C364 Vividian’s Invitation

Lo Ya never would have thought that they would encounter another civilization just as the swarm was preparing to deal with the danger of the Luoga people.

Sizzle sizzle…

The only big screen inside the frigate was also to make it convenient for the insects to communicate with the display equipment. It suddenly received an automatic decoding message.

The other party used a similar type of spiritual communication, but in reality, it was a completely different ability.

“Unknown civilization. Hello, this is Vivendian.”

In a somewhat dazzling room, a “light person” that was almost perfect appeared in his sight.

She looked more like a human than a Luoga people, female (roughly). Her appearance was extremely beautiful, and her skin was frighteningly white. There were no impurities at all. It was as if she was a life form from a 2D world, with long, milk-yellow hair. It was also wearing a gorgeous hollow patterned armor (probably).

Lo Ya blinked her eyes and silently spat out, “Is there a type of human?”

Coincidence, or for what reason?

If the Luoga people was only a creature with two legs and there was a huge difference between it and a human, then Vivendian was a species that was based on a human’s foundation and was more like an exquisite and perfect appearance.

“Hello, Vivendian.” The Brain Insect was in front of the big screen, and replied to the target, “I am Executive Manager 32 of the Empire of Insect Girl, you can call me No. 32.”

Indeed, Brain Insect was an Executive Officer. He carried out orders related to military and governance, but the ones in power were still Little Insect Girl and her superiors.

“Hello, I am inviting you on behalf of the upper echelons of Vivendian. We will work together to fight against the Mechanical Civilization’s’ Destroyer ‘, the’ Bone Subjugation Civilization Alliance ‘. According to our intel, your civilization might be invaded by the Destroyer within 50 years. If we can’t unite, we will lose our home.”

With the faint voice of a woman, it was as if the Vivendian that could not be described with the divine attribute was actually floating in the air. Lo Ya noticed the health bar that was faintly visible in the light and saw the true strength of the other party.

Yimi Yi, Epic, Vivendian.

Different from normal life, her opponent’s health bar was followed by a figure of 98, which meant that she had 98 lives.

Generally speaking, there was only one life points in an individual species. Up until now, Lo Ya had encountered an individual with more than one health bar. This time, she had met a weirdo with more than 90 ___. There was no need to say how stunned she was in her heart.

“We need you to provide detailed information about the enemy and allow us to send representatives to get more information.” The Cerebrate Bacteria made its request.

He thought that the other party would refuse, but who knew that Ymiri Yi directly replied, “No problem.”

Another set of information with an automatic translation ability was sent over.

After receiving the frigate, he immediately passed the contents of the message to Brain Insect and Lo Ya through mental communication.

“Oh… It’s a little scary.”

No wonder they were desperately looking for allies.

Lo Ya wagged her tail. This time it was because she was nervous.

The origin of the Destroyer Civilization could not be traced. They had not appeared for a long time. However, their development speed was extremely terrifying. They were all intelligent computers and robots with intelligent computing abilities. All of them could work day and night. There was no fear, and the ultimate goal was to destroy all conventional civilizations and unify the Mechanical Civilization.

There were two subsidiary civilizations in Destroyer Civilization. One was the restructured central group of intelligent robots – the skeleton civilization. The other was the Fu Di civilization, which mainly consisted of large machines. The three of them formed the ‘Alliance of Destruction of Bones’, which was known as the ‘Alliance of Bones’.

In fact, in the entire alliance, the only one that posed a great threat was the Destroyer Civilization.

The combat mode of the Destroyer Civilization was centered on the advanced central AI. Each individual controlled a large number of mechanical units that could replicate themselves. They sent a large number of central AI to different galaxies and formed their own powerful fleets. They carried out endless external expansion. And once a fleet obtained new technological information, it would be in the long-distance communication every ten years… shared with all the intelligent computers of the entire civilization. To achieve a huge leap in the combat strength of the entire race.

After getting the general information, Brain Insect answered under Lo Ya’s instructions, “If your information is reliable, we are willing to offer our Strength to the Resistance Alliance.”

“Thank you for your support. With the third planet in your galaxy as a measurement unit, we will meet here in the future with three standards.”

“No problem.”


The communication ended.

“Lo Ya, it seems like a civilization that is more powerful than us.”

Little Lo Wen, who had been watching the screen the whole time, picked up Lo Ya’s Spirit and said with a sigh.

“Yes, this kind of communication is really full of danger. They did not give too much information and a lot of things still need to be personally understood. ”

Vivendian, Individual Strength Epic, 98 blood… Did this terrifying civilization use it to evolve individuals?

Perhaps they would only know after coming into contact with it.

After the three standards of Planet A6-3, a huge 800m long spaceship appeared near the frigate.

Lo Ya knew that the strength of the ship could not be judged by its size. From its dark silver streamline appearance, this terrifying ship was probably much stronger than the Luoga people’s fleet.

The Insect Girl Clan sent out a small transport ship, carrying the Brain Insect to the dock on the other side.

Inside the port, a large number of robots were working. According to his experience, the Brain Insect discovered that these robots were all primitive robots that used programming codes to move around. They did not have any intelligence or thinking ability.

After the spaceship stopped, Cerebrate Bacteria walked out of the ship with two Sickle Insect.

The two Vivendian people greeted them.

A man and a woman, they were still unbelievably exquisite. Only their green hair made the Brain Insect feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Welcome, Number 33. For the alliance of both civilizations, on behalf of the leader, I invite you to our business planet as a guest.” The one who spoke was the female Vivendian people.

After a simple exchange, the Cerebrate Bacteria began to stroll around the 800m long battleship.

Because it was a technological creation, the Brain Insect did not understand most of the equipment. There were many Vivendian people, but most of them were not as strong as epic-level ones. Their average combat strength was between the Gold Level and Space Level.

Life in this civilization could become very strong through training. Through body transformation, they could use high level training to develop their potential. At least one-tenth of their body could reach the Extraordinary stage.

Many Vivendian people were very curious about the appearance of the Brain Insect, but they did not reject it.

After a month of sailing, the spaceship finally landed on a planet with an astonishing degree of modification.

Looking down from space, the entire ground was separated by the outline of mysterious laws. The colors of the neon lights flickered in the night sky, and the buildings that stretched into the horizon, were thousands of kilometers long and dozens of kilometers tall steel walls.

Fortunately, when they docked, Vivendian did not display any illogical technology like anti-gravity.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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