C371 Large-scale Landing

In June, 12 frigate, 1 Ring, and 1 Triangular awl merged into the 1st fleet of the insect swarm. Under the command of Brain Insect No.1, they approached the sky above the Mother Star of Tiss Civilization.

In order to maximize the damage, when they were one million kilometers away from the target, Brain Insect No.1 ordered the ship to fire hundreds of transparent cannonballs. According to calculations, when these cannonballs entered an area around 500 kilometers from the ground, They happened to cross paths with some of the other spaceships.

After the launch, the fleet began to maintain a relative position, always 20,000 kilometers away from the target.

After waiting for less than two hours, a series of explosions occurred within the Amis people’s spaceship. In an instant, most of them were destroyed by the transparent cannonballs.

Some of the people in the ship were dumbfounded. They were still discussing when the Insect Girl Clan’s fleet would attack, but in the blink of an eye, their ship exploded.

On the ground, the base that had been in contact with the flagship lost its signal in an instant. They hurriedly turned on their binoculars and found that only half of the 40 ships that were originally in orbit were left.

They switched the channel and connected to the secondary ship. They immediately heard the panicked report from the crew members.

“The flagship was destroyed. We didn’t see the enemy attack. We didn’t see the enemy attack!”

“The enemy is approaching. Ground communication center, request for a counterattack order.”

Sizzle sizzle…

The chaotic sound gave everyone a headache, the base’s highest commander picked up the microphone, At the same time, he picked up all the intact spaceships. “Space garrison fleet, enter combat mode immediately. We will send out all the combat aircrafts around the world to support you.”

On the ground, countless aircrafts took off at airports. Different from normal fighter aircrafts, these relatively larger smaller aircrafts could be used as individual small spaceships. They flew directly into space from the ground to assist in battle.

“Damn aliens.”

The commander leaned back in his chair, facing the battle scene on the screen, his mood was indescribably terrible.

Every ship was the work of a civilization. The resources, manpower, and time spent on it were all comparable to a small city. Tens of thousands of tons of precise materials, countless tests, and the maintenance costs every day were all unimaginable.

But now, everything was ruined in an instant.

“Sir, the number of enemies is increasing”

On the surveillance screen, the number of bugs replaced by red dots was rapidly increasing. The expansion of space allowed the Insect Girl Clan to quickly release tens of thousands of small insects during the war. Lo Ya did not hold back when faced with these space civilizations. She used the largest collision space in almost every ship.

Even at the back of the main fleet, there was a large group of transport ships following. They only wanted to place insects and creatures on the planet after the victory of the space war.

The distance between the two sides shortened to 100,000 kilometers. A missile left the main ship, and the Laser Insect shone on the enemy.

Beams of glaring light flickered in space, and the weapons of both sides began to pour down without any cost.

Very quickly, the wall formed by the beetles was broken through. A frigate was hit by the enemy’s missile, and it shattered in a burst of explosion. The expanded fireball almost lit up the entire fleet.

Lo Ya felt a symbolic heartache, but when she thought about occupying the enemy’s planet, which was equivalent to the further expansion of production, she did not feel unhappy at all.

The few remaining Amis people spaceships were destroyed during the battle, and the Insect Girl Clan ships began to approach the sky of the enemy’s large city.

Considering that this civilization already had a very powerful exoskeleton armor, the main combat ships waited for more than an hour. When the transport ship at the back arrived, they started to launch on the ground.

In the first wave, there were as many as 8,000 flourishing ball and 5 million different kinds of beetles. In a short three minutes, they were thrown into the enemy’s 80 large cities.

After this airdrop, more transport ships opened the hatch again and released the second wave as planned.

Sickle Insect, Flying Dagger Insect, Cutting Insects, Drilling Insects…

Five hundred Sickle Mother Nest and these main cannon fodder insect seeds were thrown down together. Along with the attack were thousands of Wind God Winged Insect.

That was it. In less than half an hour, all the medium and small bugs that this fleet brought along were thrown to the ground.

In total, there were more than ten million insects.

However, this was not scary. What was truly scary was that 8,000 flourishing ball would breed crazily at the speed of 800,000 bugs per minute (because of various factors, it would be slower by half). 500 Sickle Mother Nest would immediately drill into the ground and produce the tail of a large number of main force bugs underground. It could provide about 50,000 main force cannon fodder insects per day. In addition to the millions of main force insects that had already been released, It was enough to let the planet’s surface forces feel the end of the world.

Compared to the attack on Ode Star, the attack this time was ten times stronger. To the people on the ground, the various falling spheres had already formed a dense meteor shower. The explosion of a simple flourishing ball and an empty throw was equivalent to tens of thousands of 150mm grenades. Not to mention that at the moment of landing, millions of Explosive Beetle were bombarding everywhere. A casual strike was the power of a large-caliber cannonball.

A small number of Sickle Mother Nest that landed on the ground also fired six medium-sized bullets with 100 tons of equivalent weight on their bodies at the first moment, creating small mushroom clouds in the city. 100 Launcher Insect did not even consider the planet’s environment. They threw out a large amount of 50 million tons of equivalent weight nuclear bombs at the first possible moment. They specifically bombarded the area where the enemy was gathered. Any one of them could easily destroy an area within 200 kilometers, and the radiation affected more than 1,000 kilometers.

It could be said that the moment Insect Girl’s army landed, the lives on this planet instantly felt the huge difference from the human world to hell.

Most of the cities on the planet let out high level one alarms at this moment.

The sound that represented a world-destroying catastrophe made countless Amis people feel deeply terrified.

They ran out of their homes and saw the fireballs that covered the entire sky. Then, like an explosion, the buildings in the city collapsed one after another in panic.

Ten minutes after the airdrop landed, the 150-millimeter grenade explosion had a total of 600,000 times. The 50-100 tons of TNT equivalent weight exploded more than 20,000 times, 100,000 to 10 million tons of TNT equivalent weight exploded more than 500 times. The millions of tons had exploded 30 times, and all the big cities that had been hit had been turned into ruins. A population loss of 120 million in 5 minutes, 260 million in 10 minutes.

After that… After that, it was time for a crazy battle of expansion.

Even though they were prepared and had deployed close to ten million troops on the ground, Amis people was still caught unprepared.

From the time Insect Girl Clan encountered the Tiss Civilization to the time they landed, they had never communicated with the civilization. When they met, it was war, completely subverting the research of the planet’s researchers on the outer space civilization.

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