C357 Intrusion from the Outer Shell

When the divine bird died, the two little fellows began to Gnawing its scales like they were eating fried dough, crispy crunch.

In this era where combat strength was soaring, ordinary little vicious beasts could not even beat wild beasts. Their status was always lower. But now, two cute Little Insect Girl easily killed the Divine Bird of the Imperial Protector, which really made the four-armed people confused.

As the battle ended, the swarm of insects at the back started to attack. Along with the long-range attack of the Green-skinned Man exploration team, cities fell one after another.

The king asked for help from Prokoro, but by the time reinforcements arrived, the entire Pleasure Country would have been completely controlled by Insect Girl Clan.

“When the next batch of insects arrive, we can let the Green-skinned Man leave this place and head to the frontline planet.”

Lo Ya had given the order to the Cerebrate Bacteria in advance, and following that, she would allow the insects on this planet to expand and develop.

In fact, with the current numbers, it was not too difficult to completely occupy this planet. With the combat strength of Insect Girl Clan, starting from a very small number of insects, it would only take a few years to devour a huge planet.

“Why don’t we just name it, we’ll call it the Ferocious Beast Star.”

This name was not bad, Lo Ya stored it in the brain of the insects.

Reaching out her hand to grab Lo Xin’s tail and spread her wings, Lo Ya started to fly towards the sky.

Lo Xin’s hands tightly grabbed the meat of the divine bird. As Lo Ya’s body slowly rose up, she felt a kind of downward pulling.

“It just so happens that I can test out the Wind Grade Magic.”

It was impossible for the air current to rise with just the flapping of wings but with the help of the Wind Magic, Lo Xin was holding a Lo Xin in her hand, and then she was hanging upside down, grabbing the divine bird’s corpse. This huge object that was dozens of tons in total slowly floated into the air.

The ground was in ruins, and countless people saw the two small things disappear into the distance with their own eyes.

… “”

They flew to the landing point and landed on the ground. Lo Xin had already had a full meal.

Lo Ya also continued to eat a few mouthfuls of meat and prepared to board the ship.

In space, a frigate from the Insect Girl Clan had already entered the orbit, but with the principle of not needing to fight, Lo Ya boarded a small transport ship.


Arriving in outer space, before leaving this galaxy, a few Glasses Insect would perform a simple scan of the surroundings, the goal was to discover the octopus monster’s wandering fleet.

A civilization like this Mother Star that was destroyed and could only use spaceships to escape should not be few in number. After all, the universe was so big, the territory that Insect Girl Clan was exploring right now was just a drop in the ocean.

If one looked at this universe from the perspective of Hongda, one would find that countless galaxies formed a neural network of nebulae. Insect Girl’s Milky Way, and even the Milky Way where Earth’s civilization was located, in this terrifying neural network map. It was so small that it was almost impossible to find.

And all of these galaxies, along with the expansion of space, constantly distanced themselves. Its speed was far beyond the speed of light, to the point that from now on, it would take off in a certain direction, and you would never be able to reach the boundary of time and space.

This was the truth of the universe.

The Glasses Insect’s detection function was fully activated. After half a day of hard work, it actually found the target’s fleet.

“Indeed, with the region provided by the octopus monster as the center, we can explore its surroundings and find it immediately.”

Lo Ya started to order the frigate and the small transport ship to get close to them.

The transportation technology used by that civilization was still very simple and crude, mainly because of the undeveloped fusion technology. Occasionally, they would rely on the gravitational slingshots of the giant planets along the way to accelerate.

Up until now, their speed was still less than 300 kilometers. Considering the degree of civilization, Lo Ya felt that she could send out small insects to meet the target.

“Producing medium and small scale reconnaissance on the spot, prepare to fire at the target.”

It was not easy to find a small ship in space. Furthermore, Insect Girl Clan had stealth and heat insulation technology, so it would not be a problem to send a small insect over.

After one hour of gene modification, a small black insect that was similar to a meteorite was produced.

Its size was only about 20 centimeters, and it was not as big as an adult Little Insect Girl. However, there were 50 Nourishing Insect residing in its body, as well as construction buffer organs, corrosive spray organs, and observation Components.

As a space reconnaissance bug, this bug did not have much combat strength. Apart from its strong adaptability, even ordinary beetles could easily defeat it. The small suction pads on the surface could help it stabilize itself, and two thin spikes could pierce through metal. Stable. The body.

After doing all this, the two ships that entered the guiding mode started to fly towards the target that was 800,000,000 kilometers away.

A few hours later, the ship slowed down.

“The target is made up of 2 ships, 1 ship is 12 kilometers long. It looks like a cylindrical aircraft with multiple rings attached to it, and those rings are fixed by multiple blockades that are 100 meters thick. The diameter is 8 km, and each part seems to be assembled by a large number of small spaceships. They surrounded the cylindrical subsidiary bodies, a total of two rings. On the surface, there is a light board that collects star energy.”

“The other ship is more conventional, similar to a large triangular awl, black and silver on the outside. Both ships have varying degrees of damage. ”

When they were close to the target, the information in Cerebrate Bacteria’s mind was already known by Lo Ya.

After climbing out of the cabin with Lo Xin, Lo Ya let this bug climb onto a cannon barrel.

“Lo Ya, let’s fly over there too.”

Lo Xin seemed to want this kind of experience very much.


Lo Ya hit her tail, “You can’t do such a dangerous thing.”

After she finished speaking, she placed the spy bug into the muzzle of the cannon.


After firing, the bug quickly approached the target spaceship.

After doing all of this, she directly established the Spiritual Link and controlled the bug. Lo Ya also possessed a certain Nourishing Insect and stared at the surrounding spider-like bugs.


Although it slowed down, the insect’s body still hit the top with a very light force, causing a metal plate to cave in.

Lo Ya controlled the spider insect to spit out corrosive liquid, melt the outer layer, and then climb inside.

She heard the alarm, and the cabin door not far away was closing.

“Looks like the collision of the air leakage caused the spacecraft to activate emergency measures.”

Lo Ya quickly climbed over the iron door that was about to close and climbed to the other side.

Inside the circular ship, the main control room.

“Warning! Warning!”

“Unknown object hit. The spaceship has activated emergency quarantine procedures. Repair team, please proceed to the destination.”

After the announcer finished speaking, he took off his earphones.

As an octopus monster, they could be considered a true variant to other civilizations in outer space. However, in reality, the creatures of this civilization had always been afraid of those strange creatures.

Even if some of them were still considered cute to humans.

This was the direct difference between aesthetics and genes.

The octopuses wearing protective equipment came to the isolation cabin and saw a strange thing flash before their eyes.

Just as they were about to observe carefully, they did not expect the alarm inside to ring again:

“Warning! Warning! Unknown objects are invading. Everyone, prepare your defenses.”

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