the air, it would automatically calibrate the target. Within a few seconds, the target would change direction and finally land on the spot where the attack was needed. The aircrafts and satellites in the sky will locate the cannonballs.

If it was in the era of planets, not to mention whether or not these small satellite positioning cannonballs could be made, even if they were really made, it would definitely be extremely expensive. There would definitely not be any countries that would create such a thing.

However, the Insect Girl Clan did not forget to increase the firepower of the land war.

The battle mode of the swarm was too rough, so they had to build a group that was truly suitable for detailed battles.

These human soldiers were only test subjects. If the effects were outstanding, the relevant equipment would be used on the Undead Insect, forming the so-called low-cost elite troops.

With the current equipment, a small team had the strength to easily wipe out a battalion during World War II. Because they were equipped with a lot of 100-ton bullets, and they were accompanied by transport insects. They had a huge advantage in battle.

“Close range targets have been destroyed. Consumes 6 thermal bullets and 300 bullets.”

After the enemy three kilometers ahead was basically cleared, the troops were ready to move forward.

The captain released a miniature detector and sent out dozens of young Nourishing Insect. After knowing that there was no danger ahead, the 1st team began to leave their original position and took the lead to rush towards the target building.

“This abandoned spacecraft doesn’t seem to be very old. There shouldn’t be aliens, right?”

With this thought, the unlucky guy followed the captain into the destroyed cabin door.

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