C362 Meteor Web

Space, between A6-4 and A6-5.

This was a group of meteorites revolving around the galaxy, formed by more than 5 billion small celestial bodies. Their distribution was flat ellipsoidal, with a length of 60000 kilometers. 20,000 kilometers wide, and only 500 kilometers tall.

The reason for the formation of this small asteroid cluster was obviously unknown, but its existence gave the swarm a very good transition springboard.

This time, the loli received an important task. Wearing a thick heating uniform, she personally came to the cold domain of this small celestial body and prepared to build a large number of independent cannons that could sail.

[Cannon Insect: Above it is a semicircular cannon tower, below it is a cube, generally around 18 meters tall. The length and width are all 8 meters, and it is driven by the vector fusion engine. It can fire cannonballs. The bug’s muzzle could freely change direction and fire powerful artillery shells. According to the type of weapon, the Cannon Insect could be divided into Electromagnetic Cannon Worm, Plasma Cannon Worm, transparent Cannon Insect, conventional bullet net Cannon Insect, missile Cannon Insect, laser gun Worm, and other types of bugs.

The cannon turret in space has a firepower similar to a ship, and the advantage is that the cost is low. There was only a weapon system and a simple propulsion system. The disadvantage was that the speed was slow, the type of weapon was single, and the detection ability was poor. It required a special Glasses Insect to transmit messages.

According to Lo Ya’s request, the loli directly searched for the larger pieces of the meteorite. After a simple cut, it would be equipped with turrets and power devices, turning them into simple Cannon Insect.

Because the structure was mainly made up of the fast speed of the meteors, they were basically unable to withstand the faster acceleration. The power system used conventional chemical propulsion, along with a super simple traction device. The normal speed was 20 kilometers per second at the fastest, and the guiding speed was 5000 kilometers per second at the fastest. To sail a light-year, it would take 60 years. Therefore, they were destined to be war weapons in the galaxy.

“Lo Ya said it would be low-cost and high quantity. The faster, the better.”

The little loli floated between the meteorites. She was used to the feeling of wriggling on the ground. At this moment, she was not used to the lack of gravity.

This time, there were as many as 20 million insects, and they were all Engineering Beetle. Some of the Engineering Beetle had evolved, and already had special organs. For example, cutting, corrosion, chemical transformation and the laying of cables. Some bugs had their own special abilities, such as creating superconductors. Another example was measuring and exploding.

The coordination of all kinds of Engineering Beetle was close to perfection, and the jet jet inside the body could be used to move agilely in space. Less than five days later, the first batch of 300 Cannon Insect was produced.

100 of them were 150 Electromagnetic Cannon with a 300 km launch rate, 100 Plasma Cannon Insects with a 600 km launch rate, and 100 transparent cannon insects.

Once these 300 cannons appeared, they were divided into 30 divisions. They began to fly towards the 100 million kilometer radius around the rebel planet and set up a simple defense network. There were 2 Glasses Insect that specialized in coordinating with these turrets to provide reconnaissance information.

The second batch of cannons would have more cannons. At the same time, they would build a 30 kilometer long space port to dock and repair all kinds of space bugs.

The port’s defenses relied on a small number of turrets, and more on the new batch of Cannon Insect.

The little loli discovered that after she arrived at this place, she didn’t seem to have done anything, so the bugs completed the mission very well.

She licked her fingers, blinked her black eyes, and flew between the rocks. When the two beetles saw that she was about to float out of the construction area, they hurriedly rushed over to pull her back.

“Oh, oh.” As if she had thought of something, the little loli wagged her tail and decided to build something fun.

Most of the 20 million Engineering Beetle were in charge of the space port. She had brought over 500,000. She began to pull many meteorites according to her plan. Use them! The mucus of the bugs connected to them and formed a shocking long dragon.


Some meteorites with different directions easily collided with the dragon’s body. Crack. Therefore, after thinking for a long time, she decided to build many long dragons. And… between these chain like stones to build a tunnel. It looked like a bunch of DNA chains.

But how could the little loli’s idea be so simple?

What she wanted was a three-dimensional net.

The work of 500,000 bugs could not be underestimated, moving, bonding, cutting… all the chains in different directions, building bug limbs, embedding, and solidifying, then some of the rocks would dig out the tunnel…

Lo Ya also paid attention to this place not long after.

She discovered that the loli’s fun action actually gave the bug swarm a very good idea.

The cost of the net was much lower than directly building a spaceship of the same size, but after being attacked, Because of its huge size, the enemy’s weapons could only blow up a small portion of the huge net. A large amount of vacuum blocked the transmission of the shock wave, and the radiation weakened with the distance. Thus, it could only affect a small portion of the range.

Silently observing the Star Chain Fortress that the little loli had built for herself, Lo Ya even considered placing some flourishing ball near the meteorite belt so that she could produce more Engineering Beetle to help.

Without much trouble, a spherical net made of meteorite chains was successfully produced.

The net was about a kilometer in diameter and used a large number of meteorites between 1 cubic centimeter and 30 cubic meters.

The bugs moved back and forth between the floating rocks. If they pulled a part of the edge, it would affect the entire sphere and make it move.

Lo Ya planned to build two of these net balls for experiments.

It first used a cannonball to attack a part of the network.

As a result, the projectiles broke through several meteorites in the periphery and exploded after a distance of 100 meters.

Due to the vacuum environment, the impact did not spread far. Only the meteorites that were knocked away hit the other rocks around them. In the end, a hole was created in the net, but it was like a chain reaction. Along the way… The Strength that was transmitted through the chain actually caused the entire net to be severely deformed, and it also retreated in a certain direction.

The loli let out a “Wu” sound, and saw with her own eyes that her fruits of labor were blown up.

Lo Ya directly used some small beetle to form layers of a 10-square-meter network. Each layer of the network was separated by a distance, and then she let the cannon attack.

Reality proved that the cost of doing this was low, but once it blocked the cannon, it could greatly reduce the damage.

Although the meteorite that was pushed by the counterforce would hit other objects, the damage it received was much smaller than the direct attack.

Hence, Lo Ya had one million bugs come out to build a network. These nets were made up of insect limbs as nodes and could fly. There were also some relatively weaker Electromagnetic Cannon on them.

After the torment was completed, Lo Ya decided to throw these nets into the space battlefield to use to stop the various weapons of the enemy. For example, missiles, light beams, and so on.

Compared to other equipment, the meteorite network was shockingly small. A single Sickle Insect’s nutritional substance could create a 100 square meter large net, but if it was set one kilometer away from the spaceship, It could defend against most nuclear missiles.

To be able to have such a good defensive method, he really had to thank Lolita for her contribution.

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