C363 Requesting to Fight Against the Mechanical Civilization

Empire of Insect Girl, December 5, the A6 Star System’s defensive facilities were basically completed.

Including 2000 Cannon Insect and 3 large defensive bases. 1 large aviation base, 18 frigate, as well as a large number of them surrounding the Cannon Insect. There was a meteorite defense network that had the ability to propel itself, as well as a large number of Wind God Winged Insect and Laser Insect.

After the defense was completed, Lo Ya started to prepare for the counterattack.

Along with the improvement of the plasma weapons, the latest generation of Plasma Cannon would be equipped on the first generation destroyer. They would also be equipped with an Electromagnetic Cannon that greatly increased its power, as well as a laser gun that was barely out of the experimental state.

In fact, up until now, the destroyer had not obtained the strength to crush the frigate. Hence, Lo Ya was not prepared to throw it into actual combat. The current war would be carried out by relying on the increasing number of frigate, as well as countless Wind God Winged Insect and Laser Insect. It would deal a huge blow to the enemy.

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At the same time, in the Luoga people Mother Star.

Four months passed quietly. This amount of time was just a snap of a finger to the living beings of the universe.

The exploration fleet encountering aliens and escaping in a sorry state had already caught the attention of the entire society. The Luoga people used it as a topic of conversation after meals to add to the fun of life.

The Luriya Corporation, an interstellar trading company that was mainly responsible for the construction of spaceships, apart from selling small-scale aircrafts and spaceships exclusively for the rich to civilians, also had a military production base.

Of course, Luli Aquarius was not in charge of the production of weapons and equipment. They only provided ships with strong defensive capabilities. As for the more precise equipment and engines, they were not something they could do.

But very few people knew that Luli Aquarius’ chairman… The capitalist who controlled 98% of the company’s shares was actually one of the senior council members in the government. It had a considerable influence on the policy decisions of the entire civilization.

At this moment, the only descendant of the company’s chairman, Miss Val, was once again ‘captured’ by the bodyguards and brought back home.

“Why? I just want to go out and have fun. Being stuck in this kind of place all day is too uncomfortable!” After complaining for a while, she found that the bodyguards were unmoved. She could only regretfully find a sofa and lean on it.

She turned on the 3D computer and activated the virtual reality program. The house became a grassland.

“Don’t disturb me. Get out.”

Val pointed at the door. The bodyguards could only obediently leave and close the isolation door.

“What are you doing now? There’s nothing fun in the game. Let’s watch the news.”

Compared to a fake game, she wanted to see the real world more.

The news of this era was already 360 degrees with no blind spots. It allowed people to experience the scene with the reporters.

At this moment, the news was being broadcasted at a huge port.

“Last night, the government confirmed the aliens found in the Third Star Field. This is the second time in a few months that we’ve encountered an unknown civilization. They contacted us of their own accord and expressed their willingness to fight against an unknown enemy, “Gu Fu. The officials picked up the communication with the unknown civilization yesterday and requested to trade for the alliance of the two parties in exchange for the ‘mutual response to the weird civilization’. They were rejected. The other party has yet to give a reason to refuse.”

The reporters were talking nonstop. What they could see at the scene were four large spaceships under maintenance.

Val knew that these spaceships had once been attacked by an unknown civilization in a distant galaxy dozens of lightyears away. They had suffered a crushing defeat and returned. They were certain that the enemy was a strange creature and had taken the initiative to invade the planet where the Luoga people had colonized for several months.

Because of its strange appearance, the government had given the civilization a name. It was called a “strange creature,” so that civilization was also known as a strange civilization.

“We’ve only discovered the Strange Civilization for a few months, and we’ve encountered a new civilization.”

The universe was too dangerous, this was what Ville felt directly.

Ten thousand years ago, after leaving the planet until now, who knew how many Luoga people had died in space exploration. Not to mention interstellar wars, even the various natural threats in the universe were already terrifying enough.

The reporters were still talking, but at this moment, Her expression suddenly changed, and she said with a strange expression, “We just received news that the unknown civilization contacted us again. Requesting permission to dock at the port. They will send diplomats to deal with the matter of “Gu Fu” and officially contact us at close range ”

” My god… this is intergalactic diplomacy! ” Ville immediately sat up from the sofa.

She was very excited.

It had been ten thousand years, and the alien civilizations that she had never encountered before suddenly appeared one after another. Was this a coincidence, or was it some kind of inevitable?

It was impossible for the news to reveal the details, but as the daughter of the House of Representatives, Val had ways to obtain some information.

She deliberately waited until night fell. When her father returned home from work, he hurriedly came in front of her.

“Dad, can you tell me about the alien civilization?”

“Vivendian.” His father answered in confusion.


“The voice of that unknown civilization is called Vivendian. They are trying to find allies to fight against the powerful Mechanical Civilization.”

“Really?” Ville felt very excited, “It really is an alien.”

“Yes, and not the kind of evil… But to us, this is the scariest.” The representative capitalist’s father rubbed his daughter’s head, “From the other party’s mouth, we know a lot of information about this Milky Way, If the content is true, Then… we are probably facing a devastating disaster right now. ”

” What disaster? ”

His father smiled bitterly, hesitated for a while, then said: “An invader who crossed millions of light years, coming from beyond the Milky Way”

“Mechanical Civilization?”

“No, it’s not. ” His father sighed, “Mechanical Civilization is just an enemy near us. The enemy from outside the Milky Way is still far from us. But no matter which one it is, it is impossible for us to fight them. Vivendian is the same, so they are preparing to send a diplomat to discuss with us. ”

” Vivendian. ” Ville kept repeating this sentence.

“Daughter, you can’t be too kind. If there is no common enemy, then allies are enemies. You must always remember, if there are no foreign invaders, what happened between us and the Vivendian this time. It is very likely that we will meet in arms. ”

His father said these words earnestly, as if he wanted to warn this simple-minded daughter.

Willa said coquettishly, “I understand. I have read many history books and know the nature of life.”

“Yes, if you want to inherit my family business, you need to understand some principles. The reason why the strong can stand at the top is because they are stepping on the weak. Every weak person in this world wants to climb up and wish for you to lose everything. Become Their stepping stone.”

“I understand, the weak sometimes discriminate against the weak more than the strong, this is what you taught me”

“Right, the universe adapted to this logic!”

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