C377 The Unlucky Ones Were Killed

On the 1st day of the 7th year of the Empire of Insect Girl Calendar, Insect Girl Star.

To the humans who lived here, the changes in this world were so fast that they could not adapt to it.

It had been a while since the war ended. The education system of Insect Girl Clan had been implemented for two years. During this period of time, from basic mathematics to all kinds of physics. And… The principle of atomic bomb manufacturing and so on.

Compared to doing a lot of calculations, Insect Girl Clan was more inclined to learn relevant calculations in experiments in order to save time.

For example, when building buildings collapsed, the teacher taught everyone how to calculate building mechanics. He calculated while building models and then built actual buildings.

It seemed that the efficiency was lower, but after two years, some students who studied in this field could directly run to work positions and help design more complex buildings.

There were specialties in this field.

Lo Ya paid special attention to this point. She paid attention to physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and not literature and art.

The university established by the Insect Clan recruited students every year. The number of humanities and science subjects was 1.99. In other words, only one humanities student would be accepted out of every 100 people.

Most of the humanities students studied politics, management, and history. The rest of them were psychology and literature. It was one thing to have fewer people, but after graduation, these people would basically find a good job. For example, government managers, business managers, and so on.

There are also managers in science students.

The swarm of bugs followed the study elimination system and started learning practical subjects from the first year of admission. Once a year of examination, the loser of the examination would directly receive a graduation certificate of the corresponding level. If all subjects were to be eliminated from the study of this course… You will have to join the work (enter society). Those who successfully advance in the subject will be able to continue becoming a student of the next level.

Take physics as an example, the knowledge in the first year was relatively simple. The main knowledge was the application of mechanics, architecture, and so on. The difficulty of the second year was increased. And adding simple electromagnetic and optical content, the higher the difficulty, the more difficult it was. If they passed all the subjects, these people would be directly sent to the research center. Become scientific researchers.

Society would also arrange the work of the students according to this state, and those who died in the first year would be sent to the research center. This meant that they couldn’t even study the basic subjects properly, and if they were to do relevant work… It was only suitable for physical labor. In the second year of death, he would be suitable for simple engineering and use some mechanical knowledge. It could be used for simple calculations. The third year showed that electromagnetism and optics were not bad.

If there were many talented students who passed the level within a year, they could only choose a few with the best results to advance.

Thus, the more years one had, the fewer subjects a student would need to study.

In the fifth year, only the strongest class was allowed to study.

Although there were many loopholes in it, it was indeed the most efficient way to make use of it.

Talents in society were more inclined to specialize. For example, after learning computer science, they didn’t need to study geography, humanities, and so on. The higher-ups thought that it was a waste of time.

This made a certain unlucky guy very unhappy. There was no other way. In the second year, all his subjects were eliminated, and the ones with the best results were computer science, medicine science, and geography.

This meant that he had to work with the three level 1 certificates (which meant that he only passed the first year of the exam).

According to social priorities, although the scores in geology were relatively higher, the higher-ups still advised her to work in computer science and pharmacology.

Doing computer science at this level was most a miscellaneous job. Medicine science, at most, only summarized and calculated medicine, and could also be a nurse.

During work, there would be further training. Now, his high academic qualifications had already said goodbye to him.

But it was not like there was no chance.

There was a profession called Land Infantry, and it didn’t require any education. It didn’t even require a level 1 military science certificate, and the treatment was pretty good.

Of course, the disadvantage was that it was too hard and tiring, and one’s life would be in danger if they encountered war.

“Might as well go and register.”

He made up his mind and went to the local military registration office, but he didn’t expect it to actually pass.

Two days later, he and the same batch of people who signed up came to a training ground for training. After 50% of the people were eliminated, the rest were sent to a small transport ship and transported to space.

Space training began.

The one in charge of training was a Brain Insect.

Although it was a different species, the insects were still very good at obeying Insect Girl’s rule.

For example, today, not even half a day after he arrived at the space station, he saw a Sickle Insect playing cards with three soldiers not far away.

“Yes, 6.”

“Yes, 8.”

“I’ll blow it up!”

Although the scene was a little out of place, this was indeed the era of shared prosperity.

“It’s just that the pressure of competition is too great.” He really didn’t want to vomit.

The entrance exam was divided into the subjects according to the results. In the first year, 20% of the students would be eliminated, becoming the lowest level of workers and workers.

Those who wanted to become land soldiers were people with no future. With their abilities, they couldn’t even operate basic mortars.

He walked to his own team.

Including himself, there were ten people. The captain was a level 1 management student with excellent training subjects. Just like him, he was eliminated from the second grade exam this year.

The few of them sat in their own room, eating military chocolate and chatting.

“Yesterday, I saw the news that the bugs have already sent out their fleets to meet up with the other civilizations in the Alliance. My dad and I talked about this matter, but he refused to believe it. He even said that the universe was some sort of thing and thought that I was lying to him.”

“As for the older generation, it’s normal that they couldn’t accept it. A few years ago, if you told me there was a universe above space, I wouldn’t believe it either.”

The unlucky guy sat next to the soldiers, tidied up his sleeping bag, and then took out a set of military rations from inside to eat.


He took out a transparent jelly-like object with a black substance. He was stunned for a moment and carefully looked at the description on the packaging.

Nourishing Insect Crystal Cake: A crystal cake made from a mixture of adult Nourishing Insect and chocolate. It contains high protein, high fat, and high sugar.

“It’s all fat.”

After taking a bite, the taste was very good. It had been processed. Since a certain Little Insect Girl half a year ago suggested to make the Nourishing Insect taste better, Lo Ya let them undergo a small evolution. It produced all kinds of flavors. It was also because of this move that this kind of creature that relied on swallowing stones to produce nutritional substances entered the restaurants of big and small families. It became the food of the entire country.

As for the Slime, at the current stage, it was in the process of unifying genes and planning to completely merge it into the unit of bugs. This way, the Insect Girl Clan would be able to split the delicious Slime.

While the unlucky guy was eating, a broadcast suddenly sounded from within the ship: We are about to arrive at the designated location. Everyone, please gather in the hall.

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