C358 Seizing the Ship

“Unknown object, is the meteorite coming in?”

“What’s going on?”

The maintenance staff did not know what was going on. Only one of the members who saw the insect’s shadow shouted and said with a trembling voice, “I saw a… strange thing flash past.”

“What did you say?”

“Warning! Warning! Confirming that the intruder is an unknown creature, all combat personnel please proceed to the location of the invasion. Cabin 3 will begin emergency quarantine.”

The siren and the flickering light rang the alarm of the entire ship. The octopus monsters of the maintenance team were all dumbfounded.

“Cabin 3, isn’t this the place we are in?”

Sure enough, something had happened.

They came to the isolation door and looked outside through the glass. They found that the room next door had indeed been penetrated. Beyond that was an endless void, as if it was going to devour everything.

Lo Ya brought along the scouting bug and climbed a distance inside. After killing an octopus monster, she hid in a room and released all the Nourishing Insect on her body at the same time.

On the other side, about 500 small beetle had been released. They only needed three minutes to reach the edge of the ship and dig into the hole.

“What an annoying isolation. There will be a door blocking the destruction of one room.”

Lo Ya could see that the technology of this spaceship was not high (compared to the early 21st century Earth civilization). It did not have the ability to take off from the ground, and was directly pieced together in space. In fact, this was a space station made up of countless small spaceships and landing ships. After they fell to the surface, they were basically in a state of scrapping. Unable to take off again.

However, it was still a spacecraft, wasn’t it? If they took it down safely, it would be equivalent to having a huge space base, saving Insect Girl Clan the time to build it.

As long as the overall structure was modified and strengthened, coupled with the insect shell and related engine and weapons, it would be a huge spaceship made up of countless smaller sized ships that could be disassembled.

“This has given me an idea. In the future, the bugs can also assemble and assemble a real giant ship.”

Lo Ya had been considering the model of the destroyer. If it was only slightly bigger than the frigate, Increasing the kinetic energy and caliber of weapons could not fundamentally increase combat strength. Therefore, building the destroyer was a rather wasteful action.

Now that he thought about it, the destroyer itself could be assembled by a large number of small structures. It could be split apart at any time. This way, during a battle, once one predicted a dangerous attack that couldn’t be avoided as a whole, He could use this method to protect part of the body parts.

When facing a large number of small enemies, you can also instantly turn into a small ship sea and contend with the enemy.

“Let’s take over this ship first”

Lo Ya and the scouting bug began to move within and continuously attacked the cabin. They created a gap to make it easier for the bug swarm to attack the interior. In reality, the most solid part of the spaceship was its outer shell, which could withstand some light impacts. However, even if the cabin door was not opened, the bugs could still break through it with their abilities.

A few minutes later, 500 Sickle Insect crashed onto the surface of the spaceship that was 11 kilometers long.

Although there were many of them, they were nothing compared to the entire spaceship.

The bugs quickly crawled into the hole that was destroyed. Some of them that were farther away started to use their pincers to attack, hoping that they could enter and release their aura.

Since this was the living cabin and it was not time to rest, most of the octopuses were unable to rush over in time to provide support.

The bugs quickly attacked wildly in the spaceship. Some of the team members held their guns and started fighting with the small beetle. Both sides had their own advantages. After all, they used guns and weapons. Hence, relying solely on the small beetle, the loss of the bugs was still relatively large.

However, with the addition of wave after wave of insects, the alarms within the spaceship began to become even more intense.

“What’s going on, what is attacking the spaceship?”

“Squad 15, what did you discover, please report immediately! Report immediately!”

The control center continuously sent signals to different resistance zones. However, there were either screams coming from the reception port or some blurry images that were being strongly interfered with.

“The signal is distorted. We don’t even know the situation at the front line.”

“What the hell, it can’t really be some creature in space, right?”

No one thought that any life could survive in space. The only possibility was that the more powerful aliens sent troops to attack this spaceship.

They didn’t send any signals to anywhere along the way, and the flight process was also very cautious. It was very difficult to find them in the vast dark space and attack them.

But even so, they were still attacked?

In their anxiety, the signals from the different cabins disappeared one after another. Only when the insects cut off the main transmission line did the screen lose all the images.

“Quick, inform all combat personnel to prepare to face the enemy. Inter-ship communication, inform the situation at the 2nd ship”


After the captain’s order was given, the crew began their own work.

However, the territory within the ship was still occupied one after another, the lights slowly extinguished, About three-quarters of the small rings near the head area were occupied. The bugs began to attack the passageway leading to the center of the giant body and moved along different corridors. Slowly, the crew on the ship was shocked.

“[Reporting, Captain, a target has jumped out of the cabin ring and is heading here]”

The captain was shocked and looked towards where the tentacles were pointing. Sure enough, outside the glass, there was already a small black dot approaching.

How big was 10 kilometers?

In any case, standing on the ground, many skyscrapers that people saw were not even 1 kilometer tall.

“Not good, hurry up and deal with it. Use the ship’s weapons to counterattack!”

It was too late, although the captain gave the order in time, using the ship’s weapons to fight back required a very high level of authority and operation time. In this short period of time, the approaching Sickle Insect had already fiercely crashed into the outside of the cabin door. Then, he used the sickle to break through the shell and charged inside.

Soon, the control room was completely out of control. The broadcasting device was accidentally opened during the battle. The crew in the other areas heard the screams inside.

“Oh, my God.”

Zhang Yu and the others were in a miserable state. More than 3,000 small beetle and 50 Sickle Insect were thrown in one after another. The ship was almost completely under control. Although many areas had been destroyed in the battle, overall, This flagship was still intact.

Of course, its structure was much sturdier than the Sickle Insect and insect shell of the Insect Girl Clan.

More bugs came out of the compressed space and started attacking the triple-edged flying ship that was a level lower.

Lo Ya had started to modify the ship. After devouring the flesh and blood of the octopuses, many Nourishing Insect began to replenish the Sickle Insect’s nutrients. Following that, they began a new round of evolution, and it directly softened their bodies. Slowly wrapping around the entire ship.

The first goal was to strengthen the outer armor, making the insect shell fuse with the outer alloy, so as to avoid the dust that could happen at any time.

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