C361 Minor Victory

In the midst of the crisis, the Luoga people warship immediately fired out scorching laser beams.

The white light instantly disappeared into the distance, converging into a series of shining lines in space.

This kind of thing… The terrifying part about weapons was that they traveled at the speed of light, so before being hit, it was simply impossible to detect their existence.

Yes, no matter what object’s speed was, it could not exceed the speed of light. The moment Insect Girl’s ship discovered the target, she was already hit.

In terms of power, this wave of more than 20 lasers had high accuracy. Even though the Brain Insect had made preparations in advance, allowing the ship to guide and dodge, they were still able to predict the direction it was heading towards.

A small explosion occurred at the spot where it was hit. If it was a normal spaceship, this level of bombardment was equivalent to exposing the outer space to the crew members inside, and it was very likely that it would cause the entire ship to be destroyed.

However, the Insect Girl Clan’s frigate was not one of these.

The bugs inside were unharmed, and the ship was still using traction to avoid them. From time to time, they would change their position. A wave of high-speed Electromagnetic Cannon and missiles were launched at them, and their speed was even faster than the Insect Girl Clan’s current artillery fire. However, with the observation of the detector, the Brain Insect was able to carry out extremely efficient evasion.

The frigate released multiple invisible transparent cannonballs from the front and back.

At this moment, the interior of the Luoga people’s ship was in a mess.

Especially the spaceship that was hit and exploded. It withstood at least 50 tons of equivalent weight’s explosion. Although it was far from being able to compare to a nuclear bomb, it was still damaged by nearly half.

There was no sound in space, but the Luoga people inside the ship could clearly hear the loud noise and feel the vibrations. The high temperature engulfed hundreds of crew members, and even more were directly exposed to space, dying in pain.

As the ships were heavily damaged one after another, the flagship captain immediately ordered all the ships to avoid it.

But… what to avoid?

No one saw how the enemy attacked.

Lo Ya changed all of the Electromagnetic Cannon into transparent weapons and equipped them with 12 mounted missiles, causing this frigate to be different from the other ships.

The distance between the two sides had already been pulled to 800 kilometers. This distance, with the stealth artillery’s flying speed, only needed 4.5 seconds. The missiles were faster and needed to fly for 4 seconds. As for the Luoga people flagship’s Electromagnetic Cannon, it only needed 1.5 seconds to hit the other side.

However, the cannonballs on one side were invisible after all. Unlike the frigate, they had long made a preemptive dodge.

The Brain Insect was actually facing a great deal of pressure. After it controlled the spaceship and entered a traction state, Almost instantly, it left the place. However, under such circumstances, the space itself was disturbed by the energy. It was directly thrown out of the traction state.

Both parties could only fire long-distance bullets at each other.

The Brain Insect fired the 12 missiles one after another.

These missiles were bursting with flames, and their speed was astonishing. The super weapons that could destroy an entire continent in one hit were only used to deal with small spaceships in space. In a close range explosion, even if it did not hit the target directly, the instant light and heat radiation would be able to melt the outer armor of a spaceship. It would cause fatal danger.

“Warning, high heat source detected, suspected missile attack!”

The smart computer’s ability was very outstanding. Within 2 seconds after the missile was launched, it found the target. And… The trajectory was calculated. At this time, the distance between the two had already reached 10,000 kilometers, so it was very difficult to catch each other. Especially in battle mode, who would be the first to determine the position of the other party? That would give them the upper hand.

“[Laser weapon ready for the second time, destroy the missile.] Computer, check the situation of the other spaceships”

These were battleships that were hundreds of meters long, and there were thousands of lives inside. They couldn’t even afford to blow up a single one of them.

The private company owner’s spaceship was also heavily damaged by the transparent cannonballs, and the spaceship itself was shattered by a shockwave. Because the command module and the power control room were destroyed, this spaceship could basically be said to have been scrapped.

Insect Girl’s frigate did not continue to attack the spaceships that were hit, and instead shot more transparent cannonballs at the other ships.

Due to the distance being pulled apart, the accuracy of both sides decreased.

Three seconds later, the smart computer reported the results.

“Ship No. 2, Navigation and Ship No. 3 have been fatally attacked and have lost their ability to fight”

As soon as the report was completed, the flagship also trembled.

“Warning! The flank has been bombarded by an unknown object, unable to find the source.”

The captain got up from the ground, looking at the destroyed map on the screen, and patted his forehead with a headache.

The Insect Girl Clan ship was also unable to withstand the attacks of the laser gun. However, at this moment, a fusion missile exploded 500 meters away, creating a high-intensity light pressure and impact force that destroyed almost half of the ship.

“The remaining two cannons can still work.” The Brain Insect calmly told Lo Ya.

“This wave is considered a profit.”

Lo Ya nodded her head.

Out of the 12 nuclear missiles on her side, 3 were intercepted and exploded. The remaining ones were already close to the target. One of them was even directly aimed at their flagship.


There was no sound, but Lo Ya still had the illusion of hearing the explosion.

A “sun” suddenly lit up in the distant night sky, and then the surrounding nuclear weapons exploded one after another. The hot fireballs engulfed everything, even the enemy ships that were not hit fell to the ground.

The four remaining ships were all from the company. Two of them were seriously injured, and the boss had died. The employees and mercenaries did not think too much about it, and immediately drove the ships away.

After all, it was not a professional combat ship. This battle had announced the strength of Insect Girl Clan.

Lo Ya knew that her side did not have the ability to chase after the enemy, so she let half of the damaged frigate approach the enemy’s warship ruins and sent some bugs to plunder.

With the warship wreckage as the foundation, they could build a new ship insect or a space base relatively quickly. It was a very economical thing to reduce the cost.

Because there was no compressed space in the frigate, there were not many bugs stored. At this time, the 200 surviving Sickle Insect entered the wreckage of the four spaceships and began to soften and control them.

Lo Ya had already transferred the transport ship from afar. There were many adult Nourishing Insect and Slime inside, providing nutrition for the insects here.

The three bases in the C5 started to operate at high efficiency and started to move towards the periphery of the rebellion planet. They estimated that they would arrive at this place after three months.

After that… After that… The main thing was naturally to attack the enemy forces on the rebel planet.

When attacking, they would send out hundreds of thousands of insects, but considering that the planet itself was on the dangerous front lines, Hence, once the cleanup was completed, Lo Ya would pick up most of the insects. She would only keep one flourishing ball and two hundred thousand from the Beetle Army underground, so that they could guard the planet for a long period of time.

Strictly speaking, the Planet of Rebellion was not a particularly valuable planet. The importance of the bugs lied to the Luoga people, making them mistakenly think that this lousy place had research value.

No matter what, the first exchange could only be regarded as a small test by the vanguard forces of both sides. Lo Ya was still desperately moving the fleet over here, and she did not care about the cost of building defensive measures.

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