C359 Weapon Arrangement

As time goes by, the 11 kilometer long super warship is being swallowed bit by bit by the swarm. Every piece of metal inside melted, absorbed, and mixed with the insect shell matter. It formed a new special alloy. The strength of the outer armor was not weaker than the frigate, but because of the increase in thickness. Hence, the defensive ability was even stronger.

With this first step, the insects began to dismantle the large number of weapons on the upper part of the armor, and equipped the Insect Girl Clan’s own equipment.

In reality, the octopuses had installed a lot of missiles on them, but their maximum speed was really terrible. Less than 20 kilometers per second. Such a weapon might be very powerful in the era of planets, but in the war of the universe, Don’t expect to hit the opponent.

“Such a large ship, it should be able to hold at least 10 cannons and 500 missiles.”

Insect Girl Clan’s own guided missiles were all insect-like, and the Vector Propulsion automatically changed direction. Tracking and dodging, small fusion engine pushing, high endurance. With an exaggerated initial speed boost, the flying speed could be increased to 250 kilometers per second. Moreover, the shell had a very good defensive ability against laser weapons.

The bullet was divided into two types. The first type was the hard to detect black invisible shell. The other was a white shell that completely reflected light. The former was easy to destroy, but difficult to detect. The latter was easily detected, but its defensive capabilities were high.

This was the case. Although the missile was equipped with a million tons of equivalent weight nuclear warhead, it was generally used as a regular weapon.

The Insect Girl Clan’s first weapon of mass destruction was a transparent cannonball.

It was a completely transparent crystal mine located at the bottom of the Mother Star.

Because it was completely transparent and refracted, it did not emit or absorb any radiation energy. It only had mass. Therefore, when it was launched as a cannonball, the enemy would not be able to detect it.

As for the gravitational wave detector, it only reacted to some of the larger and easier to observe celestial bodies. It was almost impossible to find a small bullet.

This kind of thing. The power of a pure transparent material explosion was more than 50 times that of a medium-grade crystal ore. Therefore, when it was used, it was enough to destroy any target.

If there were some transparent Energy Charging Crystal inside, although it would produce a slight refraction and reflection, it could greatly increase the power.

The method of firing the cannonballs was more crude. It was to produce a cannon barrel with a diameter of one meter. There was a magnetic confinement fusion device at the back that produced high pressure through instantaneous fusion. It would increase the initial speed of the cannon barrel by 50 kilometers / second.

There was a propulsion device at the tail of the cannon. Through a small equivalent weight fission explosion, the propulsion force was increased again and it accelerated again.

After flying for 3 seconds, the acceleration was completed. The propulsion device fell off, leaving only an invisible cannonball that advanced at a speed of 100 kilometers per second.

As there was no high efficiency of electromagnetic acceleration, there was no continuous rocket propulsion. Therefore, the speed of this cannonball was not fast. But the invisible killer did not rely on speed, but rather silence. Even if the knife was placed on the enemy’s neck, they did not notice it at all.

After a series of modification efforts, three days later, the first spaceship was successfully modified.

Main weapon: 10 one-meter caliber fusion powered transparent main armament, flight speed 100 kilometers per second, explosive power equal to 100 tons of TNT equivalent weight.

10 60cm fusion Electromagnetic Cannon, flight speed 300 kilometers per second, explosion power 1 million tons of equivalent weight.

3 50cm Plasma Cannon with a flight speed of 600 kilometers per second. The attack power is hard to calculate, but the destructive power at the core is not weaker than a nuclear bomb. It can produce super high and gentle electric currents.

Sub Cannon: 10 fusion missile launchers, can launch fusion missiles. Accelerate to 200 kilometers per second in 30 minutes, power about 50,000 tons of TNT equivalent weight.

2 laser cannons with a flying speed of light. Due to the lack of technology, its power was limited.

100 20mm electromagnetic cannons. Flying speed is 30 kilometers per second. An average of 1 cannonball per second.

Even more weapons were not installed, but Lo Ya planned to modify the middle part of the pillar to obtain a super powerful plasma weapon.

The modification of the triangular awl battleship was relatively simple. The difference was that this thing was only equipped with 2 main armament and 10 secondary cannons. The main armament was a super fusion missile launcher and a 10 meter diameter Plasma Cannon launcher. The secondary cannons were all large-caliber Electromagnetic Cannon.

In this way, the two spaceships modified by the Insect Girl Clan would become the most powerful weapons of the current race.

Overall, the defensive modification had not completely caught up with the pace. The body of the ship relied on the tail to push forward together, except for the main pillar. It was surrounded by mounted spaceships, which seemed to be one with the mother ship. In fact, there were countless small spaceships, each of which was only 18 meters long. In addition, there were also a large number of Laser Insect that could release high-energy light beams to cut targets during battle. The combined power was definitely not inferior to a starship level laser weapon.

Yes, when the Laser Insect’s firepower was combined, it could indeed produce an effect similar to a laser main armament. This was because the energy of the light itself could be superimposed.

The Brain Insect were currently working hard to produce the Laser Insect, and strengthening their power.

After modifying the first ship, it was equipped with a guiding device and it expanded some of the space inside. Finally, on the 20th of June, it started a high-powered traction voyage.

The energy consumption during this process was really too exaggerated. Because there weren’t enough Energy Charging Crystal, they mainly relied on nuclear fusion. And inside this 10,000 meter long ship, there were many fission fuel, which could also be used as support.

After three hours of acceleration, the spaceship’s speed increased to 150 kilometers per second, almost reaching its limit. Under traction, its speed rose to 1.8 million kilometers per second, which was equivalent to six times the speed of light.

The modification of the triangular awl warship was relatively simple. After the strength of the shell increased slightly, it also accelerated.

The two spaceships, one in front and one behind, would head to the B4 Star System to defend the Tiss Civilization, coordinating with the construction of the space base there.

Because of the capture of the Octopus Monster’s spaceship, Lo Ya had the ability to throw more Strength into the A6 Star System and the C5 Space Carrier Star System to deal with the Luoga people.

The current 26 frigate had sent out 10 of them in succession. The other 6 had already formed the second fleet and were ready to set sail.

The small transport ships that were mass produced in the past month would be very effective in the following battles. As for the Laser Insect and the Wind God Winged Insect, they would also be tested on the battlefield.

The three defensive space ports in the C5 Star System were expanding and strengthening every day. The Insect Girl Clan even used meteorites to build some specialised ships that could launch a few powerful missiles.

Between the C5 Star System and the A6 Star System, there were about 50 launchers that could match six fusion missiles that were about to be deployed. The purpose was to give the enemy a destructive blow at any time.

What was about to be welcomed was the true exchange between the two space civilizations.

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