C375 All Kinds of Weapons in the Base

All civilizations are done filling in, compiling data, and then a form appears in front of each civilization.

According to the content on it, the main sources were the ground troops and the space troops. The Vivendian strictly prohibited the various civilizations from providing intelligent robots and advanced computers with intelligent evolution computing methods.

According to the length measurement provided by the civilization, only those that were about 100 meters long and above could be called battleships. Most of the civilizations provided more than 20 ships, and the Luoga people civilization provided 35. The Insect Girl Clan had the least.

However, most of the land forces were under 10 million soldiers (including robots). Only the Insect Girl Clan filled in an exaggerated 50 billion soldiers, which was far more than any other civilization.

Therefore, most of the individuals’ gazes were once again focused on Lo Ya.

“Can you really provide such a large number of combat organisms? Can you ensure its combat strength?”

Lo Ya thought for a moment and said, “Insect Girl Clan will provide two types of 60cm long carapace creatures, which are close to the length of two of me. One of them has more than 5 tons of Strength. When it explodes, It can instantly produce a force of 100 tons and above, which is fatal to most of the mechanical armor. The other type of beetle had less than 3 tons of Strength, but after self-explosion, it could produce about 40 kg of TNT explosives. It could easily destroy a multi-story building. The Explosive Beetle had a self-propulsion system, which could launch itself 1 km away. In the future, this shooting range might increase.”

After Lo Ya finished speaking, she made a comparison with the Brain Insect beside her. “It’s about 300 kg, which is equivalent to 0. Three tons.”

After saying that, everyone fell into a daze.

TNT explosives were not called TNT in other civilizations, but it did not stop them from understanding.

Although the beetle could only be considered cannon fodder when used alone, However, when there were tens of thousands of them, their damage would become very significant. When fighting on a planet, heavily polluted nuclear weapons naturally couldn’t be put into use on a large scale. Thus, conventional warfare will be the main means of landing on the planet. At this time, A large number of beetles would have a significant effect.

The representative from Vivendian nodded and said, “The Mechanical Civilization’s robots can be mass produced. We need the ground troops you provide. In fact, the help you provide is exactly what we need. ”

The number of warriors in Insect Girl Clan was indeed frightening. This revealed one piece of information, which was that this civilization had an astonishing reproductive ability and could consume individuals at will.

” Since it is confirmed, we will follow this plan and prepare for war. Hopefully, the various civilizations will choose their own commanders and vice commanders according to the ratio of the army. ”

“What about you?” Luoga people thought of the key and asked loudly, “You did not provide the necessary fleet.”

The woman said calmly, “Vivendian is facing direct danger from the Destroyer Civilization. We will use the entire civilization’s Strength to resist.”

After saying that, she waved her hand. The lid on the top of her head suddenly opened, revealing the space between the glass. A large number of battleships were suspended in the distance. There were more than 20 battleships in total.

“The 80 spaceships from the four bases will all be thrown into battle”

No one said anything. This time, the commander must be from Vivendian.

In fact, in terms of strength, this kind of commanding was normal.

The deputy commander was most likely a cylindrical civilization, because they were willing to provide 60 main-force warships.

It was hard to say whether Insect Girl Clan would be able to get the position of deputy commander. Lo Ya felt that she should be valued. Because the ground troops were basically living lives, providing 50 billion lives was much more expensive than dozens of ships.

“Then congratulations everyone, this meeting has come to an end.”

Bowing, the aircrafts took off one after another, picking everyone up and leaving their seats.

After that, most of the representatives left the scene. Lo Ya, who was only used to the environment, did not even need to bring a ventilator and started to stroll around the base.

She prepared to get some information.

“Hello, if you don’t mind, please let me take you to visit the base.” A robot walked up and said to Lo Ya.

“Okay, can you introduce the weapons here?”

“No problem.”

If they were not allies, Lo Ya’s request would not be approved.

They followed the other party to the base’s armed area and saw many large facilities in space.

“This is a four-piece Electromagnetic Cannon. It uses electromagnetic orbit to fire artillery shells. Calculating using the units used by your civilization, its initial speed is about 1000 kilometers per second. Because it uses electricity, the cost is very low. It is one of the most common weapons in the entire base. ”

1,000 kilometers…

Although she had a premonition, Lo Ya was still shocked.

This cannon was fully automated and could lock onto the target. There was a base of 10 square meters below, and the four cannons had a diameter of more than 90 millimeters.

“This is a high-energy laser. By releasing highly concentrated energy beams to attack enemies, it has an extremely high effect on the ship’s defense. Its advantage is its speed and power. Its weakness is that the cost-effective ratio is too low and it consumes a lot of energy.”

The laser gun’s platform covered over a hundred square meters and the part below the rock was even bigger. The interior was filled with fusion devices and electromagnetic field activation devices. Even from a distance, Lo Ya could sense how terrifying it was. Without a doubt, this was a laser gun that could be used in interstellar wars. It was not something that the pitiful light beam of the Laser Insect could compare with.

“High-temperature plasma cannon, which is also the Plasma Cannon, can fire spherical plasma binding objects. When it touches a target, it will create a very powerful explosion, accompanied by a high temperature of several million degrees.”

This was also a Plasma Cannon, but it was different from the ones from the Insect Girl Clan.

Lo Ya felt that it was necessary to research this weapon. Perhaps the insects could also evolve.

“That is an interference device.” The other party pointed at the huge thing in the middle of the base that was 20 meters tall and said, “It can launch millions of round aircrafts. These aircrafts can attack the electronic equipment around them by releasing high-intensity neutron beams. It’s very effective on Mechanical Civilization. ”

The following introductions were all about missiles and cannons. Although many weapons, such as proton cannons, were invented in the era of the universe, However, many of them were very difficult to realize. Even if they were to be realized, they would be unable to be put into use due to the low cost-performance ratio.

Therefore, even at the level of Vivendian, they only had a few more weapons than the Insect Girl Clan.

Of course, Lo Ya believed that they definitely had a hidden weapon that she did not know of. That kind of weapon would definitely not be shown to her.

But even if she saw it, she definitely would not be able to make it.

The evolution of the swarm could refer to the alien civilization and develop its own characteristics. This was the key.

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