C356 A Dead Divine Bird

The capital of Pleasure, the four-armed king looked in shock at the soldier who had come to report.

“Is what you said true?”

There were powerful enemies attacking the capital, killing fierce birds, dozens of calamities, and many other beasts. They were not too far away from the capital.

“Let me deal with it.”

A mysterious four-armed man in a strange robe walked out. “Even the demons don’t have to be afraid. When the demons invaded, we were the ones who obediently returned to the mountains. This time, we were able to defeat them easily. If it wasn’t the demons or the other monsters, I would let them experience how powerful I am. ”

As soon as the four-armed man spoke, the king felt a sense of relief.” The Law Lord is an expert of the present world, and he also has the assistance of a berserk beast king. He should be able to easily suppress a powerful enemy. ”

“Wait for my good news.”

The four-armed man known as the Law Lord left the hall and let out a sharp roar. A black ferocious bird with a wingspan of over a hundred meters, filled with the aura of an Epic expert, descended.

In reality, on the other side, Lo Ya did not rush to attack due to the lack of military strength. Instead, she brought Lo Xin to the city that was close to the capital.

In a shop here, they ate the food of the four-armed powerhouse.

“This is really an inconceivable feeling. If I didn’t know what was going on, I would have thought that I had transmigrated into the cultivation world.”

This shop was actually a place that only the strong could enter. Lo Ya used a little trick and pretended to be a rare intelligent beast before successfully entering.

Some of the four-armed people sat at the table and chatted. When they saw the two insect-like Small, their expressions were a little strange.

“I heard that there are creatures suspected to be demons in the mountains. Could it be that those guys haven’t learned their lesson and want to be chased away by us and fierce beasts?”

“What are you afraid of? Now that the four-armed men can share the Strength of the vicious beasts, what else can bring us great trouble after the demon beasts? What’s there to be afraid of? Now that the four-armed men can share the Strength of the vicious beasts, what else can cause us great trouble? Even decades ago, those self-proclaimed eight-legged beasts couldn’t do it. ”

” Eight legs. ” Lo Ya muttered in a low voice, knowing that she was referring to those octopus monsters.

However, no matter how weak they were, they were still a galactic civilization. If they really fought, no matter how strong this planet was, it would be useless. Lo Ya personally came to train in order to collect genes to increase her own combat strength. If they really wanted to play it big, how could this planet possibly fight?

“The Mother Star’s strength lies in inheriting the things of humans on Earth. With the Magic, the monsters on this planet seem to have reached transcendent in physical terms.”

Lo Ya faintly felt that this universe was not as easy as she imagined. She originally thought that she had a lot of understanding of physics, but after entering the sea of stars, she realized that everything was more mysterious than she had imagined.

She wagged her tail and waited for the staff to bring more delicious food before eating it with Lo Xin without any image.

At this moment, a few four-armed men entered from the outside and walked towards Lo Ya’s position.

“What are the two of you doing? This is the exclusive seat of my master. How dare a small fierce beast occupy it?”

The four-armed man who looked like a lackey let out a threatening roar which made Lo Xin, who was eating, blink her eyes in puzzlement.

“First come first serve.” Lo Ya said very calmly.

“You are courting death!” It was unknown whether it was because he was used to bullying others, or because his strength and status were high. Anyway, the old man was like a silkpants who wanted to drive Lo Ya away.

“You think I am an ordinary vicious beast.” Lo Ya was also speechless when faced with this scene.

There were many ordinary fierce beasts, but they were actually very weak, like the Woeful Beast, which was considered a rare commodity. In this world, unless it was an extraordinary fierce beast, its status was not necessarily higher than a four-armed person.

Lo Ya pouted her mouth and spat out a mouthful of Wind Blade, cutting off all the people who came.

The boss’s expression changed slightly and he hurriedly hinted to the employees. Then two four-armed people ran out as if they wanted to report this matter.


In an instant, a deafening scream came from the sky.

A huge claw fell from the sky, directly landing on the bodies of a group of bugs in the distance, grabbing them and turning them into powder on the spot.

The powerful energy leaked over and made Lo Ya’s heart tremble. She immediately left the table.

Lo Xin glanced at the piece of meat in her hand and quickly took a few bites and stuffed them all into her mouth. It was not until the drum could no longer contain them that she quickly wriggled out.

Releasing the pressure, the epic-level fierce beast flapped its wings and flew up. Its sharp eyes landed on the two Little Insect Girl.

“Wow, what a big bird.”

If it was in the past, Lo Xin would have been scared silly. But now, she knew that most of the birds were paper tigers and could not hurt Insect Girl. The law of birds eating insects had long been broken.

“Light beam.”

Lo Ya immediately raised her skill level to level 5. This was equivalent to the most powerful Magic. It turned into a beam of light with a diameter of a few meters. It instantly broke through several kilometers and hit the monster in the distance.

With a painful cry, the big bird opened its legs and rushed over. Each step was two to three hundred meters. In the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of them.

Crown Divine Bird, Epic, a super evolved life form.

The beak of the bird was like a sharp awl, even bigger than a house as it descended from the sky.

Lo Ya and Lo Xin immediately called for the Elemental Shield, but they were still unable to block it and were pecked.

“Wow, my tail.”

Lo Xin rubbed her dizzy head and injured tail and ran away in fear.

Lo Ya also got up and used the cold water to instantly seal the monster in the cold ice.

There was still 80% of the Divine Bird life points left.

Lo Ya took out a bottle of healing potion from the storage space and poured it into her mouth. At the same time, she let Lo Xin face the enemy. Although the Divine Bird was very big, it was not necessarily impossible to deal with it. The defensive Magic could offset most of the attacks, and 20% of physical damage could be reflected. It also made the bird look a little painful.

In other words, the two Little Insect Girl had the ability to forcefully grind the opponent to death.

Sure enough, after that, Lo Ya relied on her Strength. The moment the divine bird pecked down, she grabbed its beak and lifted it up with her bare hands.

You might not be able to imagine a 35cm Small carrying a 300m monster.

But Lo Ya did it. Under the joint effect of Dou Qi and Earth Magic, she swung the bird’s body and fiercely smashed it.

“In terms of strength, you are far inferior to the Epic monsters in Mother Star!”

Lo Ya did not dare to provoke the Epic creatures on Insect Girl’s planet until now. However, this alien divine bird, not only did it not have Magic or combat power, it also did not have any special energy. It only had a strong physical body. Lo Ya was really a bully.

“You dare to hit Lo Xin’s tail, I will electrocute you!”


The hundreds of millions of volts of high-voltage lightning spread throughout the monster’s entire body. The bird’s eyes instantly rolled and it fell to the ground in a daze. A burst of charred smell spread out, carrying with it a faint smell of meat.

“Oh, tsk.” Lo Xin happily collapsed, “Lo Ya is so powerful.”

“Of course.” Lo Ya nodded proudly.

Her attributes were much higher than the average Insect Girl.

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