C365 Alliance

Cerebrate Bacteria 33 alighted from the ship and followed the guide into the tall, spherical floating building.

This was a 300 meter diameter sphere that relied on electromagnetic force to float. Inside it was a virtual projection space. The Vivendian people showed it a battle in the Destroyer Civilization.

An endless army of machines descended from the sky. In less than two days, they had completely occupied a planet. Then, they built countless military factories and produced tens of thousands of mechanical soldiers.

“Robots’ bodies are mainly made of metal. Their combat strength is very strong. The most terrifying thing is that they have a number that normal civilizations can’t even hope to reach. ”

The Brain Insect waved its tentacles, and it knew the reason why the other party was looking for an alliance of insects: to increase the number of low-level cannon fodder.

The Vivendian people’s reproductive ability was not strong in general. The robots they produced were not intelligent. Their adaptability on the battlefield was extremely weak, and they were easily controlled by the Mechanical Civilization. Under such circumstances, they could only rely on their powerful but rare battleships. It was very difficult for them to display their advantage on the battlefield.

Both sides talked about mutual benefits. As the representative of the biological civilization, How could the Brain Insect not gain some benefits? Therefore, he wanted a mature set of basic theory to guide the Insect Girl Clan to the double development of biotechnology.

And the facts proved that the basic technology of Vivendian was already quite advanced. It could be connected to the knowledge in the human girl’s brain on Earth. With the current capacity of the bug swarm’s level 3 brain, inheriting human’s basic technology shouldn’t be a big problem.

If nothing unexpected happened, the Insect Girl Clan would welcome the era of technology explosion in the following period of time. Of course, the main developers of these technologies were the creatures in the territory. For example, humans and Green-skinned Man. If they could build a battleship with a certain level of strength, it could greatly reduce the external pressure of Empire of Insect Girl. It would increase their war potential.

Currently, the total scale of the insect swarm was close to 300 million. Due to the focus on producing dual-use insects such as Laser Insect and Wind God Winged Insect, the overall scale of the insect swarm was close to 300 million. So there’s a slight drop in reproductive speed. However, with the increase in numbers, there were close to 50 million newly born insects under the moonlight. Most of them were produced on a few named main planets.

A few years ago, they had just entered space and casually invested dozens of bugs on a planet. Now, most of them had tens of thousands of bugs, but those planets were still restricted by resources and could not maintain high speed production.

The number of Light Plate Insect used had already reached 100 million, and most of them were orbiting around the star. With the current production capacity, a batch of Energy Charging Crystal could be produced every week.

Although the number was indeed quite a lot, Lo Ya had a feeling that it was not enough.

After the Brain Insect passed down the set of basic technology, the insects began to teach the humans on the capital planet.

The combination of Magic and technology greatly increased the strength of technology. Some smart scientists began to research mature and stable Force Field Shield. The Empire of Insect Girl government also invested a large amount in scientific research in order to promote the technological development of the entire civilization.

In March of Year 6, the Luoga people fleet entered the A6 Galaxy, but almost at the same time, a Mechanical Civilization fleet entered the territory of Luoga people and broke through their outpost.

Under the suggestion of the Vivendian, the Luoga people was forced to send a peace message to the Insect Girl Clan and request to join the alliance.

Lo Ya analyzed the situation and decided to establish diplomatic relations with the Luoga people.

After that… The Anti-Machine Alliance with Vivendian as the center would meet at a large floating port. They would share information with each other and set a war plan.

It was also because the war had stopped, Lo Ya immediately shifted the focus of expansion to the direction of Tiss Civilization. She was ready to destroy the Amis people in the shortest time possible to give the rear a safe environment.

Currently, the B4 Galaxy in the direction of the Tiss Civilization consisted of two modified warships that were more than 10 kilometers long (Ring and Triangular Cone) and two frigate that had barely made it to the front line.

Although it looked very scary, Lo Ya did not dare to underestimate a space civilization that might have developed for thousands of years.

Similarly, they searched for meteorite belts, built Cannon Insect, and then sent the formed Cannon Insect to the areas that needed to be guarded in batches.

Currently, there were 300 Cannon Insect built in B4 Galaxy, 200 of which had passed the test. They were distributed separately in the outer space orbit of B4-1 and B4-2. The uranium ore on the former was the fuel that the Amis people hoped to obtain.

Lo Ya had already sent 600 million small beetle and 5 million main insect swarm to the two planets in this galaxy.

With the signing of the contract in the direction of Vivendian, the Glasses Insect at this place finally found the detector launched by Tiss Civilization at the border of the galaxy.

Perhaps the unknown attack frightened this civilization. In short, they were more cautious than Lo Ya imagined. The detector was also very small, only six meters long, and it looked relatively simple.

The Glasses Insect was not without combat ability. With just a small metal bullet, the target detector had been successfully destroyed.

Next, after a focused scan of the space, Brain Insect No. 4 finally found the enemy hiding in the void.

A total of three warships.

If Lo Ya had not come into contact with a few civilizations, she would not have believed it. The ships were so hard to build.

Even in the interstellar era, the cost of building a ship was unbelievable. Not to mention how much money and talent a civilization could get from the shipbuilding industry, even if they tried their best, It would take years to complete a ship.

A starship was comparable to an aircraft carrier of the era of planets, and the cost was high. It was a country’s heavy weapon, and also the embodiment of civilization’s potential. The technology and resources used by a high-level ship were innumerable, and often required the support of a large industrial chain. Thus, as long as it wasn’t the warring era, normal civilizations wouldn’t invest too much resources into expensive warships.

However, Insect Girl Clan would not consider the issue of money cost at all.

The bugs were all free workers. As long as they were not tired to death, they could work day and night.

They did not need entertainment or quarrels. Their primary goal was to develop their race.

Thus, in space wars, if they encountered a technological civilization on the same scale as the bugs, then the winner would definitely be the bugs.

After the Glasses Insect confirmed the target this time, Lo Ya immediately sent out her four battleships.

The two bug nest frigate were relatively small, so it was difficult to detect them. However, the circular ring that was more than ten kilometers long was different from the triangular awl. The spatial fluctuations produced during the voyage had already been detected by the Amis people’s spaceship. Then, their ship immediately sank into a state of anxiety.

“An unknown threat has appeared. Target has been locked.”

“Heavens, what exactly is that thing?”

Using the new technology, the Amis people captured the true appearance of the Insect Girl Clan’s warship.

The insect shell, the insect limbs, the distorted appearance of creatures, the black muzzle of the cannon… there were even small insects crawling on their bodies.

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