C372 The Destruction of Tiss’ Home Planet

“Sir, the 23rd division has encountered a huge swarm of insects. Requesting artillery support. Requesting artillery support!”

The Explosive Beetle that looked like it was raining flew over from afar at a speed of 100 meters per second, continuously bombarding the 20 thousand Amis people warriors of the 23rd division.

Based on the many years of experience of the major general, the swarm would release over 20 cannonballs per second, each with an attack power close to a 150 mm howitzer.

In the midst of the continuous explosions, the locust like Flying Dagger Insect suddenly swept across the sky. And… An aerial battle took place in the combat squadron. They did not use any fancy long-range weapons, and relied entirely on the pliers above their heads. Even the metal aircraft forged from alloy was unable to take advantage of them.

“23rd division, hold on. You will receive the support of a group of rockets.” Intermittent roars came from the other end of the communicator.

The land 20 kilometers away began to flash with a dazzling light. Rocket after rocket with long exhaust flames quickly rose into the air and flew towards the swarm.

However, before the major general could rejoice, ten bullets at 15 times the speed of sound had already fallen from space. They hit the base of the 23rd division, and after that, glaring balls of light flashed. One by one… A mushroom cloud slowly rose up.

Eighty percent of the twenty thousand lives of the division were instantly lost. Before the shock wave disappeared, the crazy swarm had already started their attack.

The black beetle wave almost covered their field of vision as it surged over from afar. Explosive Beetle continuously shot out from afar. They flew a few kilometers away at a speed of 100 meters per second and exploded around the surviving Amish soldiers.

“23rd division! 23rd division! Damn it, you only defended for 5 minutes! ”

The rocket did not even reach the swarm’s territory before it was destroyed by the explosion of the bullet.

Such a battle scene happened everywhere at this moment. The upper echelons of the Insect Girl Clan took into account the powerful ground Strength of the Tiss Civilization. They began to use space weapons to continuously provide support. The equivalent weight was used on a large scale for 30-100 tons of bullets. At close range, they used large-scale combustible weapons such as thermo-pressure bombs to clear out the enemy. Of course, the Amis people’s resistance was also very intense. It fired bullets at the swarm at almost no cost.

The weakness of the Beetle Army was that they did not have machine guns. They were completely close to the battle. Among them, the Explosive Beetle was responsible for long-range attacks. Their birth seemed to be for that magnificent strike. No matter if it was the magnificent building or the sturdy armored vehicles, they could not withstand any of the attacks.

The Amis people’s occupied area was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Every insect was constantly reporting their own information. They had synthesized a map of the battlefield in the consciousness of the Brain Insect. Wherever they encountered resistance and where they attacked smoothly, it was clear at a glance.

Of course, during the battle, the insects did not forget to search for relevant information in the occupied area.

Some of the insects rushed into the solid headquarters building, obtained the space map of the Amis people, and confirmed the information of every planet they had conquered.

Below the ground, the underground Great Wall that could resist the impact of the nuclear bombs was the main target of the insects. Hundreds of thousands of new bugs every minute did not need to worry about their own losses at all. In just a few hours, they could produce hundreds of millions of bugs. The more they killed, the more they killed. Sometimes, in order to attack a particularly difficult target, The swarm of bugs would send up the Launcher Insect and shoot out a hydrogen bomb in a specific direction. Often, the aftermath of the explosion would cause the swarm to die tens of thousands of beetles.

Half a day after the battle, the Amish leader, who had been beaten senseless, hid in a base 8 kilometers underground and sat there blankly.

In front of him sat many scientists.

One of them had once proposed a famous expansion theory. The content was: The Amis people needed to find aliens first and take the initiative to expand. The universe would pull the distance between civilizations and face any unknown target. All civilizations would maintain a high level of vigilance and cautiously probe. Before completely understanding the target, they would not reveal overly obvious intentions to attack.

“They will not reveal their intention to attack.” The leader kept repeating this sentence.

The scientist who proposed the theory had his face twitching, not daring to say anything.

The circular table was silent.

A moment later, the automatic door opened, and a military officer walked in from next door.

“Report from the ground, we have lost all our air force. The navy fleet was destroyed by the tsunami caused by the nuclear bomb, and one-tenth of the continent was flooded by seawater. The other regions have already lost 70% of their land force, and they have basically lost their resistance against the Strength. ”

“Is there any way to surrender to the alien civilization?” The leader asked seriously.

The officer was silent for a long time before he said, “I don’t know what to do, and the difference between us and the enemy is too great, just like… a beast and an Amis people. ”

“You’re right.”

“The enemy attacks are very crazy, not even caring about losses. In a battle with such an enemy, even if we develop for another few thousand years, I’m afraid we won’t be able to win ”

” How long can the underground resist? ”

“I’m not sure, but I think a month won’t be a problem. With their strength, it’s very difficult for them to quickly take over our core”


The main fleet of Insect Girl Clan had already flown to the atmosphere and started to provide support to the ground at a closer distance.

Sometimes, when the Amis people raised its head, it would see a ship that was over a hundred meters long fly over the top of its head. After that, bullet after bullet would fall from the sky.

They had never thought that conquering a planet could be so fast.

Reality proved that powerful civilizations and weak civilizations were never on the same level. In the era of the universe, the strength of weapons was enough to bring the life of a planet to its end in an extreme period of time.

Among them, the main effect was the famous nuclear bomb.

Nuclear weapons, through the efficient utilization of material energy, produced a terrifying destructive force.

One day after the war, the surface of the earth was completely occupied, and the fleet left the Amis people’s Mother Star. They started sailing towards the nearest colony planet. The bugs stopped using the artillery shells of the equivalent weight and started to attack the underground base inch by inch.

The alloy wall that connected in all directions was the crystallization of the Amis people for hundreds of years. It was initially built to guard against nuclear war, but now, it was used to defend against aliens.

The remaining hundreds of millions of people were using guns to set up defensive lines, effectively killing the beetles that charged in.

Although the ratio of casualties was very different, the insects were constantly attacking, not stopping for even a second.

From one kilometer down, the spiderweb-like defensive facilities kept losing signal. The leaders in the core area could only wait pitifully, waiting for the day of death.

Lo Ya only planned to use this one fleet to control the three planets of Tiss Civilization in one year’s time. This way, she would be able to empty most of the Strength and cooperate with the alliance to deal with the powerful Mechanical Civilization.

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