C367 Illusion World

The ships on both sides are firing at each other, and countless small Mechs are roaring between the two getting closer and closer.

There were thousands of smaller spaceships separated from Circular Ring, and all of them joined the battle in small units. The cannonballs were like rain as they swept towards the Amis people’s spaceship.

The captain sent all the information to Mother Star in a panic, and received the order to escape from the battlefield. However, it was obvious that it was too late.

The fleet continued to fight for two hours. Insect Girl Clan destroyed all the targets’ ships and used the engineering bugs to retrieve their spoils.

Circling Ring was heavily injured and began to repair it with the help of a large number of bugs.

Reality proved that sometimes, excessive size was just a burden. In a situation where there was no qualitative change in one’s own defense, increasing the size would instead increase the probability of one’s body being hit. Hence, Lo Ya began to consider splitting it into many parts. She only used the triangular awl, which had a higher thickness of the outer shell, as the flagship.

After dealing with these opponents, the four ships maintained while sailing in the direction of the Tiss Civilization.

It would only take four and a half months for the 12 times the speed of light to close in on the galaxy. Because there was already a path in the front line of the Glasses Insect, and they were getting close to the enemy, Insect Girl was able to obtain a lot of information before the attack.

Two months later, a clear image of the fleet entered Lo Ya’s mind.

The enemy was waiting in formation, and a total of 40 spaceships were gathered. Of course, only half of them were 100 meters and above, and only four of them were 300 meters long.

Although the overall strength wasn’t strong, for the current bug fleet, it was really hard to deal with them.

Fortunately, a large group of frigate had already rushed over from behind. Lo Ya was prepared to slow down the speed of these four ships and wait for the two groups of ships to merge before going to fight the enemy.

Tiss Civilization, Mother Star.

Due to the harsh environment of the universe, there were only a few habitable planets in the Amis people. The current population of the civilization was more than 70 billion, and there were only three habitable planets. Relying on highly advanced technology, they used the resources on the planet efficiently. Moreover, industrialization focuses on growing large amounts of plants, supporting the growing population.

This battle with the insect fleet caused the entire civilization to fall into panic.

Considering the approach of the interstellar war, a large number of factories in space and on the ground had entered a state of rapid production. Countless production lines were laid out, and the Amis people individuals were recruited into the workshops. They built a portion of their own strength for the ship.

The enemy was not invincible, at least that was what the government told people.

Many Amis people were recruited into the space training camp and trained into a new generation of astronauts. In order to arouse the resistance of the race, the entire civilization carried out a large amount of ideological propaganda.

But no one would have thought that a transport ship from the Insect Girl Clan would arrive here in advance.

“Lo Xin, we have arrived on the planet of the Amis people.”

Lo Wen and Lo Yin were lying on the window, staring at the faint green planet below with a longing expression.

The transport ship itself was in a black stealth state, so the probability of being discovered was not high.

“Don’t think about eating. This time we will do a great experiment.”

Lo Xin already knew the purpose from Lo Ya. Sometimes, the Insect Girl Clan’s ability could be used to do a lot of things. In order to find out some truth, Lo Ya decided to let the members try an illusion experiment similar to the “Brain in the Vat.”

If this experiment was successful, then the background of this universe might be even more terrifying than imagined.

“You two stay here obediently. There is a lot of food in the icehouse. Eat well inside.”

Lo Xin pulled a frozen magic beast into a small transport ship. She ordered it to take off and then sat inside to eat.

With the help of the illusion ability, the ship quickly approached the surface of the planet.

From the perspective of development, it was actually quite close to the 21st century Earth. It was very tidy in all aspects and did not have an exaggerated sci-fi sense of sight.

The tallest building was only 1.5km tall, the city greenery was pretty good, and the streets were driven by automated electric cars. The number of aircrafts was relatively small.

Somewhere in the forest, a youth with a notebook in his hand was recording. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and sat on a green grass patch.

“Finally, the inspection is complete.”

As a newly graduated forest ranger, Wanghu was still worried about his future.

He was diagnosed with terminal illness yesterday.

He was going to be hospitalized, but because he did not have money at home, he rejected the doctor’s request and continued to work as a forest ranger in the forest.

If nothing unexpected happened, he could only live for two years at most. Because the virus in his body could not be treated, to Amis people, this kind of illness basically could only wait for death obediently.

“I didn’t think that it would be so difficult to live longer. I just graduated.”

Just as he was thinking this, a lightning bolt suddenly pierced through the sky. A black shadow flashed in front of his eyes, and then he lost consciousness.

After an unknown amount of time…

When Wanghu woke up, he found himself lying in a completely unfamiliar place.

His surroundings were completely surrounded by mountains and rivers. In front of him, there was an abundance of green, and there were many strange creatures.

“Yo, you’re awake?”

An Amish man’s voice rang in his ears. He turned his head and saw that the other party was holding a sharp long blade.

Behind the man, there were also two people who slowly woke up.

“Where is this?” The one who asked was a beautiful Amish girl.

“Sorry, I don’t know either.” The man said and waved his weapon. The big stone in front of him split into two in a flash of light.

The three of them were shocked and shut their mouths.

“This is…”

“When I woke up just now, I found a voice in my head. Let me summon it, then I got this very powerful weapon ” The man muttered to himself, and at the same time, observed the expressions of the two women and one man around him.


Wanghu was about to ask when a message appeared in his head. “Please silently summon.”

He and the two girls who had woken up were stunned for a moment. They then tried to summon the same knife in their hands. In the end, they both had the same knife in their hands.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know either.”

The four of them were confused, including the man who stood up first. No one knew what was going on.

At this moment, the sky was suddenly shrouded by dark clouds. Fog gradually filled the air behind them, and from time to time, terrifying cries could be heard, as if something terrifying was about to rush out of the fog.

“Ahhh!” The two girls screamed. Wanghu was also startled.

The fog connected to the horizon and gradually became bright red. It was approaching them at a slow speed.

“Not good, run!”

In front of them, there was a tunnel that extended to the north of the fog, connecting to the village in the distance.

Under such circumstances, no one thought too much about it, and began to run in that direction.

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