C360 Sudden Attack

After a long battle, most of the bugs on the planet have been cleaned up. The 50,000 mechanical troops and 3,000 Luojia soldiers that had been sent to the surface had already lasted for a long time. The resistance of the bugs gradually weakened. Although there was still a threat, it seemed to be nothing to worry about.

The Luoga people exploration ship had already informed the rear about the specific information. Following which, a large transport ship arrived. It released countless production equipment and staff members. Various intelligent robots with different appearances began production lines. There was a flourishing scene everywhere.

In order to increase efficiency, the Luojia government allowed six large private enterprises to come here for construction. They were able to obtain large amounts of resources and money as remuneration. Many biologists and space environmental researchers also came here, hoping to discover the uniqueness of the insects.

As a result, after this research, they really discovered that the genes of Insect Girl Clan were somewhat abnormal.

The main reason was that they could not see it.

Yes, the information of the genes of the Insect Girl Clan couldn’t be observed through the microscope. There seemed to be a mysterious Strength that prevented outsiders from observing it. What everyone saw under the lens was a twisted and uncomfortable thing.

In actual fact, through some experiments, the insect shell and the bug meat could be decomposed into normal matter, but no one could clearly see the reaction before it was completely decomposed.

After another report, hearing that the researcher did not make any progress, the temporary captain in charge of this planet’s development task shook his head with a headache.

“This investment won’t be a loss, right?”

If they couldn’t obtain anything useful, it would be equivalent to wasting their manpower and resources.

He walked to the cabin of the plane and was ready to take a spaceplane and leave the mothership. Who knew that a message came from the control center: “Discovered UFO”

He immediately returned to the captain’s room, and through the big screen, he saw a shadow in the darkness.

“The target is a spaceship from an intelligent civilization, we suspect to have encountered an alien life form”

The Insect Girl Clan’s stealth ability was not bad. No matter how hard the Luoga people tried, they could not see the appearance of the frigate clearly.

The captain was worried that something would go wrong, so he immediately ordered the surrounding battleships to enter combat mode. The muzzle of the hull automatically opened, and the laser weapons entered a charging state to deal with the danger.

“Vice captain, prepare to contact your superior, report the situation”


After receiving the order, the vice captain quickly operated his communication device, preparing to conduct interdimensional communication.

But at this time, a strong signal entered the interior of the ship.

“Captain, received the mysterious signal, it was from the UFO. Damn it… the computer is analyzing the signal ”

Distorted images appeared on the big screen, and soon the images began to change into clear images. In a dark area, its appearance had always been ferocious. It was an upright creature with terrifying tentacles all over its body, staring at them.

And this monster finally made a sound the moment the image became clear:

“Unknown civilization, you have invaded the planets of Empire of Insect Girl. This is a declaration of war. Leave the planet now and give up on violence. Otherwise, we will take countermeasures. ”

He did not use the Luoga people’s language. Everyone present understood that the terrifying thing was… They actually understood.

After they finished speaking, the Brain Insect stopped communicating without waiting for them to reply. However, there was still a countdown similar to the progress bar on the screen.

“Creak -”

The intelligent robots at the scene seemed to be at a loss as to what to do. Their program did not write down a similar response plan.


Something big happened. The deputy captain who coincidentally picked up the superior signal immediately told them about the situation here.

“An unknown advanced civilization? Direct communication?” The other party’s expression was very serious. Because the place where the call was connected was the meeting of the higher ups, there were many members who heard the content. Furthermore, many of them were high ranking officials of the Luoga people.

“Giving up a planet that has been built for so long just because of a warning? I don’t know how to explain it to those people.” A male Luoga people sitting in the conference chair sneered, “All these years, we haven’t been able to achieve any results in the exploration of outer space. If we suffer financial losses again, it will definitely affect our position. ”

“What you said makes sense. The target civilization only appeared after such a long time. It must be a bluff ” The leading man removed the short communication shield and shouted to the people inside the spaceship. “Transportation ship, bring the people back to the planet. Combat ship, prepare to fire. Once the enemy shows hostility, fire immediately.”

It seemed to be too careless, but looking at Luoga people’s current state of mind, this choice was more reasonable.

On the one hand, the swarm had been suppressed on the rebel planet for several months and could only hide underground. However, they were unable to resist at all. On the other hand, after the Insect Girl Clan’s flying ship appeared, it did not take any direct countermeasures. Instead, they used this kind of fake communication to warn them. What did this mean? Obviously, the other party did not have the confidence to defeat the Luoga people.

Of course, there was another reason. The Luoga people had always been invincible in the universe. The planets that they encountered were all low level creatures. Now, their productivity and military capabilities were incomparably strong, and their civilization’s confidence was soaring. In addition to the long-term expansion thinking that they had inherited, they were inclined to colonize the outside world.

Along with the increase in population, Luoga people urgently needed to find more suitable planets to live on. Even to rulers, war itself was an effective way to reduce the population and internal pressure.

The exploration captain who received the order broke out in cold sweat, but he could only obediently accept the order and continue the deadlock with the Insect Girl Clan’s ship.

“Main armament, get ready. Target locked.”

“Ship No. 3 has already adjusted the laser gun, the fighter squadron’s pilot is ready.”

“The main secondary weapon of the spacecraft is ready, the missiles are ready.”

“Transportation Ship No. 2 fighter jet’s flying cabin can be opened at any time.”

Orders were issued one after another, the efficiency of the entire fleet was extremely high.

After a long period of technological development, the military strength of the Luoga people was already rather high. However, they had never experienced a true space war.

Many of the images of alien creatures invading seemed to have become reality in their minds, and at this moment, the crew from the foreign land was completely focused.

They stared at the countdown on the screen, constantly in the highest state of preparation for war.



A company ship suddenly exploded.

“Warning! Warning! Unknown energy attack!”

The smart computer instantly sensed the threat and issued an alarm.

“What?” The flagship captain was stunned, but looking at the second warship that quickly exploded, he seemed to understand something.

The other side attacked!

“All spaceships, return fire immediately!”

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