C368 Confidence of Being Cheated

They ran into the village and found that the mountains around them were covered in blood mist. The mist was spreading inwards at an unbelievable speed. Once it was swallowed, something terrible might happen.

Just as the four of them walked into a wooden house, their hearts filled with terror, a message appeared in their minds: Kill all life in the surroundings.

“Kill the surrounding life? Could it be that there are terrifying things hidden in the surroundings?”

They had the same thought at almost the same time.

The only man in the team who was still calm swallowed his saliva and said to the three of them, “Listen, everyone, we seem to be the same. We don’t know why, but… We were sent here. However, there was such a sound in his head, so it was very likely that… We have to follow the voice’s instructions in order to leave this place.”

His words caused the other three Amis people to feel uneasy.

“I’ve never even killed a small animal.” The youngest girl spoke first.

“I’ve never killed one either, but it seems like this is the only way.” Wanghu let out a breath. He was already an Amis people that was about to die, so why did he have to suffer such a troublesome matter?

“Everyone, let’s move quickly. The fog is getting closer and closer. If we want to live, we have to find a life and kill it. I suggest we split up. Anyway, the blade in our hands is very powerful. It should be able to kill most of the creatures.”

” Alright. ”

The two girls also knew the importance of life, so they responded in unison.

So the four of them separated, and Wanghu began to walk southwest.

But just as he walked out of the wooden house, he discovered that the fog that was originally several kilometers away had already approached one kilometer away, and seemed to be increasing in speed.

“Not good!”

He was so anxious that he started to run. However, this village was lifeless, and there was nothing there.

“Where did this life come from? Are you trying to fool us?”

He tightened his grip on his saber, hoping that something would jump out, but he was also afraid of encountering some ominous monster.

At a certain moment, his entire body suddenly trembled, as if he had thought of something.

“Kill the surrounding life… life”

Without a doubt, the only ones known as life are the four people who descended into this world.

In other words, the one that the voice told him to kill was the two men and the woman.

He was alarmed by his own thoughts.

He raised his head, and a face of extreme pain emerged from the fog in the distance. They seemed to be Amis people, but they were suffering because of unknown reasons.

“If I was swallowed, would I also be like this?”

He was unable to face such a terrifying thought.

Perhaps because he had made up his mind, he turned around and carefully walked towards the hall where they had gathered.

More than ten seconds later, he and the two girls met face to face.

“How is it? Did you encounter a creature?” The other party asked urgently.

Wanghu gripped his weapon, relaxed, and shook his head lightly.

He found that he could not kill someone.

Soon, the man ran back. “It’s troublesome. There’s nothing. The fog has entered the village.”

“What should we do?”

“Wow, Mom!” the man said. The little girl was already squatting on the ground and crying.

Wanghu subconsciously looked and saw that the man was holding his weapon tightly and adjusting his angle. This direction seemed to be able to… chop him.

No, he could not do that.

He pretended to be surprised and stared at the man behind him. “Be careful, behind you!”

“What?” The man was shocked and quickly took a step to the side before turning his head.

“Very vigilant.” Wanghu felt a knot in his heart, and his expression became more and more terrified. He pointed at the wooden door in front of him and kept stepping back.

“Damn it, what did you see?” Seeing him like this, the man also showed a terrified expression.

At this moment, Wanghu raised his weapon without hesitation and slashed to the side.



With a single slash, the other party’s neck was separated from his upper and lower neck.

Since he had already done it, he did not care too much and slashed at the other two people.

After doing all this, he seemed to have regained his senses. He threw the knife away and hugged his head as he cried out in panic.

“What did I do?”

He had killed three Amis people.

The two women died a miserable death. One of them was cut in half at the waist, and the other’s head was cut in half. The man’s head rolled to the side, and the ground was covered in blood.

Finally, Wanghu heard a voice. “Your life has been killed. Your level has increased by 1.”

The scene in front of him distorted again. He found himself back in a vast white space.

“Wanghu, you have passed the first test.” A very pleasant female voice came from afar, faintly discernible, “Only the strong can survive in this crazy game.”

“Who are you? Why did you let me experience all of this?” He anxiously asked a voice from somewhere.

Wanghu felt that he was not dreaming, because everything was so real that he completely believed everything in front of him. But what kind of Strength would arrange all of this for him to experience this strange game?

“If you live, you will know the truth.”

The voice told him this. After saying this, his vision once again fell into darkness, and he fell into a deep slumber.

Inside the transport ship, three Little Insect Girl looked at the unconscious Amish youth and climbed to his side. They used two insect limbs to poke his face.

“We were tricked. We succeeded.” Lo Wen was very happy.

The illusionary realm that three Little Insect Girl cast together, coupled with some facilities, not to mention the Amis people that did not have any ability, even a Beyond Common Grade Magic Master could be fooled.

“Next, we need to prepare for the second test. Lo Ya said she wants to be more terrifying. What do you think is more terrifying?” Lo Xin asked the two Little Insect Girl.

Lo Wen blinked her eyes and suddenly wagged her tail, “I know. There is no world to eat.”

“Hiss ~ No, this is too bad.” Lo Xin felt that she should not use such a cruel illusion to affect the other party, “It is better to ask Lo Ya.”

Not long after, in the Spiritual Link, Lo Ya sent over a scene full of bugs.

“Wow, so many delicious food.”

Seeing the countless cockroaches and cockroaches in the image, Lo Wen and Lo Yin drooled.

“Lo Ya said she wanted to send him to such a place to kill the bugs.” Lo Xin felt unhappy.

Of course, Little Insect Girl would never think that the Insect Sea was so terrifying to ordinary creatures. What was even more terrifying was that Lo Ya still had to set up zombies inside and set up a terrifying hospital in the illusion.

Alright, that was not the main point.

“It can wake him up. The second test is the zombie hospital.”

Wanghu did not know how long it took for him to wake up again.

At this time, a certain emotionless voice sounded in his head again, “Live on.”

Compared to the voice, the gloomy scene in front of him made him feel even more terrified.

This was an old hospital with the style of a horror game on Earth. It was dark outside the window, and he could only see a curved silver moon. The other man and two women, just like her, woke up one after another.

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